Monday, February 28, 2011

Missing my parents

I find myself missing my parents lately and I'm sure it has to do with the heart attack. Even though me and my mother had our differences, she was always there when I was sick. I've been doing a little crying lately and feeling sorry for myself and I know I need to stop the madness, but with my children so far away and my parents gone, it's very hard.

My sisters and every one around me are babying me and I don't' like that. I know what my body says to me when I am tired and I can't wait to see the cardiologist so I will know what I can and can't do. Maybe they will leave me alone and let me be.

All you sweet gals out there who have never had a heart attack, don't wait for some pain stabbing, heart wrenching pain and falling to the ground in extreme pain. I never had any of that. They do know that I was having the heart attack while in the hospital, because the heart enzymnes showed I was having a heart attack and I didn't feel anything except a headache, even my blood pressure was normal for a while, then it dropped to extremely low numbers and supposedly that is when the attack was occuring. I was lucky that I went to the ER for the headache, because it might have been too late to prevent damage to the heart muscle. I was very lucky that they started everything quickly and prevented any damage. So I beg of you to listen to your body and if something doesn't feel right, see your doctor right away or go to the ER. Now I totally understand why they call it the Silent Killer, because mine was very silent and a headache saved my life. Thank you all for listening to me and  hopefully I will soon be on the mend and doing things I was doing before. I am off the pitty pot and on a very strict diet, but the best thing I did for myself was to give up the smoking even though it wasn't much.
I hope your days are filled with rainbows and sunshine. It's time for spring to arrive and it feels like it here already with 77 degrees of beautiful weather and things starting to bloom. Love, hugs, and many blessings to all of you who visit. I love having visitors---as it brightens my day and fills my heart with love. Pat

Friday, February 18, 2011

A little weak today

Not feeling so great today, but I know with God's love I will get better soon. He is my healer and my salvation, sso I look to him for guidance through this rough journey. Just dropping in to say hello. Hope you all have a great day. It's 74 degrees here and so beautiful I just want to go and work in the garden-----NOT. Have a great weekend. Love and hugs, Pat

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Today is not good news

Well after posting Friday when they hooked up my computer, I started having a bad headache that only got worse as the day went on, the mild chest pains started, so as soon as Al came home from work, he took me to the ER. Tests revealed I had a full blown heart attack and had to have surgery to put a stint in. I had 100% blockage in one of my main arteries. I just got home from the hospital late last night around 11:30 and went straight to bed. I am weak and bruised up quite a bit, but that will go away gradually. The doctor told us I was lucky to have gone when I did, because things could have been worse.

On top of that, Heidi lost her baby and they are all upset over it. She came to see me Friday at the hospital but didn't want to tell me to upset me, so they waited until after everything was done to tell me.

I will be taking it easy for a couple of weeks, so I hope you still stick around. I will be back and hopefully can find my Kodak disk so I can post some pictures or else I will do them on Al's computer. That's one thing I can do, sit at the computer and post. The rest will have to be left to Al to do. Thank God I have him.
Please keep me in your prayers, because my cholesterol is still very high and they said I could have a stroke if I don't follow a diet and get it down. Love YOU all, Pat

Friday, February 11, 2011

A new grandbaby is on the way

Well we just found out that my dil is pregnant and we are so excited to have a new baby after 10 years. I thought I would only have 2 and looks like #3 will be here around September. Can't wait to find out if it's a boy or girl. My granddaughter wants a little sister, so we will have to wait and see if she gets her wish.

I've been down with my back and have only posted on fb because it's fast and I don't have to sit very long. My last epidural didn't do the trick, so the pain is back. It worked for a little while then stopped and the disk in  my upper back is killing me or rather hurting really bad. It hurts to grow old, but we all have to do it, so I learn to tolerate the aging and pain that comes along with it.

It's getting warmer for us down south. We had a hard freeze last night, but next week we are supposed to get into the high 60s and low 70s, so that is good news. Al will be going on vacation in March and will work on my craft room. Now it's beginning to seem real that it will happen after all. I can't wait and what ever doesn't fit, I will have a garage sale and make me a few extra bucks to decorate it. I plan on making things to decorate it. I have 4 square canvas mats that I am going to cover with scrapbook paper to make a collage on the wall. I was thinking of 6, so I may get 2 more.
Well take care everyone and hope to post more often. My computer in the country will be reinstalled on Saturday, because I have moved into the small house in the country just until the craft room is finished. I get anxiety attacks when things like that are being done. Have a great weekend. Love and hugs, Pat

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A little sleet for us

Well I wanted snow, but all we are getting is some freezing rain and sleet. There is a chance for some snow flurries tomorrow, but we will wait and see. Schools are closed and waiting to see if the post office closes. The vehicles aren't designed to drive on icey roads, so I am thinking they will close.

I am so excited about the extension of my craft room. Al is taking vacation for a week in March and is going to do as much as he can on the room. I have a lot of my extra things packed in the storage room he built. My dream is finally coming true.

Confession time. I had started smoking again and it was making me sick and I have finally quit and can say that it feels really great and don't have to freeze to go smoke. I did smoke in our computer room because I didn't want my things to stink and I'm glad to say they don't. But I feel great and just praying now that my stress test goes well and my blockage hasn't gotten any worse and require surgery. Guess that is what scared me into quitting. I had 60% blockage in a main artery and 40% in the left one and that is not a good thing. Just the thought of having to open me up scares me. So this one, I only have myself to blame and I am such a fool to think that I am super woman and nothing will hurt me.

I hope I get to take some pictures for y'all to see. I am so jealous of the snow pictures I have seen, but don't like what happened in Chicago's Lakeshore drive. I can't imagine being stuck in my vehicle or bus for 9 hours. And now they have another blast of snow coming their way. I pray every gets through this.

We have our house in the country rented so I have to move into the small housse which is fine with me. Less to clean and it's only for a short time before I move back here. I told Al I wasn't coming back until he had my craft room built. He has procastenated long enough and I know love should not be built on such things, but you have to know him before you can understand him. This was a promise he made to me 4 years ago and something always gets in the way----his excuses have run out and I want my room. Am I being too "biatchy"??????????? I do love him, but trust has to be rebuilt before I move back with him. I thought it would be sooner, but things happen.
Well going crawl back under my throw. Have a great day and a safe one. Hugs, Pat