Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kaden is home

We have had some wonderful Blessings for Carol as of late and this tile was given to us by a sweet friend. There are 4 boxes, so plenty to do her complete bathroom and into the hall.
Well Kaden is home and he is so adorable. Carol's internet is off right now, so I am posting pictures of him taken right before he came home.

Well hair has finally gotten to the length needed for Locks of Love. I am too "lazy" to color my hair, so this is my natural color for a hummm 50+!

I want to take a better picture of the one that is one the wall. I bought his many years ago from an artist, but it's just a print and not an original. He is so talented and this picture moves me when I see it, which is every time I enter my bedroom.
I have been busy sorting things out, but I get very tired easily, so it's very slow.
I moved back into my parents house for a little while---no real major problems, but lots of stress. I will stay until the house is sold, but will be letting people come to view it and sell things that are there. I am here today to get a few things that I need to work on while I am there.
So if you don't see me here too often, I am fine, there is just no internet service in the country.
I hope that you are all fine. I do miss coming here, but with things being neglected, I have to push myself to get them done. I need to craft again, because that was my outlet for my depression, besides God.
Well I am going to visit a few blogs, then back to some work.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

UL in competition for Solar House

Well we have great news about our University in Lafayette, Louisiana. UL has been chosen from 20 colleges to be at the Washington Mall to show off their solar home built by architect students. It's amazing and we are all proud. My dil, Heidi will be in a 30 mile bike ride to raise money to help for the trip expenses. For those who know Louisiana, Beausolis means Sunshine and as you will see the house is built with an Acadian Style. Hope they win in the competition.

I know people bash Louisiana all the time, but we have some great people here who go on to become famous--not counting Brittney Spears-lol. New Orleans is still a great city, but I would not live there again. The French Quarter is about the only reason I would go, because of all the great shops and the open market.
Well I am going back to watching TV. I was so excited to hear the great news, I had to share it. Love and Hugs, Pat

Keeping busy

I miss all of you, but as of lately, I have been trying to put things away from my mom's collection of crafts. My friend came over last night for some really good okra, shrimp, and sausage gumbo. A cool front will be moving in and lots of rain is in store for us. I like the rain, but not the lightening and thunder that will come with it on Friday---90% chance of thunderstorms.

Yesterday, I spent part of the day in bed from withdrawals. It hasn't been easy, but I am slowly getting there. Food tastes so good, but I have to watch my diet closely and for me the hardest is chocolate and sugar free is too expensive for me.

Little Kaden is still not home, but hoping that next week will be his time to go home. My brother and I were supposed to go to Carol's to finish up, but his father in law died this morning and his mother in law is very close to dying also. Please pray for all of them.

My hair will be cut next week, hopefully and it will feel good to have my short hair back. Spring is here and things are blooming. What a wonderful feeling and sight to behold.

I hope everyone is doing well. I finally got good news yesterday----no gall bladder surgery needed. I was so excited and the nurse could tell from my voice. I seen my pain management doctor on Monday and things are good. I didn't need the trigger point shots and he explained about sugar and carbs for me.

Well going back to work that I love doing. Hope you all have a Happy Humpday. Many Blessings and Prayers to all of you. Love and Hugs, Pat

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Why me, what have I ever done?

Last night I meditated and prayed for some answers I needed and although I didn't get what I wanted, I do realize that God only allows things to happen for a reason.

So I will tell you what happened at the doctor's office and on Tuesday morning at 2:30am. All my blood work came back and it's official, I am diabetic and he wanted to put me on medication, but I begged him to wait another 6 weeks to see if diet will help. Grant it, I no longer have a sweet tooth and rarely eat sweets anymore, yet my fasting sugar was 143 and after drinking that awful orange stuff, it was right at 289. This morning it was 141. My cholesterol is over 300 and the girl who told me it was 143 was reading the wrong line. My good cholesterol was 40 something and he said that was really good. I have been on a low-fat, low cholesterol, high fiber diet for over 10 years now and this is what I get. I broke down and told him I couldn't swallow another pill, but have to take pravocol or something like that, but if leg cramps develop again(as the Lipitor and Crestor did) then I have to stop and try another drug. He seems to think since pravocol is the older statin drug, I shouldn't have any problems. My blood pressure is good and I lost 1 1/1 lbs in a week.

