Sunday, January 29, 2012

Baby Lizzy

Lizzy is growing so fast and I miss her----haven't seen her in 2 weeks, so I am having baby withdrawals. She is sleeping good and just found her hands and it is so cute to see her eyes cross when she sees her hands. She is a loving baby and Heidi is having so much mommy time until it's time to go back to work in March. She will have to sleep when Lizzy sleeps as she works the night shift and daddy Jonathan will be her caretaker at night.

In other news, I am now on insulin for me diabetes and a very strict diet. I did cry and even though diabetes is not a death sentence, it was the cause of my dad's death---diabetic stroke. I watch all the carbs and sugar now and I do miss eating chocolate, but it's been over a year, so I am used to it. No candy for Valentine's Day this year.

Even though I have been awol lots of times, I still think of all of you who have come to share comments or just leave a little note of hello. I pray everyday for most of my blogging friends that they may see good health soon and not have to worry about money. God always provides our needs and not our "Wants".

I would like some prayers for my aunt (my dad's youngest sister) She just found out that she has cancer again and it doesn't look good, but the doctors say it is treatable with chemo, but she is so weak, that I am wondering when they will be able to start the treatments. Thank you in advance. Her name is Ruby and I lived with them when I first got out of school and she found my first job working in a dry cleaners checking in clothes and waiting on customers.

Well I wish you all the best and love and wishes to you all.