Friday, April 30, 2010

Feeling a little blue

I'm not really blue today, just had some things to show that are going in my blog store. The first one isn't, it's a flower I made out of suede with my sizzex and I love the way it came out, so going to look for lots of scrap fabrics that match to do more.

The rest is blue ware that I found. They are not old, but would look lovely on a wall for those on a budget. Even though some of the patterns are the same, there are all different in size and shape. The cup is old and it comes from Scotland. I have a gravy bowl at home that I will bring and post soon. The little Cherished Teddies will also be listed for those, like me, who collect them. This one is a graduate from 2000 and it's like the 700th that was made.  I also have an old embroidered and crochet table runner that I will need to iron before I show it. I think next week, I will work on my new blog store, but I have to get the things weighed first for shipping prices. I pray I do better with this than my blog, but who knows. I feel like this is where God is leading me right now, because of all that has happened, not to mention the insurance company has gone up to $65 for my precriptions from $35, but I guess I should be happy to have insurance. Hope you alll have a great weekend. Love and Hugs, Pat

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Denise said...

Hey girl!!!!!!!! You have some pretty things...... you keep talking about your Blog shop but I am not sure where to find it? Does it have a different name .....? I would love to go and look and shop and but not sure where to go ...... I guess I am missing something..... let me know......

Have a blessed weekend girl and remember that the Father God knows exactly what you need and HE will not forget to supply your need. Love ya girl..