I keep wanting to know why all this had to happen to me because from 1995 to 2000, I walked 5 miles, 6 days a week---sometimes twice a day. I didn't smoke, but I had GERD, hence the surgery. Every thing from day one of that surgery went wrong and the uphill battle is still on going. We just found out that Al can no longer give blood because I can pass the Hepatitis B virus onto him---not going to explain how, but you should get the picture. Now my 2 younger children have to be tested and I really hate to call them, but I know I have to.

I actually hate that this is happening to me, but last night after prayers, I realized it would be harder for me to watch someone else go through this. I have too soft of a heart when it comes to other people's pain and suffering. I know I said I would never bring my illness up, but since the doctor said I was a walking time bomb, I had to tell you just in case I don't show up someday. I am a fighter when it comes to my health and will research everything I need to know. I am going to get another opinion about the emphysema, because I don't meet the criteria of smoking for over 10 years at 1 pack a day. I may have had a bad day that day of testing and no Xrays were taken. I do have scaring on my left lung from the many bouts of pneumonia. I don't like doctor shopping, so I am going back to the pulmonary doctor who took care of me each time I had pneumonia---lost count.

I want you all to know that I am a very happy person by nature. I used to craft 10 hours a day and now I am lucky if I can do anything for an hour.

All of you who continue to visit me with your uplifting comments have helped me so much. I don't want to run any off with my rantings, but I DO need prayers more than anything.

Now on to what happened Tuesday morning. One of the side effects of my anti seizure medicine is short term memory. The Chantix has many dangerous side effects and it was still in my system. I took my normal meds along with the Seroquil that he put me on and Al said I was screaming in the room and my left side was shaking really bad and he was driving me to the hospital. I don't remember any of it, except that I had some horror dreams and believed this was what was happening. He said when we got to the exit, I told him I was fine and wanted to go home. He said when we returned home, he gave me half of my anti seizure medicine and went right to sleep with the shaking gone. I don't know what happened, but I told him next time, please just keep going to the hospital. Last night I refused to take the Seroquil and only took what I have been taking for years and I slept like a baby he said. I woke up feeling rested and really do feel much better, with one exception----food tastes so good. I had forgotten what it tasted like while smoking.

Please don't do like me and use Chantrix----or try to quit cold turkey. It's very dangerous and you should try to taper off slowly. The doctor told us it is easier to get off of heroine than nicotine and I never believed that, but do now.

I know there are some diabetics that visit me, so if you know the amount of carbs allowed in a day, please let me know. I have all my dads books, but the exchange is so confusing because I never had to do this like weight watchers and such.

For those who choose to stay around and visit, thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement. The only way to go from here is forward. I told Al that he doesn't have to eat the way I will and not hide the snacks he likes. I did notice that a lot of food that is low in sugar is high in cholesterol, so what is a person supposed to do??????? Any suggestions or recipes will be welcomed.

Thanks for standing by me and the many prayers you all have said for me. Love and Hugs, Pat

Not good news

I feel like a broken record, but this time I will spare the details and say that I dealing with things the best I know how. My test results were not good and I spent most of the day crying. I just don't want to talk about it right now.

I must get some rest and my diet has to be over hauled, so I may see a nutritionist. Here I was eating good to prevent colon cancer and now I have other problems caused from those foods. Go figure! As my friends say (excuse the language) you're damned if you do and damned it you don't! Thank goodness my daughter's best friend is a nutritionist and she will help me with some recipes and a diet list of what I can and cannot have. Will explain it all later when I get over all of it. Still don't know about the gall bladder situation---had to cancel the appt because I was in bed.

