Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Haunting

Well just thought I would bring out some Halloween and Fall decorations. My mom made this first one in a clay saucer and I have added a few things over the years. The witch I made from heads my mom gave me--around 30 and I'm glad I kept one for me. I was just doing plain wooden crafts years ago, but I always had good sales and repeat customers. The Mummy with lights are one I kept---made too many to remember but not one was alike. They were my favorites to make. The scarecrow girl is another piece my mom made in one of her classes in Branson. She and dad won best decorated RV one year, so mom really liked Halloween and we haven't even touched some of the fall and Halloween things at their house. The little black arrangement on my faux fireplace was a wreath that I spray painted with heat resistant paint---that was before black wreaths and garland were available. My favorite little teaset is the monster ball with all the ghoulist friends sitting around the table. I do enjoy Halloween and wish I had more storage space. My holiday closet used to be my craft shop, so it holds all the seasons, but over half is for Christmas and that doesn't count the many boxes of Hallmark ornaments. I hope you enjoy my "cutsie" decorations. Love and hugs, Pat

Al painted this pumpkin pot for me and if I ever have the time and get the pictures out, you can see all the things he has painted over the years. One year we had to actually rent a U-Haul because we had so much made and we did super great at that craft show, even with the rental cost for 3 days.

Monday, September 29, 2008

The Painful Battle was won the War was Lost

It is with great sadness that our Manager from one of the MSN groups I belonged to has lost her beautiful sister, Linda. We have all prayed for her for well over 2 years and I know some of you had tags at your blog. Mary, at mymothersdaughter is in pain right now and I ask that you all say prayers for her and her family. Linda was beautiful through all of this and I witnessed so much strenght shining through in the pictures that Mary would post--her riding a bicycle and with the most beautiful smile on her face. She fought a courageous battle with dignity and bravery. Linda I wish you so much peace because you deserve it so much. Mary, you and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. I hurt for you as I have known you for almost 7 1/2 years and you are truly amazing for standing with her through all of this. With deepest regards and sympathy, Pat

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Thanks for the prayers

Today, my sister in law Virginia died. Thanks to all of you who I know prayed for her. It would not have mattered when they discovered the cancer because it was a very aggressive form. She was married to Al's oldest brother and they both worked for Nasa, Bell Aerospace, Martin Marietta and Boeing. Virginia went to Washington with one of the Navy Admirals when the hover craft was presented because it was built in New Orleans. Al's brother was an engineer at all the above. I hated it when they moved away from New Orleans because we had so much fun together.

I really want to scream at the top of my lungs that this is enough or go into hibernation and not answer the phone or check e-mails, but that would not help me. So please say some prayers now for Robin, Gaylyn, and Darrel, they were very close to their mom and I know Robin is taking it hard. Love and Hugs, Pat

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Prayers Needed

Well my week was very constructive, but the last 2 days have been ridden with sadness. The sweet young lady I helped lost her baby due to the stress, a common affect that people rarely see after Hurricanes and other storms. With everything lost, it was just too much for her. Please keep Fran in your prayers.

Then I got an e-mail from my niece in Seattle and her father died 1 1/2 ago and now her mother has an aggressive form of cancer and doesn't have much time to live. Hospice will be coming in because she doesn't want to die in the hospital, so my niece is taking her in. Please keep Virginia and my niece Robin in your prayers. Blessings to all of you.

My joys today

God and Jesus

my family

my blogging friends

my new pretty white sink

A bright sunshiny Day.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Prayers for Marylou at Marylou's thoughts

Not sure if any of you have visited Marylou's blog lately but her dear sweet husband has passed away on September 19th. Please try to visit her and leave her some comforting words. She hadn't posted since she put all the cute baby boy things up and now I know why. My heart goes out to her and since I have become a blogger, I have read so much heartache and I wish I could pray it away for all of you.

Prayers being said for Marylou and her children. Love, Pat

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I am overflowing with Energy and Joy

Today I woke up with so much energy and joy, but sadness as well. The girl I am helping is named Francine and there is a strong possibility that she will lose her baby because of the stress from Hurricane Ike. She told me that she usually doesn't share with people she hasn't met or know, but she said that something about me when we met and how sincere she felt I was. For me that is the greates joy to have when someone sees your light shining. Even my sister is donating a new outfit for her from her boutique. Please say some prayers for her and her family. I know there are many that have been affected and if you find one in your area, do what little you can, even if it's a smile to brighten their day.

