Sunday, April 19, 2009

Home again, clickety, click

I feel like Dorothy right now taking many trips and wish I could say there's no place like home, but for now, dads is home for me. I have been getting plenty of rest, but lots of work done also, selling things out of the house so that we can save it. I hope tomorrow to post a few things and if not, I will take some pictures of treasures I have found and one is the best ever. I bought a necklace that I liked at a a thrift store and didn't think it was real, but turns out it was real garnets with one diamond on an 18 carat chain with a safety lock. I will try and take a picture, but I must confess, I am totally exhausted from last week. I came to Crowley to get my clothes washed as we have sold the washing machine already. I have found some wonderful fabrics for journals and other things.

It also turns out that we often don't know people as well as we think we do, even when we stare them in their eyes. I will tell that story tomorrow and I must say forgive me for asking for prayers for somone who has cheated, lied, and and mislead everyone who knew her. She really needs prayers now because she is totally a mental case with a husband who tried so hard to help her.
For now, I am going to bed and get some needed rest without the phone ringing for appts. to come to dads---that break I needed because I had a fever on Wednesday and had to turn someone away on Thursday because I was too sick to get out of bed.
See you today, now that it is Monday. Sweet dreams for me tonight and hope you all have some good ones also. Love and hugs, Pat


Knitty said...

Hi Pat

I hope you continue to rest well at your dad's while you chip away at all that needs to be done.

The Urban Chic said...

Thanks Knit, You would be in heaven if you seen all the material. If my mind doesn't wander off today, I will take a picture of it for next weekend when I come back to wash clothes. Even I couldn't resist getting some before it was gone. I am determined to learn to quilt even if it's a small lap quilt. Love Ya, Pat