Saturday, March 26, 2011

Good news from the doctor

Today my sister is picking me up to go and paint. The doctor said I could do a little but to rest every now and then. It's something I like to do, so I am happy and not feeling so depressed. We had a big emergency and had to use my craft room money, so I am stuck with the 12x22 for now and that's okay, because if we didn't have the money, things could have been worse, so I am grateful that Al saved the money. I know my dream will come true and it was just a little depressing, but I quickly got over it when my head realized common sense prevails and we didn't spend it on anything else.

I have been in touch with an old friend from the 60s and he wass very sweet about things and remembered things I had totally forgotten. Now I don't have to worry about my son meeting his biological dad, because he doesn't want to have anything to do with his other 2 children. What do you call a man like that-----I would have to say a deadbeat dad, but I could use worst words to describe him. I just feel for my son because he wanted to meet his siblings, but as he says, "Mom, life goes on and maybe someday we will meet by coioncidence.. That's my son, always looking at the bright side of things.

Well my sister will be here soon, so I will close with a wish for a great weekend and many prayers, Love and hugs, Pat

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Joyful Blessings

As of lately, I have been a little depressed over the heart attack, especially since I had no symptoms. It makse it all scary and I've got one man who is scared too and even though I can tell, I don't think he knows that I know. He is always doing things for me, which is good sometimes, but making me feel so dependant. I guess you could call that a good thing, but sometimes it just feels over bearing. I am so thankful that I have him in my life because the scary would be more than it is. I see the cardiologist tomorrow and I hope to get some answers. I am not the kind of person who sues people but missing the blockage is another thing and it could have prevented the heart attack in the first place. The doctor who did it is now working in his office and is an associate and that makes it even worse.. Plus how could a radiologist have been so sloppy and missed something right in the front. This is one I will have to think over carefully.

Other than that, my life is good. I complained a lot about the craft room not getting started, but he goes on vacation next week and is starting then. Some of the plans have changed a little and it might not be as big as I would have liked, but we don't want to over extend ourselves. I do have lots of old crafts to sell in a garage sale and I am only keeping a few crafts that I do all the time----when I do craft. I have some adorable material that will make some gingerbread aprons  for the little ones in my life and the little chef hats to go with them. It's a really cute apron that I bought for the pattern and my sister bought the hat and said I could take it apart. I have 4 little grand nieces who will love helping their mom's bake and cook.

I have saved some money and I will be going to a Super bingo on the 16th of April and the pots are all $1,000, plus 2 super jackpots of $5,000 and $2,500. It sure would be fun to win one of those. Last night I went and my number to bingo was the next number up but someone beat me to it. That's how the game goes---it's all luck. But my friend and I enjoy going every now and then, so it's fun and I get to see people I have come to like.

Well I hope this wasn't too boring. I love you all and you are always in my thoughts and prayers. Love and hugs, Pat

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St.Patrick Day

Wishing you all a Happy and Lucky St. Patrick's Day today.
I go in of blood work today and will know if my liver is okay and the rest of the things they need to know I just pray my cholesterol has dropped and I can cheat on my diet. Have a great day. Love and hugs, Pat

Friday, March 11, 2011

Beautiful Weather

After all the bad weather we had last week, today is gorgeous and I wish I could be outside working in my garden. I have a friend we hired to come and tear down a small shed that was once a playhouse that was devoured by termites from our neighbors tree. Except for a chill in the air, I couldn't have asked for a better day.

I am still suffering from some mild depression and I hope to get some answers as to why the 100% blockage went undetected on my last angiogram. This could have prevented my heart attack and even my cardio doctor was upset and he said he would get to the bottom of who made the mistake of missing it. We already know who missed it and he will be surprised when he finds out it's one of his associates. I'm angry because this is not the first medical mistake they made with me and it shouldn't happen to onc person so many times. I see the doctor in 2 weeks and I can't wait to see what he has to say.

I will be having a huge garage sale and my friend is going to help me. I have collected too much and I want to simplify my life with only my crafts and minimal decorations through out my house. It's getting too hard to dust and keep everything in order, so it's time to clean house.

