Monday, March 16, 2009

Rained Cats and Dogs for 3 days

Well to say it was a nasty weekend is an understand. Have you ever seen it rain like dogs and cats? So many people drive so fast in rain you can barely see through and I witnessed a car crossing over the interstate that had it not been raining could have been really bad. They got bogged down, so we called 911 and no one was hurt. The next day, there were more signs of people who had gone off the road and left deep mud trails in the median. So that's how most of the weekend was-rain, rain, rain!
I took Carol's daughter to see Kaden yesterday and he may be coming home on Tuesday or Wednesday. All the IVs are off and he is breathing good and eating really good. The nurse mentioned something about adding some whole fat milk that is formulated to put in Kaden's formula, because Vic's milk at the end is lacking enough, so he lost a few ounces. He is so adorable and I was excited to see the little short video of me holding him yesterday. I forgot to copy the link, so you can see how adorable he is, but it is at the bottom of my links, Simplemecarol. I wish we had a hospital here that had women who go in and rock and feed babies whose mothers can't get there or they live to far and can't afford to stay. I would probably live there, because it has to be such a rewarding job.
I wish that Angels in Waiting would help Carol and her daughter, because even though I never wanted to mention Nadya Suleman on my blog, I have to. Carol does not go out and buy $1,000 worth of makeup or giggle like she did on TV. I have seen nothing but stress in Carol lately and that was the reason Al and me decided what she needed was a retreat, so hence, Design on a Dime came to mind. We are at budget, so wall covering and floors will have to be put off until we get more money. My brother and Al ran into problems so it took some of that money to fix it, but luckily my brother has some beautiful molding left from building his home and they gave us a sheet of plywood from dad's house. Thanks Brenda if you are reading this. My brother was determined not to leave yesterday until the bath and faucet were connected, so they did get to bathe at home. I love the faucet because it has a safety feature to teach Kaden. The hot faucet goes up and the cold goes down, so we are going to think of a little song to teach him.
Today I get the results of my blood work and tomorrow the results of the ultra sound. Cigarettes are nasty and food taste great, so I have to watch my diet. I will be cleaning my house as soon as we finish up at Carol's. My other friend Bryan is on my case about crafting, so guess I'll get back to that. He said he noticed the difference in me since I quit. Glad he was paying attention.
Guess I'll have some more coffee before heading to the shower. I am going to take a picture from the back so you can see how long my hair is because it will soon be gone to Locks of Love. It took a year to grow, but was well worth it for all the little kids who get cancer and can't afford wigs. God bless their little hearts and all those suffering from this awful thing we call Cancer. Love you all and wish you a Happy Monday. Pat

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