Thursday, January 31, 2008

Easter Banner giveaway

Deena is having an Easter banner giveaway, so please visit her blog and wish her well on her upcoming chemo.

More bad news

There are no words to express how things are going right now. It feels like we take 1 step forward and 2 steps back. My mil, Louisa, was diagnosed with malignant colon cancer and will be having surgery to remove it. Please keep her and her family in your prayers. She beat bladder cancer over 8 years ago, so we are hoping she gives this a good fight also. She is a very strong person and has raised 5 boys on her own. Al's father drowned trying to save his nephew when Al was almost 3, but both drowned after being caught up in an under current in New Orleans. She has recently lost her oldest son and her youngest son was murdered, so she has had a rough life. Al's other brother and niece lost everything in Katrina, the brother lived in St. Bernard and their house was under water with only the peak showing and his niece lived in Lakeview, next to the levee that broke. Al's family has been through a lot in the last 2 years, so they need all the prayers you can give. Thanks everyone, Pat

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Made award smaller

Okay I have made this smaller for those who can't. I really would like everyone who visits my blog to take it and if you have friends who are sick, give it to them, because I think all the women whose blogs I have visited are women of courage and spirit. Hugs, Pat

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Award for Women of Courage and Spirit

This award goes to all the women who have struggled with cancer or illness. Please take it to your blog---it's for all to use. Not sure where I got the picture, but if it's yours, let me know and I will remove it and find another at the free vintage photos site that I use. In my eyes, we are all women of courage and spirit and I especially want Denna, Amy(foursisters) Mary(isabellascloset) and all those who are suffering right now. Hugs, Pat

Vintage Simplicity Pattern

As I was unpacking and organizing, I went through some of my vintage sewing things and found my little pattern that I bought at an antique store in 1988 in Springhill, Louisiana. I paid $1 for it and the patent was still pending. It's very tiny, about 5 1/2 inches and the pattern pieces have no instructions on them, only the shape of the dress. I am going to seal it in a acid free clear envelope because it is very thin and as you can see is tearing in spots. There are yardage instructions on the back of it and my aunt said how did you find that. I told her she needed to dig like I did on the bottom shelves. Isn't' this the cutest thrift find!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Missing in Action

Well, I have been really busy, but thought I would come in and say hello. I hope you are all doing fine. We are busy with my mom and dad's estate and spent a week with my sisters trying to get things in order and just throw things away that needed to be thrown. We are going to have a yard sale and it will be a great one for crafters and teachers. It will take months to get it all ready and we are pricing to sell, not to make a fortune. We still have to divide the things we are keeping and have started with Christmas and I was fortunate to get some great things. We still have about 20 rounds to go, but going to bundle some of them so it goes faster. As you know, I really only decorate the inside, except for my picture window and door, but mom has some beautiful ornaments and over 100 houses, but I told my other 3 siblings, I didn't want any of them---no space to decorate with them. Mom gave me a gingerbread house, but there aren't any that we can see.

The jewelry, dolls, and angels are going to us girls and there are lots of them.

Today is going to be a rough day. I am fixing to get dressed and pick up the death certificate of my dad, so we can finish up the insurance policies and get that out of the way. Then we can order the marble slabs and headstones, which my dad picked out before he died.

Well I won't get anything done if I play too long on the computer. Lots of Hugs, Pat

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Meaning of your name

What Pat Means
You are influential and persuasive. You tend to have a lot of power over people.Generally, you use your powers for good. You excel at solving other people's problems.Occasionally, you do get a little selfish and persuade people to do things that are only in your interest.
You are usually the best at everything ... you strive for perfection. You are confident, authoritative, and aggressive. You have the classic "Type A" personality.
You are a seeker. You often find yourself restless - and you have a lot of questions about life.You tend to travel often, to fairly random locations. You're most comfortable when you're far away from home.You are quite passionate and easily tempted. Your impulses sometimes get you into trouble.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

My daughter's ebay store

If you love vintage clothing to wear, I invite you to visit my daughter's ebay store or if you are ever in Vancouver Washington, you can visit her store on Main Street. You will find more beautiful clothes there and a very cheerful owner. She also sells vintage jewelry, but I'm not sure if she ever lists any on ebay.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Valentine Banner giveaway

Deena at deenasstory is having a Valentine Banner giveaway made by mary at Isabellascloset and all you have to do is go and post your love story at the link below. I have read some that brought tears to my eyes. Love is such a powerful thing and wish everyone had beautiful love stories to tell.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

There are Angels everywhere

Well there are Angels everywhere today and one of our dear sweet friends Mary at Issabellascloset is in need of prayers and much more. Mary is always thinking of others first and I am so glad to be a part of her life. Mary, get better soon, so we can read and see the wonderful things you post and make. You have been a blessing in my life and I will keep you in my prayers. Love Ya, Pat

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year

Just wanted to drop by and thank everyone for the prayers, You have all been so kind. I hope that everyone has a Blessed, Healthy, and Happy New Year. I look forward to visiting more often, but I think I am going to pursue my dream of re-opening my little craft shop and see if I can get people interested in vintage here. It may take over a year to get it done, but it's something to look forward to.

Our celebration was remembering all the funny stories and some of the trouble we got into when we were young. My dad was the most gentle man, but very stern when he had to be. He was the one we always went to when we had problems and I can still hear him say "Sha (cajun slang) I don't know what to tell you".

Love, Live, and Laugh today, for we know not what tomorrow brings. Hugs, Pat