I do hope everyone is okay and not sick, but my blog is boring so I don't expect too much traffic. I hope to make that better also. I pray you all have a great weekend and please pray for the people who went through the tsunami in Japan. God Bless

Monday, March 7, 2011

Tornado that hit Rayne

This past weekend was horrible but we were spared from the tornadoes. One did touch down in Crowley, but it was about 12 blocks from our house. Rayne was not spared and it is one of the poorest areas in Rayne. It's really sad to see the damage done and the loss of a young mother saving her child. The results were in about her death and much was speculation until the final report. The tree that fell on her as she craddled her little boy (22 months old) broke her neck, but she died at the hospitall from a heart attack and that's the final report. Al was knocked onto a porch when lightening struck by and the tornado went over his head and spared him, but he said the rain was a circular motion and he was really scared and came home shaking. When he heard one hit Crowley, he called to see if I was okay, but except for the loud noise from the rain, I basiclly slept through it. Over 100 people are now homeless and over 20 people were injured, some just minor injuries. Every one said the tornado was white, so they must have been inside the tornado, but when it picks up a lot of rain, it usually is white, at least around here. One mail carrier had his truck picked up and spun around then flipped about 3 times, but he was not injured---just a little scared. Another rural carrier had to get out of his jeep and jump in a ditch to avoid the tornado, so he is okay also. Al doesn't know what to expect at work today, because an entire section has been closed off, so there will be no mail deleivery today.

In better news, we had a dinner Saturday night with some of my high school graduates and it was wonderful seeing old friends, even though it had only been 5 years since our last reunion. We are now planning our 45 reunion for next year. Time sure has flown by and I must say, hardly any of my friends have changed. At first I wasn't going to go, because the main topic when we got there was how I was doing after the heart attack, so we found a corner to sit in and enjoyed our meal and talked about other things, like our children and what we have been doing lately. It was a fun night for everyone. I am going to download some pictures from my friends facebook, she put them there for all of us to see and take.

To those who are facing flooding on the East Coast, I hope you stay out of harm's way. Will be praying for everyone as it seems there is bad weather to be found every where. Have a great week, Love and hugs, Pat

Friday, March 4, 2011

My temporary storage room and crafting space

'"This is my temporary storage room for some of my crafts. It's small plus my bedroom is filled with cubes and computer desk, so that when my new craft room is done, all of it will be in the same room.

It will be a delight when it is all finished, becasue the last picture will be part of my sitting area for my bedroom and the second photo will be a large walk in closet for my clothes and it will be 8X8 which is a great size for both winter and summer clothes,  not to mention the overstock of shoes and purses. I will even have space to put shelves up for my sweaters and things that don't hang. Looks like my dream will finally come true---a large craft room so I can get back to crafting like I use to.
Feeling a wee bit better today, but did wake up with a tightness to my chest, but they said that is normal. Hope you are having the king of weather we are having. It's so gorgeous, but rain is scheduled for tomorrow and Mardi Gras is Tuesday, then Lent begins for Catholics around the country. I prefer to abstain from being a grouch and a much happier person, which is who I really am. I am not a grouch, but I find myself being grouchy lately. I think it's because of the stress about moving home, which I really want to do and I know that Al will take good care of me and I won't have to be alone anymore. Love and hugs, Pat

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just a beautiful day

Today is a gorgeous day and I wish I could be outside enjoying working in my garden, but that will have to wait. I am feeling a little better each day and I need to practice patience and it's not easy for a type A personality.

Was just thinking that it has been a long time since I had a giveaway and I should start thinking of one as soon as I get a little more energy. I love making journals and squash book (fold out scrapbook) and that would be something good along with some goodies to craft with. I can barely get into my craft room right now, so please don't call the hoarders show on me-lol. Al starts the enlarged craft room in 2 more weeks and I am thinking of going to visit my sister while he works----I make him nervous when he is working and he really is good, but I am very picky about it right now, but I'm sure it will turn out just as I planned.

Please keep my aunt in your prayers. She has Alzhiemers and Parkinson's and she is like a baby at this point. She has some good days where she remembers people, so we are going to try and get there to visit. It's a long ride for me right now, but I'm sure I can manage it.

We have our house in the country rented and the couple renting it are very nice and keeping it up. Melody has it decorated really nice and I'm happy to see someone in it, but still a little sad that it has come to this. I wish we had sold it from the start, but we have put so much money into it, we will have to wait now until we recoup some of the cost of fixing it up. We had to put a water softener in because the water is really hard, then in about a month, they will run city water and disconnect the water well from the main house.

Not much else going on in my life, but I am getting stronger and that is good news as far as I am concerned. It was a shocker to have a heart attack on Valentine's day and the hospital gave out cute little squissy hearts with a smiley face on them. Needless to say, my granddaughter went home with it. Have a great day everyone and pray for the people in Ohio who are having some terrible flooding going on. Our sweet Mary from Isabella's closet is close to it and her yard was flooded a lot from the video she sent me, so Mary, if you are reading this, I hope everything is fine. Love, hugs, and blessings.