Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tired to the bone!

Hi all my sweet blog friends. I have missed you all so much, but too tired right now to go blogging. I am in Crowley for a couple of days to rest and get away from things. We did great with the sale and made almost $1,700, but still have over half of things left and believe me, the prices were super cheap. I was a little disappointed with my sister because Al wanted Mom's gourds to paint Santa's, but would never give me a price for all of them. She said I should have reminded her that day, and needless to say, I was stuck inside and they sold over 70 of them for $2.00. Al is not happy, but he will get over it.
I finally found my camera, so tomorrow I will take a few pictures of some really great thrift finds. Some I left at my temporary home. I've got vintage lace and trims, a beautiful baby doll, a box of vintage wrapping paper still in the box from a jewelry store and lots of other neat things.
I will be packing some crafts to bring and work on, now that I have lots of free time. Al was going to hook me up with dial up, but the frig at Mom's burned up, so he bought me a new one. I lost a lot of food and that hurt a bit.

Brenda gave me my aunt's old mink coat that is falling apart and as much as I hate to use animal fur for things, I want to use pieces on journals for those who don't mind too much.

I will email my snail mail address to those who asked for it. I also found an empty bird nest in our orange tree, so it will soon be sent out to our bird lover. Not sure what bird nest it was, but it's too small for a Mockingbird. It does have horse hair in it, so I hope that she is not allergic to it. I have sprayed it with a natural insecticide, just in case some little critters are hiding in it.

One of our neighbors that I had not seen in over 30 years came to the sale and she still called me Patsy. It was almost like a big reunion, seeing people I had not seen in years.

Well I am off to check my emails, then get some groceries to bring back, so I will see you all tomorrow. Have a Blessed Evening. Love and hugs, Pat

Monday, June 1, 2009

Hello Everyone in Blogland

I had to come to Crowley for the night to get things I needed at home. The hard facts are now coming to life and it's very difficult letting go of our parents things. I took a crying spell yesterday morning. Me and my sil were talking about things and when she told me about the night Mom died, I cried. Even though they told us she was okay, I wanted to drive to Jennings right away, but Brenda wanted to wait until morning, so I never got to say goodbye to my Mom. I guess that is why I feel so at peace in our home we grew up in and it will be difficult to let it go to strangers.

I misplaced my camera, so I can't download some pictures I took of some great vintage treasures I have been finding.

I will most likely be having surgery as soon as the garage sale is over and this is one time, I am looking forward to having surgery. The pain is getting worse and nothing seems to help it. I didn't have enough pain free time to get everything ready for the sale and only had my sil once a week. Brenda has come down a few times to help and she really gets a lot done when she comes, but our younger sister is only coming in Wednesday to help. We need to do this to save the house because the estate money is used up and we still have insurance, property taxes, and a note for my brother to pay---the rest, I am paying to live in the house---rent and utilities. I was going to get Internet service, but I had to sign a 2 year contract and the house may be sold before that and I don't want to pay $20 a month to cancel it. It would be dial up, which I guess is better than nothing. I do miss coming here and also reading my Emails and after June 12Th, analogue will no longer exist. I got the converter box, but it's horrible, even with the new antenna. Al was willing to pay half of it to help me out, so I am going to try and talk to Direct TV and ask for a one year contract---all they can do is say No.

I visited a few blogs last night and I was so happy to see Deena's beautiful hair growing out and that wonderful smile she always had through her battle with breast cancer. She is truly an inspiration for women and I pray I have that kind of courage if I am faced with something like. Deena if you are reading this, I am so happy you liked the little nests and eggs. I have been walking around the yard looking for more. It seems the Mocking Birds are attacking the nests of other birds in the trees. Your post about them touched my heart and I thank you for that.

Nettie, as usual, you are making wonderful things and I am so ready to craft again. As soon as the boxes are gone from my old bedroom at our house, I am taking the rest of the wallpaper down and pull up the carpet and make me a craft room there. I won't take all my craft things, but will take some much needed things to do. I can earn a little extra money making things for Brenda's shop. I took a picture of the beautiful Bible cover that my aunt won at a Senior Citizen bingo and have all the things to make some.

Chris is still in Hawaii, but will be returning soon. She is so funny--she found a wedding ring that she liked, very vintage platinum from the 50s and she left business cards in her boyfriends socks and other places---not too suttle, I told her and he got a big kick out of it. So who knows what comes next, but I am praying they get married soon and start a family.

Well I have rambled on and have much to do before going home tonight and I do want to visit some more blogs today. Love and miss you all. I pray for all of you and hope that soon I can have Internet to visit more often, even if it takes me an hour to post. God Bless all of you and take care until I return again. I am thinking of spending a week here after the garage sale and getting some things done. My bathroom looks like a storage closet and now I can't get in to get my tent for the garage sale, so Al will have a lot to move to get to it. See you soon. Love and Hugs, Pat