Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My RAK from Joyce at the Secret Garden

I recieved my RAK from Joyce at the Secret Garden and it was a wonderul package as you can see. Thank you so much Joyce, it's almost as though you know me even though we haven't had the chance yet to meet, but hopefully soon. Sorry the shots weren't better, but the gold bracelet is beautiful, tea is ginger, I have already read The Pearls of Wisdom and now carry it with me for inspiration. I love everything and would love to know where to find the shoe rubber stamp. Thank you again Joyce for the lovely gifts. Love and Hugs, Pat

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Joyce said...

Awwww......Pat I am glad you enjoyed everything. I was very BLESSED in sending everything to you. I'm happy your are pleased.

I feel like I know you as well.....we only have about 2 hours between us really :~)
Besides I used to live a LOT closer to you until we came back over to B.R.
Maybe one day we can meet "in the middle" somewhere...but that would probably be the "Atchafalaya " and that might not work. HA! Unless we do Breaux Bridge or Henderson.

I really DO need to get to Lafayette and visit some friends of mine. I just never get around to it. I have to one day before Christmas though...which is right around the corner really.

We are prepping to "baton down the hatches" over here....we are all watching the Gulf. WE have all our "stuff" bought.....and my husband went and got a few more things tonight. But we will be ready.
Hard to believe that three years almost to the DAY from Katrina hitting...we are gtting another hurricane.
Ugh....this gets tiresome at times doesn't it?
We will see where this thing lands...
Have a good weekend regardless...and hopefully a good Labor Day. We will see about that one.
Hang in there...