Friday, February 27, 2009

So much to do, with too many breaks!

Today I was going to try and post some pretty eye candy of thrift bargains I have found, but I have this burst of energy and find myself organizing things that have been a mess, especially in "my" bathroom that I have been using as a storage closet---yuk! So I have been taking breaks so not to wear myself out, so it's slow going, but getting done.

I have things that need to be mailed, but have to wait, so I hope people have patience with me---this is so unlike me, but with things the way they are going, we are scrimping to help someone out who needs it more than us right now. I have given up bingo---but my friend Bryan needs a night out, so we and 2 other friends may make a night out of it on Saturday.

I never realized how much lace, ribbon, embellishments I had until I started taking things out of containers and putting them all together. I could probably open my own craft supply store but the rent is horrible here for tiny little shops and they rezoned our neighborhood, so that dream is out the door---if only I could talk my hubby into buying our parents house and I have never had problems before with him, but he is adamant about it, so I am leaving it alone.

Well guess I will get back to work so Al can move the heavy things for me. I hope you all have a great weekend. Prayers, love, and hugs to all. Pat

Monday, February 23, 2009

Love is a beautiful gift

I had the Most wonderful day yesterday. Carol's daughter needed a ride to go to the hospital to see baby Kaden, so I told her I would take her. Well if you know me, I have a very soft heart and I haven't held a newborn baby in a very long time, especially one so tiny. Now I know how the Grinch must have felt when his heart got so big. The picture above says it all---I fell in love at first sight and since I have no grand babies of my own to spoil, guess who will be???? I also got to witness what a great job Carol has done being a single mom raising 2 girls, one now in college and one with a baby who is growing into a young adult who will be a great mom. If I lived closer, I would love to be able to babysit Kaden while Victoria finishes school. As I watched her feed her baby, I saw a love that no one can deny. I am like Carol, I am so proud of this young girl that I met over 7 years ago. They need all the prayers and support so I am asking all of you to please say a financial prayer for them because they are having a rough time. I know in my heart that God will provide for them, but there are a few things that God can't come down and do Himself, so He sends angels to help with repairs and things. I always wondered why God allowed me to live and for what purpose I had in life besides being a good mom and wife. I finally got my answer. Thank you Lord for all your blessings.

Also could you please keep my friend Bryan in your prayers. He came for a visit today and things are not so great since Pop died the day after Christmas.

The baby shower was great on Saturday and there were soooo many people, but it was really fun and she got lots of wonderful things. One of the games they played, was really fun to watch. Victoria picked 6 people she wanted to play, but I had to decline because my lungs are not strong enough to suck on a baby bottle---the fun would have been picking me up off the floor.

Well I am going back to reading my new magazine we picked up yesterday---I finally got a copy of Artful Blogger, so maybe I can learn a few things. Have a wonderful night and may God bring you peaceful sleep for a beautiful day tomorrow. Love and Hugs, Pat

Friday, February 20, 2009

My latest candy bouquet

Does anyone know how to stop a crazy lady who doesn't know how to slow down? I am back to my old self and I just don't know when to stop and rest, so today I got my socks knocked off and ended up in bed---all day---with a throbbing headache from the ringing in my ears. The meds the doctor gave me isn't softening the was fast enough for me. Someone said to try olive oil, but sad to say, we don't cook with it.

We were going to spend Sunday and Monday removing plants and vines and transplanting them else where, but with the rain and possible frost---that's out of the question.

Tomorrow is my friend's daughter's baby shower and I finished the candy bouquet that will be used for a centerpiece, so I am going early to help out. It turned out pretty in my opinion and wish that I could get back to selling them again, but with the economy such as it is, no one wants to pay the price. I won't tell you what I would sell this one for, so I am asking that you guess or give me your opinion. I know what I have charged in the past, but with chocolate prices and everything else going up, I have to charge more. Although you can't see what's in it, there are 6 regular Hershey bars, 6 regular Kitkats, 8 snack size kitkats, 12 minature Hershey bars and 2 dozen kiss roses. Making the wrappers and kisses are the hardest part of the project, and I do have to stop every now and then to rest my fingers.

