Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Hope you all are enjoying the day. I miss my children and can remember all the fun parties we had when it got too dangerous to go out Trick or Treating. My children came up with some very cool decorations that didn't cost a fortune and their friends gathered at our house, bringing extra candy and food for the crowd.

Things are getting better and we are working on getting me out of this house. I would even be willing to take a loss if they bought me out---it's just not worth it and they are certainly not worth me paying the mortgage down so they reap the benefits.

My wonderful aunt shelled me 2 large zip lock bags of pecans, so I will be making candy and cookies soon for Christmas. I do have to make Martha Washington balls for Donnie to carry back to NYC and some of his favorite cookies. It will be great having him help me this year. I told him I couldn't decorate like I used to, but he said since I love gingerbread's so much, to go ahead and fill the kitchen (in Crowley) so that's where I will spend my Christmas this year. It's too painful for Donnie to be here in the country.

I do hope everyone enjoyed all the kiddies dressed up tonight. Love and Hugs, Pat

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Things that make me smile

Saturday, my day made me smile when I received this beautiful doll and radishes from a beautiful Pink Warrior. I have named her Patty and I will treasure her always. Thank you so much. God always sends angels when He knows you are feeling blue and every day it amazes me how many angels have come into my life.

This is an old toy box I found with a red velvet top, so with a little sanding, priming, then painting, it will be used to store some craft things. I love this ticking material---found at Goodwill and only have enough left for a little pillow for my ironing board/seat/ladder.

This is a little nursery I did when I was in to miniatures. I made Cookie Monster, Big Bird and the green one, I can't remember his name---Oscar maybe! The crocheting, curtains,diaper holder, diaper cake, and bed set, I made also. The window cornice was made by Al. I wanted to give it to my 1st granddaughter, but she has no room to put it.

These are just a few of the thrift finds for my future pink bedroom. The white dresser will get some embellishments and a new drawer bottom.

With all that has been going on, I have some things that make me smile. This little angel needs some glitter, so I think she will have a new look soon. I hope the rest of your week is great and have a safe and fun Halloween. Love and Hugs, Pat

Monday, October 26, 2009

Just another day in my life!

Hi everyone. I said I would not post anything negative again, but getting it off my chest always helps me and this time it was the worst thing that could happen to me. As I said before I was to have another epidural on the 7Th and all went well. It was scary at first when I saw 7 different injections, so I asked the nurse if those were all for me---yes! Before he started, my doctor came in my little waiting area and I broke down and cried, so we talked and he decided it was time to increase my bipolar dosage. I was feeling so good until 4 days later when my 2 sisters came to pack up the youngest sister's things. My sister and I had a huge argument and it led up to her yelling at me to shut up, but not the words she used. You can push someone so far and they finally pushed me to a breaking point and I decided to stand up for myself, but she ended up throwing a glass of water in my face. Normally, I let her walk all over me and bow to her, but I took my bottle of water and threw it in her face. It made her so mad, I guess she wasn't expecting that from me, that she came up right to my face and I didn't flinch an inch, making her really mad and she punched me in the mouth and it knocked me to the floor, hitting my head on a cabinet handle then to the floor smack on my back. My younger sister saw everything, but told the police she didn't see anything---3 feet from me. I was bleeding every where and she wanted to wipe my mouth and I told her not to touch me. My sister who hit me, started laughing and making jokes about having the police take pictures and saying in a very ugly way "Oh she's hurt, call 911 and the police" all the while laughing at me and calling me crazy. It's one thing for other people to call bipolar people crazy, but when your family does it, it hurts deep. They all have stolen my trust and taken away what feelings I had for them. So now, I am removing myself from them completely after my children's urging. When I was out of their lives I was the happiest person you would ever want to know. I just happened to go to Goodwill this past weekend and found a book "What Becomes of the Brokenhearted". So I asked for their forgiveness for the things I told my younger sister, but now I want them out of my life. I got an email from the youngest, but I have put them in my spam folder. I emailed her back just as I did my other sister and told them if they have anything to say, email Al, as he is taking over power of attorney, so I don't have to be subject to getting assaulted again, then have them all lie about it. I am free and God is taking care of me. My children are very upset and said things I never thought they would say about the sister who hit me. One of them does not trust her anymore and that was very hard to hear, but it's the truth. I will not put myself in that situation Ever again. My epidural didn't work and I have to have an MRI to see if the bulging disk has herniated. I had to postpone my angiogram because I could not lay on my back, but I think I may be able to now, so I am calling to reschedule it today. I prayed a lot about filing charges and have decided that I will let God handle this for me, except for my brother. He has abused too many women to allow this to continue and I would feel worse if he ended up really hurting a woman or worse, killing them.

Other than that, life is good--God is great. I have my craft closet organized and have sent what I don't need to Al's to store for me.

Well I had to get up to take some meds, so the heating pad is just right. The swelling on my left side of the spine is still swollen, so I go from heat to ice. My doctor doesn't know about this assault and I know what he will tell me. I can't have another epidural for 3 months, so I will have to live with the pain for a while. I know many of you are sleeping, but I will still say Good Morning and hope your day will be as joyful as mine. Love and hugs, Pat

A Pink Warrior sent me the sweetest gift and I will take a picture and post it later. It brightened my day so much that I cried tears of joy instead of pain. Thank you so much.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Trying to stay busy!

Well I have been trying to stay busy for my own sanity, but it's not working too good. My sister said some terrible things to me and even though some may be true, it was a cold hearted way of saying them. Here are a few more of my treasure finds or make overs. I do need your prayers so much right now. I will be having another epidural on Wednesday, then an angiogram on the 13Th. I am praying that they find no blockages that will require a stint put in. I hope you all enjoyed seeing my neat things as much as I do. Love and Hugs and many Blessings, Pat