Friday, April 30, 2010

Blog store

For those who are wondering, my blog store will not be ready yet. I will let everyone know the link as soon as the kinks are ironed out. I may have my surgery sooner than later. I see the doctor next week who will be sending me to a neurosurgeon and that needs to be taken care of first. I promise, as soon as I can, I will post the link. I need to set up paypal and Al is kind enough to do that for me to help me out. Well I can barely keep my eyes open and I still have prayers to say, so goodnight and have a great weekend. Love and Hugs, Pat

Feeling a little blue

I'm not really blue today, just had some things to show that are going in my blog store. The first one isn't, it's a flower I made out of suede with my sizzex and I love the way it came out, so going to look for lots of scrap fabrics that match to do more.

The rest is blue ware that I found. They are not old, but would look lovely on a wall for those on a budget. Even though some of the patterns are the same, there are all different in size and shape. The cup is old and it comes from Scotland. I have a gravy bowl at home that I will bring and post soon. The little Cherished Teddies will also be listed for those, like me, who collect them. This one is a graduate from 2000 and it's like the 700th that was made.  I also have an old embroidered and crochet table runner that I will need to iron before I show it. I think next week, I will work on my new blog store, but I have to get the things weighed first for shipping prices. I pray I do better with this than my blog, but who knows. I feel like this is where God is leading me right now, because of all that has happened, not to mention the insurance company has gone up to $65 for my precriptions from $35, but I guess I should be happy to have insurance. Hope you alll have a great weekend. Love and Hugs, Pat

Thursday, April 29, 2010

A little bit of bling and some good bargains

Not feeling chipper today so thought I would post some pictures of my costume jewelry that I have collected and a huge box was given to me from an elderly lady because I gave her a small breakfast table and 2 chairs to go with it. She is a bingo buddy and we all call her Maw and she is a very funny lady, not to mention sweet. Some are very old and lots of rhinestone jewelry, so before I break anything apart, my daughter is going to go through them. If there is anything that is worth selling, she will let me know and I will put it in my blog store. I am going to start working on that, but I want a few more things to list and have weighed before I post anything. I wanted to call it Treasured Heirlooms because I got a rubber stamp with that and my name on it, but there is a blog already with that name, so if anyone wants to give me a good name, I will make them something or send them something to alter. I thought of Patty's Pretties, but not sure about that. So Help!

The little guardian angel for your car mirror is what I am working on, plus some more journals and squash books. They are made from crystals, but not Swarokswi, but still costly, so these will have to sell for $18.00 in order to make a small profit. They will all be clear until I can afford to buy different colors, such as birthstones.

The black spider is one that a friend from Australia sent me and it's called a grandmother spider and these will be brooches.
The rosary and pin above is what I discovered in a bag filled with broken jewelry and it was all in pieces, so I cleaned it up and fixed it. It's really very pretty in person and is old because some of the links are very thin and the cross is sterling silver, but the back is pitted with tarnish that won't come off. It may go into my store---haven't decided yet.

Below is one of the best bargains I have found at Goodwill. The Opium Parfum was still in the box with the price tag of $85. I used to use this when I worked at the post office and could afford it, but I was so lucky that day to walk in and got if for $3.99. I feel sweet smelling again-lol. I use Avon Amirge(sic) because I can afford it when it's on sale 2 for the price of 1.

I have been having side affects from one of my meds and last night I nearly scratched my self silly. They said it causes flushing and tingling, but this was downright burning and stabbing with needles. My entire body turns as red as above and it feels like someone set me on fire. But the doctor said these are harmless side affects and that I should continue to take it.. This is the 4Th time it does this, unless it's doing it in my sleep and it doesn't wake me up like last week. I've also been a little down because 2 of my meds have cost me $65 each and we don't know why, because CVS is Caremark and the most it should have cost was $35 each, so now I will mail order it again, because I can't afford the $35, much less $65. Luckily Al paid for it for me, but I will have to pay him a little at a time until it's paid off.
I hope you enjoyed seeing my funky jewelry and some bling. I am going back to work and visit tonight when things aren't so slow. Have a great day---we are preparing for some really bad weather with the possibility of tornadoes tonight and tomorrow, so being alone doesn't help, but I have a safe place to go in the house---Just in Case. Love and Hugs, Pat

