Monday, June 28, 2010

What a mess with the oil spill

I could post more pictures of the oil spill, but this tells you what is going on at the beaches along the Gulf. These are taken in Pensacola, Florida and I can only imagine what our beaches look like since the rig is directly south of us. It's really sad, but if the tropical storm becomes a hurricane, this could push more oil onto our shores and into the marshlands. It will take years to get rid of this mess that could have been avoided with proper inspections. I come from a family of oil field workers and I could tell you some stories. My brother was injured and has brain damage from falling off a 7 ft. ledge on a rig and landed directly on his head. Safety issues were brought up too late for him, but all rigs have to have a rail around them 4 ft off the ground. By the time they got my brother to the hospital, he already lost a lot of oxygen and ended up with brain damage and has seizures, so he is on medication since 1973. He stayed in ICU for 3 months and really should have died from the injuries and lack of oxygen, but he is stable and that is the brother who is staying with me. He never filed for disability because he wanted to work and he did until last year when it became impossible to keep a job due to the seizures. When I look at him, I thank God that I am a whole lot better off than he is. I wouldn't want that to happen to me. When I was in the hospital in 2003, and had a 106 fever, they were afraid that I might have brain damage, but have yet to scan my brain---go figure. Please pray for all the Gulf Coast residents and the workers who are out there trying to contain the oil from reaching in further inland. We only live about 160 miles from the coast and that is too close for comfort if the rain picks up the oil like it did in Gulfport Mississippi. They said it rained oil last week and showed pictures of it. Have a nice day. Love and hugs, Pat

Sunday, June 27, 2010

There is hope for my marriage after all

I really enjoyed visiting many of the Wedding Day blog party. So many beautiful brides and dresses, not to mention all the beautiful collections of wedding memorabilia. This photo is meant for Stephanie at Angelic Accents. She is missing the flower girl from the McDonald Madamn Alexander collection. Her tag is missing, but if I find another one, I will send that one also. Stephanie, is you are reading this please email me your snail mail address, so I can send it off to you, if you want her. My email is .

Last night my friends called last night to go and play bingo in Lafayette and my friend Bryan, won a blackout game again, but he had to share it with another girl, but he was happy with the $250. I was left with O 63 for the $1,400, but someone yelled bingo before it was called, so I didn't get it. I hate it when you see what the next number will be. He wants to go again tonight, but I told him, I was spending the day with Al. We are trying to work things out and hoping to move back with him after the holidays. It will be a struggle, but that's what is part of a good marriage, getting through the bad and good times. A lot has to be done before I move back, but hopefully he will get it done by then. I am going to get rid of lots of things and as much as I hate to have a yard sale, I may just do that for some extra moving money. My craft room will have to be condensed until he can add on to my old one. I will need the bedroom back for my furniture. Well I hope everyone is having a great weekend. We are just keeping an eye on Tropical Storm Alex, because the tracks can change any time. They are so unpredictable until the last minute. If it were to turn, it would mean horrible news for Louisiana with all that oil spilling out. Love and hugs, Pat

Saturday, June 26, 2010

How I met my husband

To say that we have had sprinkles is an understatement. We have been having rain every day and I am totally sick of it. I like the rain when there is no lightening and thundering and now we have to worry about the tropics with our shores so full of oil and ick. Please pray for all on the Gulf Coast as the oil has reached many beaches and it's ugly and dangerous. Thousands have lost their lively hood and some have had to leave their homes because of the BP spill. If that storm developes it could make things worse.

To Stephanie at Angelic Accents, I have the little flower girl, but her basket is missing and the tag is gone, but her little white dress is in perfect condition. If I come across another one, I will send it also. I don't think my granddaughter has one, other wise, she would be sweet enough to give it to you. I have some more boxes to go through as I am in Crowley at my spouse's house for the day and I still can't find my wedding picture.
Al and I met at a bowling alley, introduced to me by my sister who already knew him and we were joking about going to another ball game.(I was visiting her after having my baby girl) He said "Well I will take you to the movies" and I said okay, thinking it was just a joke, but lo and behold, he was there at 5 minutes to 7 to pick me up and I was still not dressed. So my sister told him to make himself at home while I dressed with her help. From that moment on, it was love at first sight and we have been together for 39 years. I had 2 children, which I have told already, before I met him and this sweet man adopted my 3 month old and 2 year old and he has been a wonderful dad to them. He didn't want me to have any more children after I told him I nearly died having my daughter, but after 3 years of marriage, I convinced him to at least try and we did, with many problems have a son together. He is actually closer to the other 2, but loves them all the same. So that is how I met my husband and things have been wonderful until all the stress from the 14 surgeries I had to have and now we are facing 3 more this year. He has stayed at the hospital all through the surgeries and should get Husband of the Year award for being so sweet, but he was a Marine and does have a slight temper and with my disease, if I don't answer right away, he gets frustrated with me, so that is why I chose to move away for a while to see if he could change. It won't happen with me, because of the bipolar and I can't help it when I daze into outer space-lol and don't hear him when he talks sometimes.
Well I am going to dig some more and hopefully find my "love child" wedding pictures. Have a great weekend everyone. Prayers for all who are ill and the homeless---they break my heart. Pat

