Thursday, July 31, 2008

Missing my Mom


The above is a poem written by a dear friend from Australia.

It hardly seems like tomorrow will be a year mom died. In the first picture, my mom is on the right. Her twin died years ago. I amazingly look like my mom in my younger years. I miss sharing crafts with her and I guess that's why I just don't feel like doing much lately. But I need to keep her legacy that she left and push myself back into crafting. I miss her very much and in the last months of her life, she became the mom I had always wanted and was angry for not having more time. I often thought that some of her crafts were a little far off, but I am now seeing them at other blogs. I always looked at her safety pin angels and then I see people buying them. I have many of her old beaded projects that are so in right now. Even a box of vintage Christmas and Easter things that I would have thrown in the trash, but I will be using them to alter things. I don't mean to copy your ideas, but I see Mom was far ahead in her ideas and never thought I would be seeing them on blogs. My mom was never afraid to try any new craft and I think she learned them all. She was learning to watercolor before she died and I wish she would have been able to do more of it. She had a ceramic shop at one time and taught Senior Citizens to paint and she won many a ribbon for her out of the box items.

Mom, I miss you and wish we could have been given more time, but God knew his plans long before we did, so her work here on Earth was complete. This is mom with her twin when they were babies.

Mom in her teens and early 20s. This is one that is a very good image of me when I I was in my teens.

Mom on left (Laurice) and twin (Laura)

The engaged couple

Mom and Dad wedding photo
Were married for 62 years
Mom and Dad on their 47th
Mom and Dad lived in Branson from April until November and both worked their, mom teaching crafts and cooking. Dad did the gardening there and also cooked. They did what retirees are supposed to and made many friends from through out the US and Canada.
Mom and Dad, married 54 years

Friday, July 25, 2008

Good things come to all who have faith

Well today is such a gorgeous day, but rain coming later. I was hoping to spray paint some things, but it's too humid right now.

Well Tuesday we got a lot of things divided at my parents home. I let my 3 siblings divide the furniture and large appliances because I didn't need them, but really wanted the bedroom set that we had when my sister and me were teenagers. My oldest brother drew it and gave it to me---tears of joy. They gave me moms old sewing cabinet, so will re-do it as soon as we get a moving van to move my things here.

Wednesday, I met my sister at my brothers house and his pond is beautiful now. I wish I would have brought my camera with me, but next time I will remember. As I was leaving, I rushed to the door with my brother following me and I turned the handle the wrong way and kept going---smack into the door. Ended up in the ER with a fractured nose and my nasal cavity opened up which is not good. Luckily my brother caught me from falling backwards onto the cement floor. The swelling is going down a little on the nose, but it hurts like heck. Now you know why my dr called me Murphy, because whatever can go wrong, seems to in the past 8 years. I was more concerned about my dentures and glasses because the glasses cut my nose and and my mouth hit the door also. I had to wait 40 minutes to be able to drive home and a 15 minute drive took 30 minutes because I was scared to drive the speed limit. Luckily no cars were behind me honking.

Has anyone heard from Denna? Not knowing anything scares me. I keep praying to hear some really great news and see her back posting. Deena if you are reading this, prayers are being said daily, along with the tears. I miss you, but I know God is taking care of you and you really do need a break. I hope you are just relaxing and not going through any major stuff right now. Everyone, please continue your prayers for such a lovely and strong lady. She is an inspiration to many of us and we want her back.

My sister and I went to an antique shop and I found some wonderful Christmas sheet music for altering and a book with regular sheet music. I found an adorable little bedside cabinet, so hoping that I get it for my birthday. I am hoping the owner takes a little less. We need an entire day there, so her next trip we are going to do just that. Things are back to normal with us or should I say we are going forward to a new beginning and leaving the past where it belongs. Your prayers have helped so much and I will be forever grateful for them. God is such a wonderful gift for all of us. I've always believed that the bad has to come with the good to form the circle of life, so great things await me, I'm sure of that.