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I can finally see again

One can only imagine how good it feels when you get new eye glasses. I have been struggling to read and getting nautious when I sit down and try to read a book or look at the monitor, but now I can see clearly with the new glasses. My hair needs to be cut, so won't post a picture until that is done. I got an extra pair of prescription sunglasses because the glare of light and sun really hurts my eyes and makes me squint and we all know that makes wrinkles on the forehead. I got dark frame glasses this time and I think they look cute. Now if I could just get rid of the wrinkles. I have been using Oil of Olay regenerist and so far nothing. Do any of you use this and did it work for you?

My giveaway is on it's way to Ohio and I'm pretty sure Mary from Isabella's closet will like everything. I hope it cheers her up just a little, oh heck, I want her to cheer up a lot.

I'm working on pink things right now and some guardian angels that you hang from you mirror in your car. They are made with glass crystals and will all be clear for now until I see how good they sell. Some people want them cheap, but the things used to make them, don't come cheap, even at 50% off. The one I have is pink and it was $25, but I don't think I will be charging that much. I am hoping after adding all my cost that they won't be over $15. The wings are the costly thing and are hard to find.
I'm not at home, so no pictures to post today, but will be returning this afternoon as soon as Al returns from work, which will be about noon and I'm still in my pjs.
Well going to visit some blogs and see what my friends are up to. Have a wonderful Humpday. We had a cool front come in last night and it is a little chilly and feels really good. I hate to think about Hurricane season, because when we have a bad winter, we usually get lots of storms. So it's time to make the emergency kit and purchases food, supplies, water, and batteries. Love and Hugs, Pat

Monday, April 26, 2010

Cute little box of goodies

While going through some boxes I found this little box of goodies that were packed away. Some may be used in a later giveaway, but I know lots of people use these to make wonderful little altered shadow boxes. It is so much fun when you find things like this, but so many people around here,throw these away when having a garage sale, because they think it's trash. So now I will ask when I go to sales.

I am working on a few painted items that still need to be finished and one of them is a 3 part picture screen, but I am painting it white and putting little hooks to hang special ornaments at Christmas time or Easter. I also have one more stool to finish painting pink, but leaving the legs natural oak color, because everyone puts their feet on them anyway. I have a few shadow boxes to finish, but then going to work on the pink giveaway that I want to have this summer.

In other news, I have to vent about something that I have been depressed about. I emailed my sister a letter of apology, even though she is the one who hit me, but felt like maybe I pushed her. The only thing I got from her was "Do you not understand when I say don't contact me", yet she sent me an email asking me to get our neighbor to call her about renting the house. Is this hypocritical or am I being parnoid? It is very hard for me to just give up on our relationship because at one time, it was good. She called me a Drama Queen. Drama Queens like to have everyone around them bide their every need. When I was in the hospital, I wanted to be left alone---I didn't care to have visitors and finally asked my doctor to put a note on the door about no extra visitors unless I requested them to come in. It made some people mad but when I am sick, I want to be alone without pitty and would prefer people stay home and pray for my recovery. Now does this sound like a Drama Queen. I am a follower and tried being a leader one time at my job and I just couldn't do it. I don't have it in me to tell people what to do.
 I am no drama queen, drama has no place in my life. I am one who doesn't wait until the last minute to do things, especially things like planning a party, then running around like a hen with it's head cut off. I do work better under stress, my X bil told me he noticed that many times. I miss him and even though we try to stay in touch, he lives too far for me to visit him. We love him a whole lot more than my sister's present husband (she married him twice).
I got my injections last night so today is what we call my lazy day. My doctor doesn't want me doing anything that involves muscle pain, so tonight I am going to sit in the bed and do some beading on cards. I need some cards ready for occasions and my daughter wants cards for her shop. She is sold out after I sent her 187 cards. This time she wants some with clothes on them, like dresses, purses, and shoes, so Al bought me the Cricut cartridge with lots of dresses and ladies on them, not to mention all the accessories. I order from Oh My Crafts and she always has a 20% coupon that you can use with sale items. The cartridge was on sale for $30 something so it was a bargain and it's a new one. They run $69 at Micheals and you can't use a coupon to buy them. The one with vintage kitchen ware came in and I can't wait to make some cards and altered things with it---it went to Crowley, so I have to wait. My new glasses are ready, but Al's aren't so going to wait until his are ready to save gas.
Well going do a little bit of painting then relax with beading tonight. Hope all who are ill, get well soon and hope you all have a great day. Love and Hugs, Pat