If you have time, please go by Deena's blog CanIbeprettyinpink, she needs our prayers as they found more tumors and will have to undergo radiation. She has been through so much with her breast cancer, only for this to happen. I have never read a bad post at her blog---she has a spirit to lift up everyone who knows her. I know she makes me forget about the often pain in my spine, so go and give her your love and support. Thanks.

Now for all that energy I have--cleaning out closets, putting up a pretty valance in my craft room, organizing my bathroom and just being so happy. I think I got spring and fall confused this year or it's that ever present anticipation of Christmas getting close enought to decorate. I can't do it the same this year, but will try something totally different and see how that goes. Going to pull out my Halloween stuff this weekend and just decorate my faux fireplace, which actually does have a heater. I may have to start packing things earlier this year to decorate for Christmas, but not sure where I will put the boxes---might have to pull the trees out to make room in my holiday closet.

Well going to check out some blogs and catch up on things. I hope everyone has a wonderful week. Love and Hugs, Pat

Sunday, September 21, 2008

My new ribbon holder

I have finally gotten back into the swing of things and this is my new ribbon rack that Al made for me. It will hold most of my ribbon and now he is making another one for all my spools of beads that need a deeper unit to hold them. I am hoping they are the same size as my Christmas ribbons as I have been collecting ribbon every year after clearance or 50% to go with my ribbons I have already. That way in case they get old or dirty, I can change them out. I saw a smaller version of this on e-bay, but I wanted mine to cover the inside of the door. It will free up drawers to put my lace in, unless I can think of a good way to display it without it getting soiled. I am making a little straight panel to hang in front of the ribbon when not in use. I can roll it up and when finished, drop it down. He also put some long shelves over my windows to put things that I like and things that aren't used on a daily basis, but you can't see that yet, as I am looking for valances for under them. Hope you like my new organizer. Love and Hugs, Pat

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A pregnant woman in need

Before I get started venting, these are a couple of pics my friend sent me. These are in a little town near Texas and I would go there with my mom or her twin sister to pick up ceramic supplies. As you can see by one picture, the mobile home was raised
because their home was destroyed by Ike and now this.
Okay, now on to venting. I went to Goodwill today to look for treasures and over heard a young pregnant woman asking why she had to pay for the outfits she bought for her family.
You see Goodwill donates 2 outfits each to families that have homes destroyed by storm or fire. My eyes began to well with tears and I couldn't help myself. Something told me this young woman needed help, so I gave her my phone number because I have clothes that don't fit and shoes that are practically new and I wanted to give them to her. She thanked me and said she would call me next week to pick them up.
Well after she left, I was angry at the manager and went to the back, after putting some things back and asked her why this woman had to pay $40 for clothes for her, her husband and 4 boys. Her answer was they have not recieved word yet about Ike. Give me a break. I just looked her straight in the eye and said you know all these things in here are free and were donated for a purpose. She then realized (her daughter was standing with her and looked ashamed)what she had done and asked if the woman was still in the store. I told her no that she left heartbroken and that I was going to take care of her. Needless to say, I left the store in tears and when I got home, my husband wanted to know why. So I told him what happened, only he cursed the manager for being so cruel to a woman who lost EVERYTHING they owned. I called the woman's mother (small town) and told her we were adopting her daughter to help her out. She told me "God Bless You, you have no idea how much that will help them". I told the mother that I have been blessed and I just want to pay if forward. We don't live in a fancy house, in fact my house is only a $77,000 cottage. But we are blessed with God's love and He never fails to give us what we need. I know that God put us in that store at the same time for a reason. So this weekend, I am cleaning my closet out, but will have to buy clothes for the boys. I do have some stretch pants that will help her out until she can get maternity tops later. They were also turned down for emergency food stamps because they have to take care of Gustav first, so thank goodness her parents will be able to help out a little for now. I am trying to get my sister to donate some money for a gift card for groceries. They are not moving back because they had just finished getting back on their feet from Rita, 3 years ago and could only afford a mobile home. There were not in an evacuation zone, but left anyway and I am so happy that they did.
I will be gone for the next week, so I can help her out and make calls to our Senator to see what can be done. I am telling you all this because we all need to reach out to the people who listened and left, so they didn't have to have anyone rescue them.
If any of you would like to donate clothes for the boys, they are size 10, 12, 14, and the older son wears 31x32 pants and medium shirts. I will be more than happy to send you the postage. My dil is looking through my ds's closet for clothes he has out grown and tomorrow I am calling my cousin.
I was close to a physical and mental breakdown, but today my spirit was renewed by God and that is the greatest Blessing I could ask for. I will be gone for about a week, maybe less but just don't want anyone worrying about me. May God Bless all of you and thank God every day for what you are Blessed with. My prayers go out to all my Texan and Louisiana blog friends. Love and Hugs, Pat

