Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hurricane Gustav

Well it's that time of year again for us. If you click on the picture, look at the little black dot on the last red hurricane marker---that is where I live and that is Gustav's projected path, but things could change. The computer models with all the lines predicting where it would go have all lined up now, so we are the target. Please remember us in your prayers. If it hits us, it will be Tuesday night(why do they always hit at night, when you can't see what's going on and it sounds horrible at night). We have made almost all of our preparations and if it gets bad enough we are going to my bil's in Bunkie-2 hours northeast of us. We only have documents, photos, and valuables to put in containers and a suitcase ready just in case and we will do that later today. Al does not want to leave unless it gets bigger than a category 3. I will find a way to contact someone to keep ya'll informed. I pray that we don't become news again. Will let you more as more news comes in until our utilities go out. Love and Hugs, Pat

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My RAK from Joyce at the Secret Garden

I recieved my RAK from Joyce at the Secret Garden and it was a wonderul package as you can see. Thank you so much Joyce, it's almost as though you know me even though we haven't had the chance yet to meet, but hopefully soon. Sorry the shots weren't better, but the gold bracelet is beautiful, tea is ginger, I have already read The Pearls of Wisdom and now carry it with me for inspiration. I love everything and would love to know where to find the shoe rubber stamp. Thank you again Joyce for the lovely gifts. Love and Hugs, Pat

Friday, August 22, 2008

Mary's banner Giveaway

Mary, from isabellascloset is having a banner giveaway and she makes some wonderful banners that she sells. Please stop by and visit and enter her giveaway.

I have been really busy as of late and sorry I haven't been here, but things are great, except for the nose that was fractured, not to mention the epeduram is not working, which means I will get another one. I won't be here tomorrow, because of Trevor's funeral, so I am celebrating my birthday tonight and again on Sunday with my son and family.
Mary(Crash N Smash) you can open your box of goodies today, since I can't be here to celebrate. I made a box full of coconut cupcakes to bring tonight and hoping I win the jackpot. This will probably be my last night there because of circumstances I don't need to bother ya'll with. It was a hard decision to make as I enjoy being with my "friends" which is questionable now. I guess it's true what they say about gambling----it brings out the worst in people. I go to support the VFW and always bringing things for Cancer Aid like my mom did. I mainly go to relax and it's fun when you win. Last weekend I won $450 and it really did come in handy for my new craft studio. After that is finished, hubby is going to make me an 8x8 walk-in closet just for me. The only bad thing about this project is I have to pull up lots of plants from my garden and not sure what to do with them yet. I even have to take down part of my square gazebo, but that's okay also. I will do anything to have my 20x20 craft room.
I got my RAK from Joyce at the SecretGarden and I need to let her know and a package from my sweet Chris. Will post pictures on Monday. I also am preparing my RAKs, so Mary and Yolanda, don't give up on me. Nettie has been kind enough not to make me hurry. Thanks my friend, the world needs more of ya'll. Well I am going get dressed after I post at Joyce's blog. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Love and Hugs, Pat

Monday, August 18, 2008

One last Sneak Peek

Now did you really think I was going to show what's in the little boxes or inside the pink altered cake pan. You'll just have to wait until Mary gets her package.

Mary, I hope you enjoy all the goodies and will be able to use them. Let me know when the package arrives. I have taken pictures, but you are welcome to post them on your blog also. I am even starting a new one. Will let ya'll know when I will be giving that one away. I have to finish my RAKs. I am taking a break part of this week to help my friend. They will be bringing his body back Saturday, so I will be at a funeral service on my birthday. Thanks to everyone who joined in the fun. Love and Hugs, Pat

Friday, August 15, 2008

And the Winner Is???????

And the winners are???????????"

Should I keep you guessing or tell you now?

Okay, I'm late and I will explain at the end. I kept Al from going to bed so he could pull the winners out of the 2 bowls (antique globes).

The US winner is Mary from Crash N Smash. Congratulations Mary. I hope you enjoy all the goodies. I would love to be there with you, but we can celebrate on line.