Sunday, April 25, 2010

My own gift to myself

I found this adorable pin cushion at my favorite thrift store and the brooch that is on it was given to me by an elderly friend from bingo. She said I was always giving and doing things for people and she knew how much I liked bling so she gave me her Great Aunt's brooch that she never wears. I felt bad because her daughter was sitting with her and she had not asked her if she wanted it, so I did, but she said no and to keep it because her mom is very grateful for sending her a get well care while she was sick in the hospital. I cried and I will cherish it forever. The little shoe is so cute and I fell in Love (like) with it. If I could find some forms I could easily make them with all the ribbon roses and beautiful materials I have. I think I will try it with regular shoes and see how they turn out.

. Got orders for cnady bouquets for Mother's Day, so some extra bucks will be nice. Hugs to all of you.

And the winner is---Drum Roll Please!

I just want to say thank you to all 8 people who joined my giveaway--that's double than the last time. Since I only have 13 followers, I just thought word would get out, but I'm happy that a regular follower has won.
Mary at Isabella's Closet has won and Mary, please email me with your address (lost it again) and what you love to collect the most. I want to send the package out by Wednesday and I will be going to Lafayette, so shopping will be fun. Thanks to the rest of you and hope that you will join me this summer when I have a Pink Extravaganza giveaway.

This is the giveaway and I told you there would be surprises and there are some hidden in 2 boxes. I love making things for people as you can tell and it gives me more joy than receiving. Congratulations Mary. Hope you like everything. Love and Hugs, Pat

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday morning bad weather

I thought I would post another item that is going in my blog shop. Not sure how old this apron is but for lover's of red and apron collecters, this will be a good buy for $6.00 with free shipping.

This explosion box is part of my giveaway and I did make one mistake so I hope it's okay. Won't tell you what you will find inside but hoping you like it. This is a scrapbook in a box and I have made several of them, but from all the moving, I have lost my instructions and measurements, so I winged it. I tend toward perfectionism, but I am not perfect and it is handmade. Lots of surprises in store with this giveaway and Best of Luck to the 8 people who have graciously joined. But I must be honest and say that I feel inferior right now because I thought more people would join. I will be doing one more giveaway and it will be a pink delight. So stay tuned this summer. Hugs and Love,Pat  :(

ps, the weather here is stay indoors weather, but we were lucky that the worst part with the tornadoes moved north of us. They said it should be over by noon. All those affected by the storms, you are in my prayers, because Texas got a lot of tornadoes.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Journal I made for my blog store.

While I was having some creative juices flowing, I thought I would work on some things that I will be selling. This journal is really pretty and the picture does not do it justice. I am working on a pink one right now and hope to have it finished soon. This one will be sold for $20.00 plus shipping. I also am working on squash books and I have one with similar colors as this journal.
Don't forget about the canvas giveaway with some extras included. I will draw a name on Saturday at midnight, so you still have 2 days to enter below.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Reminder of my giveaway.

Please don't forget about  my giveaway and I hope that you will take the tag and spread the word. Included with the canvas will be a few extras. It's been a long time since I created something, so please bear with me till my creativity comes back. Sign up is until Saturday April 24th until midnight CST. Please sign on this post to join in the giveaway.