I know every one is getting so tired of hearing about this, but I broke down in the doctor's office yesterday after hearing all the test results. Well I hate to leave you hanging but I am off to bed. Hopefully tomorrow will be brighter. Love and Hugs, Pat

Monday, March 16, 2009

Rained Cats and Dogs for 3 days

Well to say it was a nasty weekend is an understand. Have you ever seen it rain like dogs and cats? So many people drive so fast in rain you can barely see through and I witnessed a car crossing over the interstate that had it not been raining could have been really bad. They got bogged down, so we called 911 and no one was hurt. The next day, there were more signs of people who had gone off the road and left deep mud trails in the median. So that's how most of the weekend was-rain, rain, rain!
I took Carol's daughter to see Kaden yesterday and he may be coming home on Tuesday or Wednesday. All the IVs are off and he is breathing good and eating really good. The nurse mentioned something about adding some whole fat milk that is formulated to put in Kaden's formula, because Vic's milk at the end is lacking enough, so he lost a few ounces. He is so adorable and I was excited to see the little short video of me holding him yesterday. I forgot to copy the link, so you can see how adorable he is, but it is at the bottom of my links, Simplemecarol. I wish we had a hospital here that had women who go in and rock and feed babies whose mothers can't get there or they live to far and can't afford to stay. I would probably live there, because it has to be such a rewarding job.
I wish that Angels in Waiting would help Carol and her daughter, because even though I never wanted to mention Nadya Suleman on my blog, I have to. Carol does not go out and buy $1,000 worth of makeup or giggle like she did on TV. I have seen nothing but stress in Carol lately and that was the reason Al and me decided what she needed was a retreat, so hence, Design on a Dime came to mind. We are at budget, so wall covering and floors will have to be put off until we get more money. My brother and Al ran into problems so it took some of that money to fix it, but luckily my brother has some beautiful molding left from building his home and they gave us a sheet of plywood from dad's house. Thanks Brenda if you are reading this. My brother was determined not to leave yesterday until the bath and faucet were connected, so they did get to bathe at home. I love the faucet because it has a safety feature to teach Kaden. The hot faucet goes up and the cold goes down, so we are going to think of a little song to teach him.
Today I get the results of my blood work and tomorrow the results of the ultra sound. Cigarettes are nasty and food taste great, so I have to watch my diet. I will be cleaning my house as soon as we finish up at Carol's. My other friend Bryan is on my case about crafting, so guess I'll get back to that. He said he noticed the difference in me since I quit. Glad he was paying attention.
Guess I'll have some more coffee before heading to the shower. I am going to take a picture from the back so you can see how long my hair is because it will soon be gone to Locks of Love. It took a year to grow, but was well worth it for all the little kids who get cancer and can't afford wigs. God bless their little hearts and all those suffering from this awful thing we call Cancer. Love you all and wish you a Happy Monday. Pat

Friday, March 13, 2009

Design on a Dime!

Hi everyone. Sorry I have been out of the loop again. Starting up smoking again was really stupid (stupid is as stupid does) but it is getting under control with Chantix, but it does make me nauseated, so have been spending a lot of time in bed. My "girlies" are fine and I had the ultra sound this morning and we got there at 8am and I was out by 8:20am. Talk about luxury! They had snacks and drinks for you like at the Breast Clinic and even a computer set up for people who have to stay a while. I will know all the results on Monady and Tuesday---I don't know why they can't do it over the phone anymore.

Any how----we have been busy and last week, we put the vanity in at my best friend Carol's house. I didn't get to take a before shot, but do have the rest of the room for later. We will be putting in a new bathtub for her and doing it all on a small budget. I will be sewing a shower curtain for one of those curved shower curtains that don't make you feel closed in. My brother is going to help with the labor since he built his own house and between him and Al, they won't be without a tub or shower for too many days.

I may not post again until Tuesday, because I need to break some of the bad habits of lighting up a cigarette---yuk already! I need to get some masks for when I paint or use the E6000.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I am going take a nap before my friend comes over. Carol, I will try to call you again to make sure that Sunday is okay---we are just going to Stine's because it will be easier than driving to Lafayette and then going to your house. Love, hugs, and prayers, everyone. Pat

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How cute is Kaden?

