Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wish I could visit blogs today

Hi everyone. I came back and yesterday, spent 3 hours with Donald and he is very weak. He can no longer get out of the bed and his kidneys are starting to shut down. They are giving him liquid morphine every 4 hours to keep him pain free as it's very painful for him to breathe. He knows I was there and he kept asking for things that his male buddy didn't know what to do. I think I would have been a great nurse. One of the nurses asked us not to give him anymore liquids for a while because he was building up fluid, but yet they are not doing anything to get the fluid out. My friend is dying and I will give him a swallow of diet coke or water if he asks for it as he did yesterday. I am fixing to go back again and I don't know how I will get there this week. It really hurts not having a car.

I am doing okay and trying to avoid crowds right now because of the swine flu. My immune system could not take it. I hope people avoid visiting Mexico for a while because students from NYC that visited there, came down with the flu and they are waiting to see if it is the same strain.

Please keep my bil Martin in your prayers also. His tests came back and it showed cancer cells in his colon, so they are going to Miami for surgery. His brother has a doctor friend in Georgia and he referred him to a renowned colon cancer specialist, but my bil says he doesn't have cancer. Great outlook, so that may help with his healing. Brenda is scared, I can tell by her voice and that worries me.

I found an antique dressing table for $3.99 at Goodwill but it needs some work, so I am bringing it to my dads house to have something to work on when free time is available. We have a possible buyer for the house and it will be painful to let the house go. Luckily I know the girl's mother, so I may be able to go and visit sometimes. We took one last visit to Bryan's dads house and we both were sad. The house is so empty but you can feel the memories and hear them echo in your heart.

Well time for me to get dressed and visit Donald before heading back to the country, which I might add is very peaceful and flowers are blooming every where, birds are singing and the hummers are back, so will be bringing a feeder for them. To all of you that I usually visit regularly, I miss you and miss seeing what you are doing, but I think of you daily and you are all in my prayers. Love and hugs, Pat

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hello my friends---I'm sad and my heart hurts.

Hello fellow bloggers. I had to drive in late last night because my Best Friend had the last rites this morning and they let me in at 10:30pm to visit since he doesn't have any family except for a niece. He was a little responsive to me and when I asked him to squeeze my hand if he knew it was Pat, he squeezed very hard and I broke down. Had there not been a room mate, the nurse was going to set it up for me to stay the night with him so he wouldn't die alone. He doesn't have much time and I am so sad right now. I was not going to come home at all until Tuesday, but I couldn't live with myself if he died without telling him I loved him and goodbye. I will be going back very early in the morning, so I should be getting some sleep. Please keep Donald in your prayers, as his family have all passed on. Of the 22 years we have been here, he has spent 18 Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter with us as family---he is only 65 years young.

My sil and I have worked very hard this week and accomplished so much for the garage sale. We have bonded and are very close now and would joke every time we emptied another box. We still are finding some really nice things. We have it decorated like a store and hope to get finished in about 2 to 3 weeks, then we can rest for 2 before the big day. I hope I can remember to take pictures of the before and after we started emptying boxes.

I was very ill on Monday and stayed in bed most of the day. My injections make me sick the day after so I was prepared for it, but it felt like the worst flu I ever had and with the swine flu talk going around, I will probably stay cooped up as I don't have the immune system to fight something like that.

Well it's late and I really need to get some rest but will try to come back after returning from The Camelot where my friend Donald is staying---it's not a nursing home per say, but a very beautiful medical facility instead of a hospital. I wish you all a very Happy Weekend. The weather here is beautiful and I am enjoying living in the country while I can. It does feel strange living there all alone, but I have visitors just about every day, so it's not so bad. Hope to see you again before I leave. I miss all of you and trying to find Internet service. Love and hugs, Pat

Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Monday

I thought that I would post a few of my old crafts before I leave so that you know that I do actually craft. Al is a great painter and I do the basic work, then he does the faces and then I finish them. I have more than these but for some reason, can't find Dora that he painted, but I do have some and they are for sale at $4.00 each and I will be posting them soon. We have sold so many lightbulbs, but recently I threw most of the unpainted ones away----we don't have recycling here and I hate that. If I had a place to store things, I would just bring them to a center that takes it, but that's part of Louisiana for you---we are still in the dark ages at times.
Well I won't get much done if I stay here too long. Hopefully I can find a way to get internet in the country or at least webtv for now. See you all next weekend. Have a safe and wonderful week. Love and miss you all. Pat

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Home again, clickety, click

I feel like Dorothy right now taking many trips and wish I could say there's no place like home, but for now, dads is home for me. I have been getting plenty of rest, but lots of work done also, selling things out of the house so that we can save it. I hope tomorrow to post a few things and if not, I will take some pictures of treasures I have found and one is the best ever. I bought a necklace that I liked at a a thrift store and didn't think it was real, but turns out it was real garnets with one diamond on an 18 carat chain with a safety lock. I will try and take a picture, but I must confess, I am totally exhausted from last week. I came to Crowley to get my clothes washed as we have sold the washing machine already. I have found some wonderful fabrics for journals and other things.

