Saturday, April 11, 2009

Here for 2 days

Well my children are living it up in NYC and the gc are having a blast as I knew they would. Theresa was amazed at the Ferris Wheel in Toys R Us. They have snow flurries right now, so they may even get snow. They are doing indoors things today and just called to talk to granny. The plane ride was their first and she sat at the window and looked down just as I did on my last trip. I am sure they will have exciting tales when they return, but it will be lonely for Easter.

We had 2 deaths since I left. My niece's gf died after breaking his hip and Thursday, his wife died, but she only had a few weeks to live anyway, so it was not a shock. Our little niece(42) who has cerebral palsy is taking it hard as they have raised her after their mom died.

Living in the country is great. I get out every day for some great 15 minutes of sun and I am sleeping so good. I have measured more material than I care to think of and still have almost 100 boxes to measure. I did find some nice old vintage pieces and a few pink things like a candlewick pillow my mom did, but did not finish into a pillow, so that will be done for my room.

While there, I went to a place called Caring Hands that sells used goods to help feed people and got a wonderful old vintage doll dressed in pink lace that really doesn't look old, but the doll is. Will try and take a picture before I leave and post it. I also bought a necklace with garnets on it and it may be real, but the jewelry store was closed until Monday, so have to wait. I also found a beautiful ring in a parking lot and so far, no claims have been made. The police and store said no one has reported a lost or stolen ring, so in 2 more months it could be mine.

Not sure if I told you about the vintage small dresser I bought, but we found some tiny pink and white tiles at dads, so I am looking for a pretty plate to break and make that the center piece. I thought about not breaking it and just building up around it and use it for jewelry. I do have a small plate from moms that would be perfect, but not going to break that. They also gave me 13 vintage looking white and gold drawers pulls and I need 14, so will have to decide how that will be done. I do have 2 old glass knobs that could be used on one drawer.

For some more sad news, my friend Carol called at 1:30am and said that little Kaden is back in ICU. He started turning blue and went into distress, so please keep them in your prayers.

My blood pressure is finally under control and the sugar is dropping, but not sure about the cholesterol---I go for blood tests in 3 more weeks. At least this statin drug isn't giving me bad side affects.

I miss all of you and having no computer in the country is not fun, but I never realized how addicted I was to it, so I am getting more exercise and reading a lot and just relaxing so much. I've had more visitors in 10 days than I had in a long time. Seeing old high school friends is wonderful, so we are planning a dinner out with some that were fun to be around.

I did get to go thrifting and also found an office filing cabinet with 4 sections---2 across, so it will be handy as a table also. I have so many medical files that we need it just for that. It was funny because yesterday, we got a letter from our insurance company saying that I got into a wreck on Dec. 5th and it was not an wreck---it was the morning that I woke up with a huge leg, so now we have to get it straight before the insurance will pay. We are just getting that NOW! I would be willing to bet that there are more mistakes on some of our hospital billings that we just might have to check into.

I hope you all have a Blessed Easter. Our Lord will rise in the morning and what a Blessing for all of us believers and also for those who don't yet believe. They are in for a wonderful surprise when they leave this earthly home and go to their real home.

Please pray for my brother, Marlin. He is going through a rough time and sleeps all the time. He won't admit that he may be bipolar, and he is losing so much weight and looks very sick and old. My sil is very sweet but it has put a lot of stress on her.

Well I am off to see what Goodwill has since I have been gone, then going to visit my friend in Lake Arthur. They have sold their parents home already for $53,000, so who ever bought it has $27,000 equity into it. Bryan and his sister got out voted on the selling price and it's a huge home in great condition, but needs some updating like mine and my parents. Guess we will probably get little for his house also. Bryan's sister bought a tiny house with 2 bedrooms so he won't be homeless. It's old, but has been updated and is very cute. Have a wonderful Easter and will see you soon. Love, hugs, and prayers to all who need it. Pat


Julie said...

Just ran across your blog. Read that you were a diabetic. Good sites for you to check out are:

I hope these help you. I found out a yr ago that I had diabetes. I struggle with not being able to eat sweets and I do have times of being down, but with God all things are possible. I have to talk to myself alot to get through it. I also know that things could be alot worse. I also have high cholestrol, and hypertension. My cholestrol is under control, but my blood pressure has been on a roller coaster ride lately. I will be seeing a specialist later this month. Have faith and God bless you.

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Hi Pat! So good to see you posting & visiting a bit! I hope you had a very nice Easter. Speaking of garage sales, our neighborhood one is this weekend ~ ugh!! I'm pricing lots of stuff for it & am soooo tired!!

Angelic Accents

Mary said...

Hello Pat, Just stopping by to say Happy Belated Easter.
Big Hugs,Mary :)