Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Great News for a Change

Have you ever sat in a doctor's office for 3 hours before? I have Never done that, so this was a shock for me, but he takes his time with you and doesn't rush you out of there. They did a hemoglobin 90 day average and I was so excited when he came in the examining room and told me my average was 112. But do I miss cookies, cakes, and candy, not to mention regular pasta, rice, and baked potoates, but not enough to have to go on insulin pills. Also found out that I have to call my surgeon to see if he is going to fix the hernia they found with the CT scan. I've had so many incisional hernias since I got the staph infection that I knew it was there---your body knows these things. Also, the doctor fussed at me for not coming in last week when I had some sort of flu, because now it's too late for a swab, but there is still some congestion he said. They made me put a mask on in the office just in case. I didn't go any where near crowds, so I doubt that it was the swine flu. I was supposed to go and have more blood work done this morning, but forgot and drank some coffee, so I will get my sil to bring me.

It was too late to go back last night, so I stayed another night. Al left me the car and he will have a friend from work drop him off in the country to pick it up.

As soon as the estate sale is finished, we are going to start painting and freshening up the house to sell it. I have already started pulling wallpaper off the walls in my former bedroom and the walls are beautiful behind it and the wood floors are still in great shape, so we are taking the carpet out also. I'm still dreaming of staying there, but if the house is sold, I will have to look for a small apt. here in Crowley. Things are not all that great and I made a horrible mistake turning onto on coming traffic and Al yelled at me and continued even after I said I was sorry. I asked him to please stop yelling, but he continued and that is one of the reason I have moved to the country, no further explainatioin needed.

I am bringing some things to craft at night to relax before going to sleep. I used my Micheal's card my daughter sent me and got another corner shelf for my cubes and 2 shelves because they were 40% off, so I almost doubled my gift card. Next week, I am going to come and get my Cuddlebug and cardstock and paper to work on some cards and a few other things I want to try.

I found some really great thrift items and one was an antique dressing table for $3.99. My daughter, Chris sent me some vintage things and one is a small square tablecloth with girls embroidered in each corner and a pillow case. She also found some Easter centerpieces from Hallmark from the 80s with the honeycomb bases. I will try and remember to take pictures for my next trip here. The dresser needs some work, but nothing that will hurt me.

I was planning on making my bedroom white and pink, but most of the things I have found are antique white, not to mention the curtains and dust ruffle my mom made for my bed, so I will go with that. Do you think a touch of white would still be okay?????????????

Well I guess I should get dressed and start packing the car to head back to Jennings. I hope you all have a great week. Blessings and prayers for all of you. Love and hugs, Pat

Monday, May 18, 2009

Very short visit

Hi everyone in blogland. I do miss all of you and wish I had more time to come and visit all of you. I will be leaving shortly for a doctor visit, then going back to the country.
Mother's Day was a little sad with mom gone and my children so far away, but I managed.
Things are busy in my life and we have the estate sale in 2 weeks, but have already sold over $400 worth of things, but it did not put a dent into what's left.

Well I must get dressed so I can give blood for a test again. Hope to visit you all sooner this time. Wishing you all many blessings. Love and Hugs, Pat

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My friend has gone to meet Our Lord

I am home for just today, but with it I bring sad news. My friend Bubba (Donald) has left our material world and gone to meet Our Lord. When I went to visit him last, he was having a really bad day and the morphine was making him say ugly things to everyone around him. I left crying because I was trying to get him to eat a little something and he yelled at me to leave him alone and the get the %$#* out of there. I hugged him and he kissed me, even after yelling at me. I told him I still loved him unconditionally, then he pulled me back and said I love you too and kissed me again. That was the last I saw of him. He died with his buddy holding his hand, so he was not alone. Curtis called me to let me know that he died peacefully last Friday. He donated his body to LSU medical school, so there will only be a memorial service. Bubba abused his body and he knew it but it was too late to turn back the clock and he died at the young age of 64. Please keep him in your prayers. I have been really sad all week, but tried to keep busy at home in the country.
I have been busy setting up things for the estate sale on the 1st Saturday in June and it's not easy doing it alone. My sil comes once a week to help me out, but I will have to work really fast now to get it done.
I did have a virus last week and stayed in bed for 2 days and avoiding people as much as possible. I see the doctor next week and will be having blood test tomorrow to find out what is wrong. We have 7 cases of flu in Lafayette and 5 were the swine flu, but a very mild form that was quickly taken care of with Tami flu and that other injection they are giving. I had a mild fever of only 100.5, but my poor bones ached so much I wanted to scream.
I did do a small craft project to show people what they could do with scraps of material---a lacy pin cushion hat and now I am going to make a journal with lace and embellishments also. Not sure if I mentioned this, but we have a new scrapbook shop in Jennings and Mona, the owner asked me to come and give lessons on things I do with paper. I told her as soon as the estate sale was over, I would be more than happy to do it. I will be teaching a squash book class first, then a journal, then beading on cards. I don't have to buy anything as they will buy their own supplies in her store. I have never been a teacher, so it should be really fun.
I did find a good bargain at Goodwill and this time, it's the really McCoy. I got a Louis Vitton bucket purse and the serial number is in the purse. I am hoping to make a few bucks on eBay, so wish me luck. I also found a ring in a parking lot over 3 months ago and no one has called to inquire about it, nor has it been listed in the lost and found section of the newspaper, so it may be mine to keep. The jeweler would not say what it was worth, but it has real diamonds. I may have mentioned the necklace I bought at a thrift store for $1 and it is worth about $350 dollars and is 18 carat gold with 3 garnets and a diamond.
Well I hope that you all have a wonderful Mother's Day this Sunday. My wonderful son and partner sent me a cashmere throw with pillows to match and a cashmere sweater. The throw is actually a full size throw and very warm. Lots of little gifts were also included with some wonderful cards with written thoughts that made me cry. Guess I did a great job as a mother and that is the greatest gift I have from God, because He helped me with them. My daughter, Chris is leaving for Hawaii on the 24Th and hoping she comes back engaged-lol.
It will be sad for Mother's Day this year, but I always manage to get through it with my children so far away and my youngest seems to live in a world of his own.
Blessings to all of you and hope to see you soon. Still trying to find internet service in the country, but it looks like nothing is available and ATT's satelite service is just not worth $55 a month--I could rarely get a connection. Love and hugs, Pat