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Quiet After the Storm

Well here I am with an updated picture from very short to long hair. This was taken the night Gustav hit and it was taken in complete darkness.

This is my backyard after Ike. We had it all cleared and now it's a complete mess again, but tomorrow I will be getting out there and doing some cleaning and pruning.

After seeing what others went through and will be faced with WHEN they get to return home, it just doesn't seem important that I lost some plants--I cannot imagine what they are going through right now. My thoughts and prayers are with all of them.

I have been busy organizing my craft room. I have some things to start on, but needed to clear the desk.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers for both the storms and my poor little foot.

To say that I am Hurricane Fatigued is an under statement. That's what Bush calls it. Ike pretty much spared us except for all the rain we got. If this were close to Easter, we could hide eggs really good in the long grass.

One of the great joys of today is that a cool front is coming and we already have temps in the 60s and wearing this fashionable white stocking is not fun in the heat.

Friday, September 12, 2008

I'm fine so far

Well there is no blood clot, but they are making me wear these horrible hot stockings again and I have to see my heart doctor again for another stress test and other tests.

Joyce, we are having some strong winds right now and waiting to see if the traffic on I-10 thins, then we will go to Gramercy, but it is bumper to bumper going East. It looked like a light show last night when we returned from Lafayette. I am so ready to craft now and get this season behind us.

If any of you have seen the size of Ike, it is frightening---it covers 3/4 of the gulf. There are people who are staying in Houston and I pray for them, hope they change their minds.

Well I don't have to prepare for the storm, so I am going to "play" in my craft room today and finish an altered puzzle from a group I once belonged to. I hope all who are in Ike's path stay safe and leave---nothing is worth more than your lives. God Protect all of you. Love and Hugs, Pat

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Prayers needed

I didn't want to say anything, but I need prayers right now. Tuesday night, my foot and leg began to swell, so I did everything possible to get the swelling down, because I just thought may too much salt or not enough liquids, but that isn't the case and since it's in my right leg, My beautiful Dil nurse and my friend's wife who is also a nurse suggested to I get immediate attention. I hate hospitals since I practically lived in one for 5 years, but my husband is more worried than I am, so we are headed to the hospital. My doctor is out today and the ER also said I should come in and have it checked. Please keep me in your prayers and hopefully it is only simple edema. Will let you know when I return. If I am unable to get back, I will get Al to post. Thanks everyone. Love and Hugs, Pat

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Never Forget

May we never forget the ultimate price they paid that day. May you join the Nation in a moment of prayer On Thursday.

God Bless America

Friday, September 5, 2008

Video of Gustav

This is a short video that I took while Gustav west side was hitting us. The wind sounds are exactly what we heard and it was pretty scary.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Spared from Gustav's wrath

Well Gustav was good to us and we had little damage--picket fence got a beating and tree limbs every where. We lost all our food in the frig and freezer, so will be eating tuna and vienna sausage for a week-lol.
It turned just as the eye went over us and I slept through most of it. I know those further south got hit hard and Joyce at the Secret Gardner were hit by the worse side of the storm. My nephew in Houma where Gustav came in, lost the roof of his house and his shed got into a fight with a tree. Now we are watching Ike and Josephine. September storms are usually the worst, even though Katrina hit on the 29th of August. I think we will do like most people and leave the windows boarded up for a while.
Other than the heat and humidity, we did just fine. We'll be eating less until we can replace everything, including condiments and such. There were lots of tornadoes reported and one was over us but moved east---Thank God!
I did make a couple of short videos and if I can figure out how to link to them, I will post it. I'm not a member of You Tube, so it can't be done that way.
I hope everyone living in the south here made out okay. Going to check on some blogs, then back to work cleaning up when Al returns from work. Have a wonderful day. Blessings to all. Pat