Thursday, June 10, 2010

More Cancer Aid things.

These are more of the little baskets I made for the different tables that will sell raffle tickets for Cancer Aid. I have 3 more to finish and I will be done. Al gave me $200 for a donation and they said they would rather I make things for the tables because they can make more money with items to raffle and a silent auction. I have 2 things they like that are going on the auction table and I am excited. I love giving as I said before and all I do is sit around and make things anyway.

My favorite is the theater bowl at the top. I picked Steel Magnolias because it seems to be a classic with women. Plus I have 4 boxes of nick nacks and other things for the $1 raffle table. I will be going Saturday and Al is giving me $100 to play and buy raffle tickets. I still have 4 cakes to bake tomorrow and the cupcake cake which may go on the auction table. It all depends on how good it comes out. It's been a while since I decorated cakes, but I used to do it as a little side business. Will post pictures someday to show you what I was capable of doing without going to classes. The procedes go towards people with cancer (any kind) by giving them $200 to help with gas and their meals when they have to go out of town for treatment, scholarships and I forgot the other thing that the ladies auxillary do, but they really work hard, so it's worth the cause. Wish you call could come. Also I am not that shy to ask if you would like to donate something the next time they have another one. They try to have 2 a year and just about anything will be excepted. I would be so grateful, but I am not begging, just a suggestion to those who like to give.
I have a great tip for those who make cakes. If you want them moist and easier to decorate and cut, freeze them right from the oven. The moisture is locked in and they stay fresher longer. I lady who had a cake decorating shop told me this. The bakeries in the stores get all their cakes frozen and decorate them when you order them, so it's nothing new, but many people don't know this.
I had a great day yesterday. My best friend came over and I cooked shrimp scampi with fresh home grown tomatoes, cucumbers, and cantelopes. It was a great healthy lunch, so we have decided to do this once a week and then go thrift shopping.
Well I am going to visit blogs today and see if I can learn something from others. I love seeing what you all do and it usely makes my day, seeing all the beautiful items that everyone comes up with, then I am going to sit and make plastic beaded angels and see if I can make a dozen for the tables. Great inexpensive ornaments and they are cute. Love and hugs to all and if I can't get back here for a few days, you know that I am busy working, but will be thinking of all of you.

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