Well going to hunt for the paint, at least I will have it ready and waiting for another clear day without the humidity. Have a wonderful and Blessed weekend. Love and Hugs, Pat

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Feeling so great

Well I am feeling so much better now, but my gums are really sore. Gosh I wish I would have listen to my dr a long time ago and had the epeduram---I can walk without much pain and get out of bed easier. I was so afraid of something being stuck into my spine.
I found this cute little planter chair at Hobby Lobby for $10 with the summer clearance and I have an ice cream parlor chair that I need to take a before, then find some pretty pink material to recover it, then post it.
Now if any of you know anything about this vase, clue me in. It says made in Japan, so it's probably not old, but I like it just the same.
We are supposed to be dividing things today, but still waiting for my sister to call. I had planned on spending the night at my dads, but my sister went to my brothers and my blood sugar shot up to 305 and could not stop shaking, nor stand, so Al brought me home and I guess it was the stress from being there yesterday, because it dropped fast---165. I just want all this to be over with.
I found a cute little donkey with a wagon for cigarette butts and it appears to be very old. Will have to clean it up a bit and take a pic.
We are keeping an eye out in the Gulf of Mexico with "Donna" brewing. I just hate this time of year and this is early for a gulf storm. Still not really prepared yet--we usually wait until August, but we always keep extra batteries, but never enough water or canned goods---yuk!
Well going back to some organizing, so hope you all have a great day. Love and Hugs, Pat

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hospital today

Well today is finally here and I will be leaving shortly for my epeduram. I think they are doing a CT scan because the nurse called back to ask if I was allergic to iodine, which is used in the die for scans. Please pray I have no further damage to my spine and legs. My mom and dad have usually been with us when I would go, so will miss them, but I know that they are with me in spirit.

Please keep me in your prayers today and I will have the laptop set up in my bedroom, so after my head clears, I will let you all now how things went.

My new dentures are in and they look great. They are actually smaller than my original teeth, which I am glad. Everyone was right, it is very painful and I have my entire top gums with stitches. The partials at the bottom are only 4 teeth.

I hope everyone is doing fine. I will be praying for all those who have lost love ones and those who are battling illnesses and diseases. Love and Hugs, Pat

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Taking a break

Just want to let everyone know that I will be in bed for about a week. Had my top teeth pulled yesterday and the top denture and partial for the bottom put in. The pain is horrific, haven't felt like this since my surgeries, but glad it's over and I can feel comfortable about smiling. Tomorrow, I go for my epeduram, so that will keep me in bed for a few days. Well I just got up to take some pain meds and going back to bed with the ice pack. Hopefully I can get a connection with my laptop after the pain subsides a little. Love and Hugs, Pat

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Before pictures of furniture

Well I am posting twice today so I can show you the pieces I am fixing to prime and paint. Still not sure if I want to paint the pieces white and doors pink or just all white and sand for a shabby look. All opinions welcome. The old mirror frame would cost too much to redo, so I am thinking fabric.

Busy, Busy, Busy

Look at all the bling I have to sort out and I just got a big box from the lady I adopted as my grandmother. Some of hers are both new and old, but fun pieces. I have been going to yard sales and thrift stores and my pile is growing. Now what to do with them!!!!
I have been a lazy blogger as of late, but organizing has been keeping me busy. Every time I think I have the last of the beads, I find another box. I have lace on top of lace and looking for a great way to display it without it getting dirty, so if any of you have any great ideas, please send them my way. I have a large cabinet at my nephews, but having problems getting it here and it's a deep red with brown wash, so I am hoping to prime and paint it a soft pink and put glass in the place of the wire. Then I could wrap the lace onto something pretty and use that.

I am also working on a giveaway for my birthday, so you will have to figure that one out, but I will give notice 2 weeks before. I want the winner to recieve it on or near my birthday. It will be my gift to you for God bringing such joy to my life. After the fog cleared, I finally found the person I was meant to be and it took a lot of heartache to depart from things and people that were keeping me from her. With the encouragement from a lot of you, I know that sometimes we have to stay away from things or people who bring us down instead of up.

I've been busy collecting things for my "future" esty or ebay store. I once had a shop in my house, but it's zoned R1, so I would not be able to get a license now and the spaces on Main street are out of my budget. My dream of moving into my parents house with the shop next door is gone and I don't want to waste anymore time thinking about that. It's all about going forward now.

Going to take some pictures of my old country pieces that hubby made so you can see the before. They have hearts cut out on most of them, so I am going to try and figure out what to do about that. Going to be painting them all white with some pink. I have been watching for handles for the doors, so I am pinching my pennies because I want some old glass ones. I have a couple of them and my neighbor gave me her old door with the glass knobs. Will try to have the inserts filled with fabric or replace the glass that has gotten broken. It sounds like I am in a manic state, but I am calm, cool, and collected right now. It's wonderful what prayers and a little help with meds can do.

