Thursday, January 27, 2011

Freezing weather with no snow

I'm not sure how tired everyone is with the snow and the cold, but I can't wait for spring to get here. We have been having cold freezes,, no snow, rain, then it warms up and then freezes again. This whole week we have freezing temps in the morning. Yesterday, I went in for my epidural and there was ice on the windshield and very cold. Thank goodness they give you warm blankets when they bring you to the back. The epidural went well and only mild pain when injections started. He did this one on my C5 and C6, so the bulging disk will feel better. I am avoiding surgery by having these epidurals and I am really afraid to have surgery on my neck.

My storage room is finished and already filled with things I need to store until my expansion of my craft room. I am so excited about that, because it will begin when we get our income tax refunds. Al can't do all the work at one time, so each payday, he will use his overtime pay to buy more material. I think that will make me want to craft more than I am doing right now. I am currently sewing some curtains for the kitchen in the apt. in the country. I won't be moving back when I thought I would. I am waiting until they rent out both the house and the apt to move, so I can help with the bills. The house is just about finished and my parents would be so happy living in it, but I am sure they are looking down from Heaven and seeing the wonderful job we did updating everything. It doesn't look like the same house anymore. We have 2 potential clients that are interested and one is very interested in it, but he needs the garage and we have to keep that for all our maintenance supplies to keep the house up, plus the lawnmower and other things that most renters don't have.
Well guess I have bored you all to sleep, but I am feeling so great I had to tell you all. I hope you are all fine in blogland and getting through the snow storms. Love and hugs, Pat

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Elvis Presley - Tribute Never Walk Alone

Since it was Elvis's birthday I thought I would bring back some nostalgia. This song was our class of 67's song and most of my classmates could not remember anything about our flower or motto. Our class president threw everything away that had to do with our Senior class instead of giving it to someone who would take over the honor of serving our class for furture events. I for one wish I had run for class president, but they would have only voted for the honor students, which looking back didn't mean much, because he really didn't care about the duties, only the title. He led our school to a State Champion and that is another thing that he only cared about---being in the spotlight. Guess I was too shy to run. My grades were average, making honor roll quite a few times and was chosen Senior classes, Most Wittiest and also received the Betty Crocker award for being most outstanding student in Home Economics, so you know what was on my mind---learning to cook so I could be a good wife-lol. Oh well, I do consider myself a good cook and baker and a good wife. I live by the rules of the church and honor my husband, although we had a rough spell, things are so much better. I hope you will post your class song for us all to hear. Just go to you tube and put in your song and post it. Would love it.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Got my older compuer back, loving it--I hate windows 7

Well today is a lazy day for me. I have so much unpacking to do, but stilll have things at my dad's. I am moving into the apartment for a little while, because there is still a little tension here. I have been praying that all will be well once I move back, but then something happens and it looks bleak again. Not much going on, except have boxes and boxes of craft supplies to unpack. I thought since I wasn't crafting right now, I would move them all back here in Crowley and jsut leave my bed, clothes, and dishes and of course food. Can't live without it.

I do have great plans for the new year and so far things are working out. I will be having a yard sale in April when things start warming up, but we did get snow for Easter one time which seems like ages ago and the temps were in the mid 20's. Just enough to whiten the ground a bit and then nothing but slush.

I got my other computer back and strange things were happening. None of my contacts showed up in my emials and on facebook, so I turned off the computer and restarted it and low and behold, everything was there. I even ask Mary at Isabella's closet to let you all know that I need y'all to visit so I could put the blog list back, but it's there now. Strange. I did lose all my favorites and my pictures, but I had them all burned to disks so they did not get lost. Now it's just a matter of  putting them all back. Have a great day. It turned cold again and I am just a little tired of the cold weather. I want to be outside, even if it's to sit and read. Love you all, Pat

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Christmas is over for us and now it's down to business

Life sure can make some turns that aren't expected. I have been moving things I don't need right now and moving the rest into my moms shop which is an apartment now. I will be staying a few more months untill Al finishes up the shop. We have the big house just about finished and it looks great. Wish we could afford to pay the $700 rent because I have always loved the house. Putting in a new heating system and there is a huge heater in the apartment. They are going to put in a bath and run some gas lines for hot water.

Next year we are only putting up 3 trees. I already gave my brother 3 and stilll have another one to undecorate, then we will purchase a big tree and just changed the theme each year. It's getting too hard on my back to put all 8 trees up, plus the little 4 ft. trees. My brother decorates the outside of his house, like I do the inside and it's really pretty at night. People drive from every where to look at the decorations and he even has a memorial tree for my mom and dad, because my dad loved Christmas so much and we really missed them this year with all the family together.