Friday, June 25, 2010

Wedding Blog Party

I am late for the Wedding Party, but hope you forgive me.My things are packed up in my husband's house and I couldn't get to them.
The first picture is my wedding ring (forgive the hands that work hard)

This is the real dress I got married in. I was a flower child and the oldest girl in our family, but for reason I won't go into, my mother would not pay for a wedding, but someday, I am hoping to have a real one on my 40th or 50th anniversary if all goes well with me and Al.

This is a wedding cake I made for my Parents 25th anniversary. I used to make cakes for special occasions, but it got to be very hard on the back.

The dress below is one I found at a thrift store and who knows, maybe I can fit into it someday.
I am sorry I didn't have more with me to share but I do have some cute things that I have collected over the years from wedding cards to wedding wrapping paper. It's just something about not being a real bride that gets to my heart. Love and hugs, Pat

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Surgery being scheduled

Well today is a very hot and humid day in South Louisiana and I've got a pot of red beans cooking for my friends tonight. Also going to make a sweet potato casserole, some cornbread and bake a cake. We are having a regular Thursday night to get together but next week, someone else will have to cook as I am going into the hospital for an epidural to tide me over until my surgery. The neurosurgeon will be calling with my appt. date and then he will schedule my surgery. Tuesday, the doctor gave me a cortisone shot to help also and I felt like a wet noodle. When he said he wanted me to take it easy, he meant it,because the shot just about knocked me out. Today I feel the best I have felt in so very long and I am hoping that what the surgery will do for me. I will still have to have 2 more on the middle and lower back, but insurance prevents having all 3 at one time. To me that doesn't make any sense, but for the doctors it makes all the sense in the world. Because of my Respiratory Distress Syndrom, they want me out of the anethesia as fast as can be done. The hospital is a luxury hospital and it's one of the best in Lafayette with all the best doctors coming together to build it. My neck will be first because it is in the worse shape and now I am having headaches and a burning sensation in the shoulders. My stay should be between 5 to 7 days, then therapy and coming home with a neck brace---oh the joy. Maybe I should pin some bling to it, so it's not so ugly-lol. I have plenty of friends of will be coming to check in on my and of course feed me.
Here are a few more graphics that can be used on bottles. I hope you enjoy them.

I hope that you enjoy these labels and I would love to see what you can make with them. I am going to put some on jars I have collected for buttons, beads and ribbons, all of which I have a ton of but only going to do some for inspiration and I can look at them when I lose my thoughts. Love you all and have a great day.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Vintage labels

Today is my appointment with my doctor and I am praying for some good news and that they can schedule my surgery on one part of my back. Here are some more free for personal use only graphics that I have. I bought 6 books with cds that have vintage labels from perfume bottles to travel and family. I am trying to post some pretty ones first because I have over 3000. I also have a cd with vintage fabrics that can be used for fills on projects. I hope you enjoy them. Love and hugs, Pat

Monday, June 21, 2010

In need of surgery soon

Well I am back, but still in very much pain. My injections did help, but they make me very tired and hungry, so I thought I would just post some graphics for y'all to use in your projects. You can use them freely for personal use but no commericalization from them---so the book stated. I hope you enjoy these and have fun making things with them. It's the best I can do for now to keep up my blog.

I see the doctor tomorrow and I am hoping he will send me to the neurosurgeon soon. The pain is horrific and haven't been able to do much and helping my brother is hard on me. I am so ready to move out of here and get my life back. I don't know if he is going to stay permantely or move near my sister, but he is scared of his wife and doesn't want to be alone at night, so I am stuck here in limbo and feel like the walls are closing in on me. They will never sell this house, so I have to accept the fact that I didn't have the money before, so I won't miss not having it now. Seems like my sister only told my daughter they were trying to buy me out, so she would not have hard feelings against her and that she would go and visit her when they come down for Christmas. They are not coming in October, but will be here for Christmas this year and that is so wonderful.  I won't have to envy families having their families together for Christmas. So here are the graphics and I will try to post some every day if possible. I love and miss all of my blogging friends.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

taking a break

Well since I don't have visitors much lately, I am going to take a break from my blog. My brother needs prayers, so hopefully some of you out there can say some prayers for him. See you soon.. Love and hugs, Pat

Monday, June 14, 2010

A wonderful Day

Great news to report. The Cancer Aid bingo went well considering the small amount of people that showed up. The candy bouquet was put in the silent auction table and went for $80. I was so excited about that. It was the highest bid on any item they had. They also raised $1700 with the bingo and thanked everyone that helped out. I was not expecting that so I was glad I was in another room when they announced my name at the end. I am kind of shy and like to stay out of the limelight, but I heard it and there was only 6 people in the room with me. I donated over half of the gifts they had for the bingo, so had I not done that, they probably wouldn't have made that much and bingo would have ended at 11am instead of 2:30 pm. I did this in memory of my parents, so I was blessed to be able to do it. Charities mean a lot to me and I am always willing to donate my candy bouquets and gifts baskets for causes.