I have a friend who is like me and always looking for great thrift finds and yesterday I found a pale green juicer. He picked it up out of my basket and thanked me for finding it for him and in a joking manner I told him, you better put that back, but guess what, I ended up letting him have it. It was $.49 and although only worth about $10, I knew he wanted it really bad. He is going to bring me some of the little custard dark green cups from oatmeal in the 50s, so I guess it's a fair trade.

Well I have gifts to wrap, take a shower, and then try and rest for tomorrow. I hope everyone is busy right now and I am hoping to put together a giveaway because I am getting close to my 400Th post. Will let you all know something soon. Have a great weekend. Love and Hugs, Pat

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Can anyone see my posts?

I am not sure what has happened, but all of my posts have disappeared. I didn't do anything different, so will wait and see if they come back. If not, I will start a new one, but keep this one for my links until I transfer them all to a new blog.

My son is turning 40 on Saturday and I posted the picture of the candy bouquet I made and mailed. I hope it shows up this time. Well after all of this, I think it's time for me to work on the baby shower bouquet for Saturday. Have a great week. My schedule is full so I may only get to visit your blogs at night. Love and Hugs, Pat

Busy, busy, week

As you can see, I had a busy week, but it was fun and I am getting my creative juices going again. One more bouquet and I will be doing some card making while Al works on the addition.

I hope you all had a very Happy Valentines Day. It will take me forever to eat the chocolates, but Al is helping as much as he can.

I have been really busy and it feels so good to be able to do things I enjoy doing again. I had 2 orders for candy bouquets. The large belated one, I sell for $35 and the small mug ones I sell for $15. I think in the last 6 years, I probably made over 200 bouquets. We mailed off my son's 40 sucks bouquet and I wrapped and packed it good so it should make it to New York on Friday or Saturday. My baby, as I call him will be 40--where has the time gone. I forgot to enclose his tonka truck that he had when he was just 2 years old, but he is coming in April, so he can take a few things back with him.

I made enough on the sales so I got me some more Spellbinder embossing and cutting dies, so now I am eager to get started using them, but I still have one more baby bouquet to make for this Saturday.

It is still chilly here in the South and we are expected to have temps in the mid 30s and a little rain, so it will feel colder, but at least I will get to wear the beautiful jacket Brenda gave me. Will take a picture of that later. She has some beautiful things in her shop and I will post the link to her web site when I do the picture. I wish I would have thought of taking pictures last weekend when we went, but guess I had a "brain fart"!

Brenda will be having a new granddaughter on Friday and not sure how to spell the baby's first name, but it is Kiley Grace. This will make her 14Th grandchild, but my daughter Chris and David are talking baby talk, so I am praying that she will give me another baby to hold. If and when they do have a child, I will be going for at least a month to help her out and be there for the birth.

Well I am going back to work on the baby bouquet and get the gift ready for Saturday. I hope you all are having a beautiful day today. Love and hugs, Pat

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day
Having a wonderful Day and wishing you all a Happy Valentines Day. My sweetie couldn't resist and bought me 3 of my favorite boxes of chocolate. Guess he doesn't like me being skinny-lol.
I also received a beautiful gift from our Sweet Deena---a hummingbird figurine because she knew I loved them as much as she did. Thank you Deena. I will post a picture tomorrow. I really like it and now have 5 different birds to my collection. With all that she has going on in her life, she finds a way to lift another person's spirit.
Love and Hugs, Pat

Thursday, February 12, 2009

What a Wonderful Feeling

This is my little grandnieces, Kaykay with the hugs smile and her new baby sister Sabrina on the left. Libby is the one on the right that I took care of. As you can see, the baby slept all day, so I didn't get to hold her.