I love playing with Paint Shop Pro and even though I am far from Mary(Isabellascloset), I do love trying. Well going to get dressed---I get to go to bingo tonight and sure would like to win the big jackpot---awe heck, I am going to win. Hope your weekend is filled with the joys of your life. Love and Hugs, Pat

Monday, July 7, 2008

Prayers for our Sweet Deena

Our Dear Sweet Deena needs your increased prayers. Deena, I pray that God gives you the strength to face the obstacles and the spirit to keep fighting. Please spread the word and if you want, you may take my image and use it if you don't have one to use. Prayers, hugs, and love for you Sweet Deena. May God bless you with healing hands.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Late 4th of July

Well I am so sorry that I am late wishing you all a wonderful 4th. I hope you enjoyed the day with your family and friends. I just hung around after a big breakfast after waking up at 5am, then went back for a cat nap. I hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend with your families. I miss mine and couldn't reach them by phone, so they must have been out celebrating.

We had a little rain today but not enough to water my plants and the mosquitoes are so bad here in the south with all the dampness, that I have to wait until close to noon to do it.

I have passed my 200th post and my 1 year anniversary, so will

have to think of something else to do about a giveaway, so stay
tuned closer to my birthday. Love and Hugs, Pat

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Well yesterday was a really great day for me. Al learned to give my injections, so now I will be able to stay a little pain free or at least tolerable. It turns out my sister could have paralyized me by the way she was injecting them, so I believe now that good things come from bad. The injection site was bleeding just about every time she gave them to me and they were painful, so it turns out she was putting them into a vein. Al did a great job and I didn't even feel the needle going in.

Well this is my messy work room. I can't call it a studio because there is basically no decor in it.
The rest of the photos are of little treasures that I have either gotten as gifts or found treasures. I adore Charming Tails and Red Hat things, even though I am not a Red Hatter. Just the color of red can get me crafting away until the wee hours of the morning. But now that I have my sleep schedule back, I don't want to mess it up.

Aren't these pink jars fab! I couldn't help myself and bought both of them. Not sure yet what I will do with them, but if I see something I like, and it's a good price, I try to get it. I am slowly packing things for my "future" shop.
When I saw this little bootie vase, I couldn't help but think of my candy bouquets. They had a pink one also, but there were so many chips in it that I left it. Now I wish I had kept my childrens as they would be close to 40 years old. Who knows they may still be in one of the boxes in the attic.
This little lady is just so cute in person. I have drawers filled with heads, but they are not flat like this one. Oh what I could do if they were. Al doesn't consider me a pack rat anymore when I showed him all the beautiful vintage things people are making. I still need to clean a spot on my desk so I can get busy crafting. I only have a few more boxes to unpack so I can start crafting again.

This is what I got the other day---all for a total of $6. The tiny figurines are from Japan and appear to be very old.

This is my Red Hat collection of Charming Tails. I have bears also, but I think I posted them last year. I am still missing 2 for a complete set, so will try and get them soon before they are retired.
Now Miss Diva is my favorite although they are all so cute.

This little kitten cookie jar was on ebay, but I got mine for 1/10 of what it sold for and no chips anywhere, but it's a keeper since I have Puss N Boots and some cute creamers.

I also picked up some "bling" for $.49 cents and still going through a big box of old jewelry a friend gave me. I have adopted her as my grandmother since I never had one and she calls me every week to check up on me and I her.
Well going to clear that desk and put away more things. I just don't want to ever move again. I got good news yesterday, my meds will not be as expensive as we thought. But I will be going into a "boutique" hospital on the 16th for my epheduram and will be put in as an inpatient, so will spend most of the day there. He doesn't like to send his patients home after a couple of hours like some do, so that makes me feel better. Please keep me in your prayers that this will help eleviate more pain so that life is tolerable. I can't sit for long hours like I used to and getting out of bed is like torture for me. I will probably have another MRI to check the neck and head and find out what's causing the dizzy spells and ringing in my left ear. I don't have an inner ear infection, so they don't know the cause.
Amy just want to say Congratulations on your beautiful new shop. I am not letting go of my dream and hopefully next year, mine will come true (again) I had one years ago, but was just too much work, trying to do craft shows, so closed it and did the craft shows. And since I will no longer do an outdoor show, I will only do a Christmas show.
Have a wonderful day everyone and prayers for those going through rough times and illnesses. I am finally to the point where my immediate family and friends are my lifeline, but God is at the front of the line. I have let go and Let God and whatever He decides is best for my life circumstances, I humbly accept it, because it's just things and not worth fighting over. As I said before, I lost my best friend, but my spiritual soul is worth more than that. I have forgiven and asked for forgiveness, but didn't recieve it back, so my life is going to be about putting God and my health before anything or anyone. Love and Hugs, Pat