One of my brothers called last night for me to pick him up so he is now living with me and fixed the riding lawnmower and now the yard looks great. He is so thankful and happier than I have ever seen him. Seems he and my older brother couldn't get along and he was happy living with them. My younger sister is also here for a day or two to help get him settled in. I feel good having him here and maybe this will help me and my other sister become friends again. She did call last night to speak with my brother and I do pray she won't take my older brother's side because he is the one who hurt me and pushed me down.

Well I have been up since very early and I had a long day yesterday, so I am off to bed early. I hope to visit you all tomorrow when I am rested more. Love and hugs to all.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Happy Pink Saturday to all who belong

I know I don't belong to Beverly's Pink Saturday, but would love to join.. These are repeats of pink things that I like. The first being the Pink Candy cake for Breast Cancer along with the pink cancer gloves for gardening.

This is a little pink outfit I bought just in case my daughter has or adopts a baby girl. Also a beautiful pink knitted blanket that you can barely see.

This is a pierced card I am working on that will have beads and stitching where all the little holes are. You can click on it to enlarge it for a better view.
This is a basket I found with pink tulle lining and some of the old corsages that I collect. The red one is the last one my mother wore to one of my nieces weddings, so I am keeping it.
Today I will be baking cakes. I have one pink strawberry done already and now I am fixing to work on the huge Cupcake cake for tomorrow. I have 2 other sheet cakes to make and then I will be done for tomorrow. Seems one of the items I donated has disappeared. Now who would "borrow" something that is donated for a charity is beyond my comprehension, so the ladies want me to look over the tables in the morning and see if anything else is missing. Last year someone "borrowed" an LSU shirt I bought and donated for the auction table. It really hurt me last year, but this year, I will let God take care of my pain. They know who they are and they have to live with themselves. Well no better time than now while it's still a little cool to heat up the oven and finish baking cakes. Have a great weekend and I will let you all know how things went tomorow. Pray that they do good this year, because the donations started pouring in and the ladies auxillary room is filled with raffle items. Love and hugs, Pat

Please keep the people in Caddo Gap in your prayers. 16 people have died from the flash floods that happened while every one was sleeping, so there was no time to escape the 8ft an hour rush of water. A lot of people are unaccounted for, so they have no idea how many people are missing. May God save the rest of them.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

More Cancer Aid things.

These are more of the little baskets I made for the different tables that will sell raffle tickets for Cancer Aid. I have 3 more to finish and I will be done. Al gave me $200 for a donation and they said they would rather I make things for the tables because they can make more money with items to raffle and a silent auction. I have 2 things they like that are going on the auction table and I am excited. I love giving as I said before and all I do is sit around and make things anyway.

My favorite is the theater bowl at the top. I picked Steel Magnolias because it seems to be a classic with women. Plus I have 4 boxes of nick nacks and other things for the $1 raffle table. I will be going Saturday and Al is giving me $100 to play and buy raffle tickets. I still have 4 cakes to bake tomorrow and the cupcake cake which may go on the auction table. It all depends on how good it comes out. It's been a while since I decorated cakes, but I used to do it as a little side business. Will post pictures someday to show you what I was capable of doing without going to classes. The procedes go towards people with cancer (any kind) by giving them $200 to help with gas and their meals when they have to go out of town for treatment, scholarships and I forgot the other thing that the ladies auxillary do, but they really work hard, so it's worth the cause. Wish you call could come. Also I am not that shy to ask if you would like to donate something the next time they have another one. They try to have 2 a year and just about anything will be excepted. I would be so grateful, but I am not begging, just a suggestion to those who like to give.
I have a great tip for those who make cakes. If you want them moist and easier to decorate and cut, freeze them right from the oven. The moisture is locked in and they stay fresher longer. I lady who had a cake decorating shop told me this. The bakeries in the stores get all their cakes frozen and decorate them when you order them, so it's nothing new, but many people don't know this.
I had a great day yesterday. My best friend came over and I cooked shrimp scampi with fresh home grown tomatoes, cucumbers, and cantelopes. It was a great healthy lunch, so we have decided to do this once a week and then go thrift shopping.
Well I am going to visit blogs today and see if I can learn something from others. I love seeing what you all do and it usely makes my day, seeing all the beautiful items that everyone comes up with, then I am going to sit and make plastic beaded angels and see if I can make a dozen for the tables. Great inexpensive ornaments and they are cute. Love and hugs to all and if I can't get back here for a few days, you know that I am busy working, but will be thinking of all of you.