The last day I posted, I totally forgot to mention that my daughter turned 38. She and her boyfriend are talking babies, but I am praying for marriage first. We talked for almost 2 hours after she returned from her wonderful weekend getaway.

Al of course turned 60 on Monday and he said he doesn't feel it in his mind, but only body. Our oldest will turn 40 on the 21st, so I am working on a surprise to mail to him. Our youngest has his head in a cloud and has yet to call his dad and wish him greetings.

We had a wonderful time at my nephews this past weekend, but sad to say it ended on a sour note. I wanted to have my picture taken holding Sabrina, the newest baby of my nephew and his girlfriend yelled that there was no way, and she was not going to wake the baby up because she finally got her to sleep. That baby slept all day, while mom got drunk. It hurt, but I told her that was fine and walked to the car leaving everyone behind. I'm glad I did because there were quite a few who had something to say to her and I didn't want to hear it. This young girl needs prayers and that's all I have for her now. I am the only one who didn't judge her and she treated me like c&^%! I don't understand what possesses people to be so cruel and loud so that others hear it.

Today, I am feeling so good, I could go out and re-landscape my yard---NOT! I have been working in my craft room and doing little things until Al gets home and does the heavy work for me. I hate being dependant---it's not my nature, but it's something I had to accept to avoid making things worse.

My sister gave me a beautiful coat for Christmas and I am hoping I get to wear it at least one time before spring gets here. Her new shop is so nice and if any of you are ever in Gramercy, stop by and tell her Pat sent you. She now has a wedding and ball gown section. She got the building for a really great price and bought the doctor's office connected to the store, so her hubby now has his trucking firm there. She is thinking about running for Mayor and I am hoping that she gets it, because she is really good at running things and changing the bad to good. We are now waiting for the next baby to be born on the 20Th, another girl, so that makes Brenda have 14 grandchildren, to my 2 and I didn't get to hold the last one. Oh well, my heart will heal.

Well good news is that Al will be starting my huge closet this weekend, if it doesn't rain. Part of it will be used as a sitting area for reading and beading cards. I am in search of a nice comfortable chair that I can either recover or get a slipcover for it.

Time to go back to work. I hope everyone has a great weekend. Prayers for all who are sick or fighting cancer. Love and Hugs, Pat

Thursday, February 5, 2009

My many Blessings

Sorry I haven't been posting and only visiting other blogs. We have been down with a bug and just starting to feel better. My blood pressure is another story, but don't want to go into all that---let's just say, they had to raise the dosage.

I have been trying to stay in my "Happy Place" with gentle thoughts of what I have and thank God for the little things He brings me every day.

Have you ever thought about what you would do if you won a huge lottery? I have, and the only big thing I would do is build a new house with an air filtering system for my health. Other than that, I would probably give it all away to people in more need than myself. I am totally at peace now with what I have. Being sick last week, made me Stop and think about the world we live in. Our house is small but in my eyes, it is a wonderful cottage that could use some new siding. By today's standards it would considered a "Shack". I am a low maintenance woman like the song and I'm no "High Class Broad". I am educated though and still keep educating myself on current events. I am a people person, but I do lack something that is very much needed---Self confidence! I am still searching for it, but I am my worst critic. I know this sounds like "True Confessions" but it's not what I intended. When I say I am praying for you or your family, know that I am sincere. I often wonder why God saved me when I was dying and I know in my heart that it was for a Greater Purpose than myself. I am happy with my life now, so that is a start on the path of Self confidence.

I have shed tears for people I don't even know, but my heart always tells me that prayers are the best medicine for those who are sick or have lost loved ones. I have a former co-worker who lifts me up every single day since I have been sick and I believe that God kept him in our lives for a purpose.

So today, if you are reading this, I hope that your life is filled with the many Blessings that I have received. They mean more to me than any amount of money in the World. Love and Hugs, Pat