I have all the names written down on the original posts but you can enter here also and I will check both for new entries. I have since made a few more things to add to it, that are in the same colors, so I hope you get your friends to stop by and enter. I love making things that I can give, since that is in my nature. You will also receive something you collect, so the giveaway will be mailed out by Wednesday to give me time to get something special for the winner.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

My messy craft rooom

I thought I would show you were I make my creations. It's a mess right now, but working on things, so no reason to clean it up. I have been collecting cubes for over 10 years now and have amassed a great many, so when my craft room is enlarged, everything will have a place. I bead, make cards, do some altering, sew, decoupage, well you name it and I might create it. I have never knitted or quilted, but would love to learn, but I'll wait until I am old to do that-lol. Clicking on the picture will let you see the mess I have right now. Ignore the light dangling---my dad made a 3 way switch and Al doesn't know how to connect the wiring for the fan. I have a switch in my bedroom to turn the light on, in the craft room and on the other side because where the closet it, there was once a porch for emergency exit. I still need to paint the door, but right now helping my siblings is the last thing on my mind. Playing and making things for friends is far more comforting that that. Also it gave me a chance to finish projects that I started before 2000 when I got sick. I am able to do a little each day, so hoping to finish before I move back to Crowley. They are trying to get the money to buy me out and that would be great even though I feel at home here and it's so peaceful. Hope you all have a great weekend. We finally got a real Spring season this year. 80s during the day and high 50s at night. Perfect weather for moi.
Don't forget to sign up for my giveaway below. It is going to be a good one for whom ever wins.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Altered Canvas Giveaway

I have finally finished my giveaway and I hope that you will take the tag and spread the word. Included with the canvas will be a few extras. It's been a long time since I created something, so please bear with me till my creativity comes back. Sign up is until Saturday April 24th until midnight CST. Please sign on this post to join in the giveaway.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Keeping busy

As you all know, I am trying to get all my old things repainted before I move back to Crowley????????, so as soon as this house is sold or they buy me out, I will have everything done except to repaint my kitchen in white. I am going pink with accessories and I know that will be difficult to find. I found an old stove that I want, so I am starting to save money to get it, in case Al needs the stove we have when he moves out of the house. He has agreed to move out and rent a small apt.or house, so I can feel safe around my neighbors.
This old pie cabinet, he made over 18 years ago, but look at it now below. I like the way it looks much better now.

The white gives it a brand new look, even with new hinges and knobs. I wanted glass but they were too expensive and I am working on a small budget. They say repainting kitchens and new doors can be very expensive, so I am going to paint them and see how it looks. I will paint the wainscoating, then try to find some wallpaper that will have a little pink in it.

Spring has finally arrived and I want to dig up this yellow rambling rose, after all, they allowed my brother to dig up a kunquat tree and many peach trees. I have a 7 sisters rosebush that was given to me already and a few other little bulbs.

These are 3 azaleas that I had in Metairie in 1984 that I didn't like when we bought our house (double). My mom wanted them, so we took our car and pulled them out with a chain connected to the car and as you can see they have survived.
This bridal bush was one of the first things planted when they built the house in 1949, but has been chopped up so much that I think it stunted  its growth. Maybe a little fertilizer will help it out.

One of favorites is this Japenese Magnolia, but they do make a mess after blooming. Lots of other things have died from the many freezes we had this winter. We only had enough old blankets to take care of all the citrus trees in the back and since they bear fruit, I would prefer to save food than blooming plants.
The rest of my day will be spent finishing my giveaway so I can try and post it this week.
I also have some more painting to do, but that will wait.I can multi task, but I want to put all my creativity to work on the canvas.
I won't know the results from my mammogram or MRI until later in the week. The lady,Sonia, tried to be gentle but I told her to squeeze those babies to make sure if any cells were there. She let me look and explained all the spots that did show up and most of them are hormonal cysts. I carreid my MRI images with me as per doctors orders and Al will go bring them to him today. My vertebrae in my neck don't look so good and you can see the difference in the ones that have cushion and the ones that don't, but I don't know if there was a change or not. So please continue to pray until I receive great news.
Have a Beautiful Spring day. Love and Hugs, Pat