Monday, June 7, 2010

I'm back

Well I took a few days off from my blog and worked on the last of the Cancer Aid bingo things. Everyone in the Ladies Auxillary were very excited about everything I did. So praying that they make over $3000 like the last one. One lady donated a beautiful cross stitched angel that they are selling chances on and I am going to buy some on the day of the bingo. It will be beautiful and fit right in with my decor of my bedroom. I know it should be done by now, but still waiting to see when they buy me out.  I have talked with one sister and one brother and it was very pleasant. I told them both I wanted all the drama left behind, because I am too happy to have any more cast upon me. With surgeries around the corner, I don't need this and I wish that my other sister would talk to me and not about what happened or who is to blame. Just bury the hatchet and go from their. I believe our relationship was too good to just throw it all away. I am so used to having her with me through my surgeries and I cried about that when my younger sister visited.

In the mean time, I have been working on other things also and now am free to work on my next giveaway. I 2 faux stained glass panels to hang in my room or they may become doors for a cabinet. I also found the lamp at Goodwill and got it for a bargain price. I love the Victorian look of it and not sure if or how old it is, but it will be sold with new wiring, but no shade, so that they may pick their own shade.
Sorry about the huge space between the pictures and this part of my post. It has been raining every day for over a week and we are very tired of it, but it is supposed to end tomorrow and then just heat in the 90s. I still go outside to get some rays, but not for very long, because one of my meds says to stay out of the sun or I could burn faster than normal and I already burn easily, including fingers burned with hot glue-lol.
Last night Al gave me money to go play bingo for him so I picked up a girlfriend and we both won $150,so that was good and we had a great time together. Her other best friend doesn't want her to have any other friends and Jan is just a little tired of her drama. Don't people know that being happy makes you healthier. I know it's working for me and I see the difference in Jan.
Well I have some little baskets to wrap and make bows for them, so I hope you all have a great day. Please pray for all of us on the gulf coast as things are really bad. Seafood will be hard to get and it has already gone up in price and I love shrimp scampi, so now that will be a luxury for me. Love and hugs, Pat

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Repainted small faux locker

Alvin bought me this for Mother's Day and I really didn't like the finish, so I took it completely apart and primed and painted it as below. I still want to roughen up the edges by sanding some of the paint off, but it has been raining every day for over a week. I like the rain, but after a while, when it keeps me from re-doing something, I want it to go away, but not likely for now. I will store some craft supplies in it or put it in my bathroom. My friend has a real wooden locker from a school they tore down and I would love to have one like it.Who knows,maybe with some luck I can go to the Huge Antique shop in Jennings and find one that is priced good for my budget or put it on layaway----Bobby has that, Yea!

On another topic, my younger sister came by today and it turned out to be a pleasant visit. Maybe there is still hope for our family to get back together, but she did put all the blame on me. So I don't know what to do or think about that. I have to admit, after she left, it made me miss them again, so I am going to just put it in God's hands and go about living the way I do now, A much happier and cheerful Pat who once again enjoys crafting. Have a great day everyone who stops by for a visit or even reads my blog. Hugs, Pat

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Candy things

Well I managed to make 2 more bears with the vase of candy, a ladybug arrangement and another "Breast Cancer" bouquet with garden gloves instead of  bow. I have a few other candy bars ready to decorate so since I have another week to work, I am going to put a cute cupcake gift set together. I found a large hot pink basket to fill with cakemix, sprinkles,cups, and decorations and some of Jenn's from Every day's a Holiday things that I picked up at Micheals for the auction table. I love to bake , but it's so hot in the kitchen and I'm on a fixed income, so I'll only be making one batch of cupcakes and the large cupcake cake for the cake table. They auctioned off a big cake last year, so I am hoping that my cupcake cake comes out pretty enough for the auction table.They made $70 for a single layer cake last year and we were all flabbergasted at that, so wish me luck. If any of you need a candy arrangement for a benifit, just let me know ahead of time and I can ship it priority to you. I love doing and it's all I can do is make crafts and things. Hope you enjoy these little beauties. The ladybug is a favorite of mine because you have to make antelers. I got the graphic from Tami at Melt my Heart printables club. Most of the wrappers I do myself and others are form Alenka who has an awesome printable club that I have belonged to for almost 10 years and she just did a request for me for cupcake printables and they are adorable. Membership is not expensive and she usually has 4 new printable sets each month. Well I have a few bows to make, so I will bide you all a goodnight. Love and hugs, Pat