There were only 2 out of US entries and Nettie P, Al drew your name, but I don't think you will get yours by Friday. Congratulations and I hope you enjoy all the goodies.
Thank you to all of you who have come and visited and hopefully will join me for coffee and cake next Friday. Mary and Nettie, let me know if you like what you get as I may repeat one for Christmas, but will do way in advance so that you might be able to use some of the things.

Now to explain why I am late getting here and why the packages can't be mailed until Monday, we had very bad news on Monday. My neighbors, Joyce and Floyd just moved last week into a larger house 2 blocks from us and Trevor, their 17 year old son died. He went to Houston to live with his aunt and go to school there and was about to start and joined the football team. He was diving into the pool and hit the bottome. A girl saw it and tried to pull him out, but Trevor was very tall and muscular. Our entire block is in shock. Trevor was always helping everyone and I paid him to help me in my back garden so he could have some "date" money. He was so friendly and both my husband and my friend's husband took it very hard. We cried for hours. Then I had to take time away to help them out by cooking and baking for Joyce's family. If any of you live in Texas, I'm sure you heard about it. I didn't even have time to go and visit my grandson for his birthday yesterday, but then they took him out to eat and we will see him Monday. Thank you Mary and Nettie for understanding. I am not procastinating---just need to wrap up a few things and since Al is a letter carrier, he will bring it to work on Monday and it will go out in the early morning.
Nettie, I have your address from other swaps. Mary, could you e-mail yours to me. I think you have my e-mail or it's here somewhere. This has been a joy for me and has helped me cope with the anniversary of Moms death August 1st. Thanks for joining the giveaway---it's what I do best, according to Al and it doesn't bother him in the least.

After Mary and Nettie recieve their packages, I will post pictures and let you vote to see if you would like me to do a special Holiday one, so I can get started now---ah heck, you know I'm just going to do it anyway. Love and Hugs, Pat

Sneek Peek

Well here is a sneak peek of part of what you will be getting. I am going to hold off drawing until tonight around 10:pm because there are people who did not state where they are from and no blog, so I have no way of knowing what bowl your name will go in. Remember I have 2 giveaways, one for US only and the other for out of the US, which will still be great, so if those who haven't done this, please let me know on This post if you are out of the US. The out of US will be stuffed with as much goodies as I can get in. So if I don't know if you live in the US (most I know) then your name will have to go into the out of US bowl. Sorry if there was some misunderstanding, but due to high postage, it was the only thing I could do and I wanted a way for ladies outside the US to enjoy my Birthday on the 23rd as much as I do.The globe is not included and there is a huge box filled with other things, but that's a secret.
Love and Hugs, Pat

Monday, August 11, 2008

August Birthday giveaway

I re sized the Birthday Giveaway Tag if you want to spread the word. From now until Friday, I will add more items with each poster. While the "cake" won't fit everything in it, there will be little packages to unwrap as you celebrate my 59Th Birthday on August 23rd. This is my gift for the inspiration I have gotten from regular posters and want you to have a gift from me. More hints each day. A little Christmas! Drawing will be done Friday at 12:pm CT so that it can be mailed on Saturday. If you are the winner, I am asking only one favor and I know it will be hard not to be tempted, but PLEASE don't open until the 23rd. I love all of you and even those who don't visit are welcome to join in, so that maybe we can become friends. I am not wealthy except in spirit and love, but I have always enjoyed giving---my husband can tell you that. Also please post on the previous post and tell me if you are from overseas as yours will be different, but still great. Love and Hugs, Pat

Friday, August 8, 2008

Birthday Giveaway

Come in and join the fun celebrating my Birthday.

Well as promised, I am having my Birthday Giveaway. Sorry that I can't ship overseas, but if you enter and put that you are from overseas, your name will be put in a seperate drawing for something I can ship in a flat rate envelope. Only one hint----it's a cake full of goodness for embellishing. Since it's my birthday, I want you to be surprised.

Please take my tag and post it for others to see. Since it's about celebrating my birth, there will be lots of pink, oops there goes another hint. I will be drawing on the 16th, so that it gives me time to ship it out priority. I am finally in the mood to craft, so I am off to finish "Making" my Birthday cake. Love and hugs, Pat