It also turns out that we often don't know people as well as we think we do, even when we stare them in their eyes. I will tell that story tomorrow and I must say forgive me for asking for prayers for somone who has cheated, lied, and and mislead everyone who knew her. She really needs prayers now because she is totally a mental case with a husband who tried so hard to help her.
For now, I am going to bed and get some needed rest without the phone ringing for appts. to come to dads---that break I needed because I had a fever on Wednesday and had to turn someone away on Thursday because I was too sick to get out of bed.
See you today, now that it is Monday. Sweet dreams for me tonight and hope you all have some good ones also. Love and hugs, Pat

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Here for 2 days

Well my children are living it up in NYC and the gc are having a blast as I knew they would. Theresa was amazed at the Ferris Wheel in Toys R Us. They have snow flurries right now, so they may even get snow. They are doing indoors things today and just called to talk to granny. The plane ride was their first and she sat at the window and looked down just as I did on my last trip. I am sure they will have exciting tales when they return, but it will be lonely for Easter.

We had 2 deaths since I left. My niece's gf died after breaking his hip and Thursday, his wife died, but she only had a few weeks to live anyway, so it was not a shock. Our little niece(42) who has cerebral palsy is taking it hard as they have raised her after their mom died.

Living in the country is great. I get out every day for some great 15 minutes of sun and I am sleeping so good. I have measured more material than I care to think of and still have almost 100 boxes to measure. I did find some nice old vintage pieces and a few pink things like a candlewick pillow my mom did, but did not finish into a pillow, so that will be done for my room.

While there, I went to a place called Caring Hands that sells used goods to help feed people and got a wonderful old vintage doll dressed in pink lace that really doesn't look old, but the doll is. Will try and take a picture before I leave and post it. I also bought a necklace with garnets on it and it may be real, but the jewelry store was closed until Monday, so have to wait. I also found a beautiful ring in a parking lot and so far, no claims have been made. The police and store said no one has reported a lost or stolen ring, so in 2 more months it could be mine.

Not sure if I told you about the vintage small dresser I bought, but we found some tiny pink and white tiles at dads, so I am looking for a pretty plate to break and make that the center piece. I thought about not breaking it and just building up around it and use it for jewelry. I do have a small plate from moms that would be perfect, but not going to break that. They also gave me 13 vintage looking white and gold drawers pulls and I need 14, so will have to decide how that will be done. I do have 2 old glass knobs that could be used on one drawer.

For some more sad news, my friend Carol called at 1:30am and said that little Kaden is back in ICU. He started turning blue and went into distress, so please keep them in your prayers.

My blood pressure is finally under control and the sugar is dropping, but not sure about the cholesterol---I go for blood tests in 3 more weeks. At least this statin drug isn't giving me bad side affects.

I miss all of you and having no computer in the country is not fun, but I never realized how addicted I was to it, so I am getting more exercise and reading a lot and just relaxing so much. I've had more visitors in 10 days than I had in a long time. Seeing old high school friends is wonderful, so we are planning a dinner out with some that were fun to be around.

I did get to go thrifting and also found an office filing cabinet with 4 sections---2 across, so it will be handy as a table also. I have so many medical files that we need it just for that. It was funny because yesterday, we got a letter from our insurance company saying that I got into a wreck on Dec. 5th and it was not an wreck---it was the morning that I woke up with a huge leg, so now we have to get it straight before the insurance will pay. We are just getting that NOW! I would be willing to bet that there are more mistakes on some of our hospital billings that we just might have to check into.

I hope you all have a Blessed Easter. Our Lord will rise in the morning and what a Blessing for all of us believers and also for those who don't yet believe. They are in for a wonderful surprise when they leave this earthly home and go to their real home.

Please pray for my brother, Marlin. He is going through a rough time and sleeps all the time. He won't admit that he may be bipolar, and he is losing so much weight and looks very sick and old. My sil is very sweet but it has put a lot of stress on her.

Well I am off to see what Goodwill has since I have been gone, then going to visit my friend in Lake Arthur. They have sold their parents home already for $53,000, so who ever bought it has $27,000 equity into it. Bryan and his sister got out voted on the selling price and it's a huge home in great condition, but needs some updating like mine and my parents. Guess we will probably get little for his house also. Bryan's sister bought a tiny house with 2 bedrooms so he won't be homeless. It's old, but has been updated and is very cute. Have a wonderful Easter and will see you soon. Love, hugs, and prayers to all who need it. Pat

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Packed and leaving

As the song goes, "My bags are packed and I am ready to leave". Not sure how often I will come home. There is lots to do at dads to have the house sell and sell the things that are in it. My sil will come and help and I know I said I wouldn't let them put all this on me, I have no choice because it won't get done and we will continue to lose money on the house. There is also a little more stress here than I need for my health, so rest will be good for me. I will miss you all and I am hoping that my neighbor there will put her locked number into my laptop and be able to use mine through hers.
See you soon and I will be thinking of all of you and praying that you all stay well. Love and Hugs, Pat.

ps. Al will post if anything comes up that is important, like my health.