Friday, March 13, 2009

Design on a Dime!

Hi everyone. Sorry I have been out of the loop again. Starting up smoking again was really stupid (stupid is as stupid does) but it is getting under control with Chantix, but it does make me nauseated, so have been spending a lot of time in bed. My "girlies" are fine and I had the ultra sound this morning and we got there at 8am and I was out by 8:20am. Talk about luxury! They had snacks and drinks for you like at the Breast Clinic and even a computer set up for people who have to stay a while. I will know all the results on Monady and Tuesday---I don't know why they can't do it over the phone anymore.

Any how----we have been busy and last week, we put the vanity in at my best friend Carol's house. I didn't get to take a before shot, but do have the rest of the room for later. We will be putting in a new bathtub for her and doing it all on a small budget. I will be sewing a shower curtain for one of those curved shower curtains that don't make you feel closed in. My brother is going to help with the labor since he built his own house and between him and Al, they won't be without a tub or shower for too many days.

I may not post again until Tuesday, because I need to break some of the bad habits of lighting up a cigarette---yuk already! I need to get some masks for when I paint or use the E6000.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I am going take a nap before my friend comes over. Carol, I will try to call you again to make sure that Sunday is okay---we are just going to Stine's because it will be easier than driving to Lafayette and then going to your house. Love, hugs, and prayers, everyone. Pat


SweetAnnee said...

Oh're are going to cut your hair?? For Locks of awesome..

Don't do overdo..
The vanity looks great
your friend will be so happy!!

love ...Deena

Carol said...

The vanity is so very nice that I have been doing my make up there. Sometimes I even just go stand in the door and stare at it and the cabinet behind the toilet and the new paper holder, wow... I feel like a queen!!
When all is done I am going to have to make a small scrapbook of the before and after shots so all that use my beautiful bath will see just how blessed I am with this oh so wonderful gift.
I work Sunday from 1 to 10 but you know I don't have to be here for you guys to come in and do what you want. I am however off on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Love you~

Joyce said...

I love that your going to donate your little niece is going to do that very soon too. They are just waiting on a couple more inches for her hair to grow then off it goes! HA!

Ugh....DO becareful with the smoking!!! My friend Nora has had cancer and she still SMOKES and has done it more lately which is FREAKING me out. When one has so many health issues I think "why complicate this" So I am encouraging you to GIVE it up now...while your ahead of the game.
Don't despair!
IT will be okay no matter what all your Dr. reports can overcome.
Your bathroom is looking nice.....we like Steins Lumber too and always used to shop there.
Hang in there.......