Chris's EX has moved out, but left a few things for her, like the guitar he bought her. She was a little sad Saturday, but has gotten over it and will get on with her life. She said she has some good memories of her and 'David and doesn't want to dwell on the negative---that's my daughter and she is always in a happy mood.
I hope everyone who got snow is keeping warm. We only got some Cajun snow-rain and it was nasty yesterday, but we managed to move some furniture before the rain came down. I hope you all have a nice day.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Back to the hospital on the 26th

I haven't been blogging lately and it seems that all I do is move things. I'll be back settled in with Al at the end of March and I'm happy about that. He has certainly changed a lot since we seperated, so I would say the slogan "'Absence makes the heart grow fonder" is true.

My storage room is filled with all the craft supplies that I collected in the last 4 years, so it's time for the bigger craft room. I have it pretty organized, but I still have lots to move and I will have to store my bedroom furniture in there also but it will be out of my way to do some crafting.

It's been very cold here with our temps in the low to mid 20s and tonight is supposed to be the worst of all the nights. We still have 3 more days of freezing weather but no snow for us, just plain old freezing temps.

I went to the doctor yesterday and got some trigger point shots in my neck and will be going back in for another epidural in the upper neck. I had to wait 6 weeks since the one on my lower back, so I should have some good pain free days, and I have only had a few of those. Surgery is needed on my neck but I am so scared and he said as long as I tolerate the pain with the epidurals, they will leave it alone. He said I would know when the time comes to do the surgery. Have to have a liver profile done to make sure my liver is doing okay. I may have to detox and start over with the pain meds and he said it would feel like a really bad case of the flu. Not sure if I am ready to try that for a week, but my body has become tolerante to the meds and they are not working as good as they should. Please say a little prayer that I can get Some relief,even if it's only for 6 months at a time.
Well I need to call my daughter to check in on her. She called last night and said a lot was going on but I missed her call and she went out to eat with a friend. Please keep my sweet angel in your prayers also. She is so heartbroken, but the wounds are slowly healing. She deserves a man who will treat her good just as she treated the last one and hopefully she will find the man of her dreams. Love and hugs to all. Pat

Monday, January 10, 2011

Giveaway at foursistersinacottage

Amy at  is having a Valentine giveaway and there are actually 2 of them.  I hope you visit Amy and join in the giveaway. You won't be disappointed in what she is giving away. Here is just one of them.

Another great giveaway is at the Gilded Cherub and you can go to her blog from my sidebar. Hope you enter, because she is giving 3 prizes away.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Boxing up more

Yesterday was spent boxing up more Christmas decorations and we should be finished by this weekend. Al had to watch LSU play, so I watched a little tv then went to sleep. I will be keeping my resolutions by getting rid of lots of things that I have no need for anymore. My children still want some of the Christmas decorations, so those will be put aside for them. I have old crafts that I did when I did craft shows and it's all going away. Whatever I can sell will be sold, clothes going to Goodwill, some things I am giving to friends, and the rest that isn't any good will be trashed. My storage room is built and only the siding remains and shingles which will be worked on this weekend.

AL and I will be moving back in together, so I have a lot of things at my parents' home that I need to go through. We should be back together by March. I need a bedroom, so the storage room will take care of my craft cubes and storage things, then I can move back into the bedroom, but it will be painted first. Pink was my first choice, but after seeing a clean white slate on one of the blogs I visit, I may have changed my mind and only use pink as an accent color. One never knows if they might change their mind later with all the new beautiful colors out there. Pink is my favorite and since I have already collected lots of pretty things,I'll stick with pink for a while. Mind you this will only be a guest room. Our bedroom is done in dark colors which I also love and it's a dark rusty color bedset that I have and a reprodution bedroom suite.

I hope everyone can keep their resolutions this year, even if they are simple things. My year started out good when my daughter phoned me to let me know she has changed all the locks on her house and David has yet to contact her, so that is good news. I am a mother and if you are anything like me, mothers still worry about their children's well being even after they have flown from the nest.
Again wishing you all the best for the New Year. Does any one know why last year went by so fast???????Love and hugs, Pat

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Quiet House

My daughter was the last to leave, so the house is very quiet. I still have more boxing up to do but it will take time as I am planning on moving back in with Al. We have someone who wants to rent the house so I have to get my things out very soon. Not sure what I will do with some things because there is just no place to store them, so a lot will probably end up in a garage sale or Goodwill.
My daughter is fine and she left with tears just as I did also. But they will be coming back in November for our 40th anniversary and are planning a party for us. Should be lots of fun. Here is a cute picture of them together. Hope your New Year goes well and you keep your resolutions. Mine are many, but to de-clutter my house and get back to basic is one that I pray I can keep. I also want to be a more kinder and gentle person.