My friend, Carol, came with me Monday and although it was a great day, it would have been more fun shopping than having all that blood taken for the glucose test, then getting my girlies smashed 4 times. I don't know the results yet, but the lump hasn't changed, but then I'm not the one who is checking it---it just looks the same to me. I did get my HDL results and it's at 143 from 313, so that is exciting. Hoping for the results soon. I still have to have an ultra sound done and that is being rescheduled. We went to visit him after my tests were finished, and the picture above is one of the newest ones taken.

So I am taking a little break for now, so no need to worry. I think I will visit blogland and see what others are up to and how they are doing.

Little Kaden is still not coming home and he will be 3 months old on Saturday. He is really growing and is now at 5 lbs 4ozs and oh so cute. You can visit her at this link-http://simplymecarol.blogspot.com/. She is tired, but will be posting new pictures of him soon. Her youngest was 8 when I met Carol and they called me granny Pat, so now I will be granny Pat to Kaden. He will surely be spoiled by many.
I have been in bed since Monday night and not sure if it was the drink that made me sick or the new medicine I have to take, but nausea has taken over and the bed is my safe haven.
I will let you know the results as soon as I get them. Have a great weekend. Love and Hugs, Pat

Friday, March 6, 2009

Grueling week

It has been a grueling week of tests and doctor visits, and next week will be even worse, but praying for great results.
I went to see one of the surgeons who operated on me when I ended up in ICU and now I wish I had been sent to him in the first place. Monday I go for a glucose test, then bone density test followed by getting my "girlies" smashed like pancakes. Friday, I go for an ultra sound and if it doesn't show stones, then I have to have a hida scan, which hasn't been done in over 3 years.
Kaden is still not ready to come home, but he is growing in leaps and bounds. He is truly a little miracle going from 2 lbs 4 ozs to 4 lbs 15 ozs. Al and I will be surrogate grandparents, so now I have another grandbaby to spoil, since I have only 2 and looks like that might be it.
I have missed visiting blogs and seeing what is going on it your lives, but I will be there soon.
Finding out that Deena is doing so good has put a smile on my face. You can visit her by clicking on Deenas story on my right side list of bloggers. She is an amazing Pink Warrier and I pray should I ever get breast cancer that I have the courage and spirit that she has. She is truly a beautiful person and has gone through many difficult things in the last year, but her journey is not yet over, so please keep her in your prayers.
Well going take a cat nap and then get back to organizing. Wish I could do that for a living because I really do like it.
I hope you all have a Blessed and Beautiful weekend. Love and Hugs, Pat

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tough diagnosis and prayers needed

You know many of us always want to question God as to why things happen to us. I have always thought of myself as a good, decent, and loving person, so does that mean that bad things happen to good people? I guess I answered my own question because I honestly believe God loves me with all His might, but today we got some horrible, yet not so tragic news. I have early stage emphysema and yes, I was a smoker, but I used toxic glue without ventilation more than I smoked. We spent 4 hours at the doctors office having tests done. I had a pulmonary function test done twice, once before a breathing treatment then again after. No more second hand smoke or using glue without a mask. If that wasn't bad enough, he was examining me and when he pressed on the area where my gall bladder is located, I almost jumped off the table, plus he felt a hernia. So here I am sitting in the office and he calls a surgeon which I have to see on Thursday, but before going there, I am having a complete blood workup.

All this time, I thought I just had a virus or something, but because the pain would go away after a while, then return, I had to tell the doctor----Al is a snitch, so unless I want to lie to the doctor, I have to leave him home. I can't say that I am not afraid because I watched my mom suffer with it. This was my second opinion, so there is no use getting a 3rd when both doctors agree.

Wednesday, Al and I are going over to our friends house and doing some repairs in her bathroom and we are forgoing the closet extension for now. Some things are more important than myself and this project has made me happier than I have been in quite some time.

So tonight I ask that you ask your friends and family to pray for us. Once I get pass the shock of this, I will return with happy thoughts and positive thinking because I have the Greatest Being standing next to me and will catch me if I fall---My Lord Jesus and tonight I thank Him for all His Blessings He has given us, so we are Paying it Forward instead of blowing our income tax refund on trivial things. God Bless all of you for standing by me and not calling me a "whiner"---I just need prayers. Love and Hugs, Pat