Sunday, May 29, 2011

Prayers Needed

Sorry I have been away, but things are complicated right now. I lost a friend through selfishness and I don't think I want that drama in my life anymore.

My doctor is detoxing me right now so I need prayers right now. I have been going through withdrawals and nothing but nausea, the shakes, and headaches, not to mention I have to endur the pain for 7 days until this is over. Then he will put me back on them again. My body got used to them, so he said I was addicted to them and needed to stay off for a week. I also have to have an MRI on my left shoulder. I fell like a fool and did something to it and he doesn't want to treat it until he knows what it is, so that will be done on Tuesday.

I talked to my former bil today and we had a nice chat. I miss him and he has said he is going to come and visit me and Al. He's like a brother and is the sweetest, kindest, and selfless person you would ever want to know. There has to be another woman out there for him, but he has yet to find one. I think he is stilll in love with my sister.

Well I wish you all a safe and wonderful Memorial Day. I think Al might bar-b-cue some steaks, even though I don't eat beef, so I might get him to get me some pork to eat instead. Still love you all and miss you.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My aunt

Well my aunt is now buried and the funeral was so beautiful and they buried her in a site called the circle of trees. So as a gardener and lover of plants and trees it is a beautiful circle of trees and she is in the middle of alll of  them. It was a sad day and we all gathered at her house to remember all the great times we had with her. She always smiled every day and never let stress get to her. Even when she gardened she had her face done up and she had her little yorkie with her at alll times. She was a wonderful aunt and we visited her many,many times. I will miss seeing her smile and she was always a gracious hostess when we visited. Thank you all for the prayers. Here daughter Sandra will be the one who misses her most, because at 4pm every day, they had coffee together and just talked about their day.Sandra is with the Sheriff's office and many of her workers were there and they made a line for the coffin to pass through. Her 3 children will miss her very much as they were a close knit family and she had many grandchildren and a few great grandchildren.
I know she is walking on golden  paths with many flowers to tend to and she is now with her other sisters and brother and my dad. Her journey has just begun and I know it will be a wonderful new journey for her. Love and hugs, Pat

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sad news

"Today I have bad news. My aunt died yesterday after a battle with alzhemiers. She sufffered, but the last 2 weeks went by fast and she rested and was out of pain. She went peacefully yesterday afternoon. Please pray for my cousins and her sisters who are very sad today, but Aunt Beulah is out of pain and her new journey has begun. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Love and hugs, Pat

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mothers' Day

Just wanted to drop in and wish you all a Happy Mother's Day. I wish my mom were here, but I know she is watching down from Heaven. My children will not be able to share in my day, but they will all be coming down in November to share in our 40th anniversary. They are giving us a party and we will renew our vows to each other. I thought about getting a short gown to wear, but I think I will stick to a dressy dress or pants suit, maybe a tunic style in a soft beige or pink. "They are working long distance to get this done but my sister is helping them, so that will make it easier to do. It will be our 40th and it just happens to fall on a Saturday, so that is great also. I never had a real wedding, so I am excited about this.

My daughter is very thoughtful and she got me the perfect gift----a Lowe's card. I know that may sound silly to some, but with the money we are saving this will just be added to it for my bigger craft room. I wish I could  part with more things, but as I went through some things, I thought about what I could make and do with a lot of it. There is a lot that I can use in another giveaway because I have so much lace and ribbon, I will never use it all.

Again, Wishing you all a very Happy Mother's Day. Love and Hugs, Pat

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Shaky hands

I have not been blogging a lot lately due to the fact that my hands were affected by the stroke and heart attack.. We couldn't figure out why my typing was getting so bad and I had to back space so much. Also my handwriting is horrible now. We pulled out old cards from years gone by and my handwriting has changed almost 100%. My hands are constantly shaking and I tried beading on a card and it just isn't there anymore. I wanted to cry and sit on the pitty pot for a while, but won't go there. There are far too many people who are worse off than myself and I pray for those who are sick or hurting just about every day.

I have been going through some of my craft things and trying to organize, so I can move back into my old craft room now that the roof is fixed. I may have to get rid of one of my large desks but if at all possible, I will try to fit it in.

So other than that, I am doing okay and miss blogging, but I have lost my camera and have no idea where I placed it, but I know it's probably somewhere so I will continue to look for it. Might have to check Al's desk and see if it was left there. Have a great week and a great weekend. Hope you are having some beautiful weather. A friend in Colorado said they just got 6 inches of rain---in May. Love and hugs, Pat