Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Hope you all are enjoying the day. I miss my children and can remember all the fun parties we had when it got too dangerous to go out Trick or Treating. My children came up with some very cool decorations that didn't cost a fortune and their friends gathered at our house, bringing extra candy and food for the crowd.

Things are getting better and we are working on getting me out of this house. I would even be willing to take a loss if they bought me out---it's just not worth it and they are certainly not worth me paying the mortgage down so they reap the benefits.

My wonderful aunt shelled me 2 large zip lock bags of pecans, so I will be making candy and cookies soon for Christmas. I do have to make Martha Washington balls for Donnie to carry back to NYC and some of his favorite cookies. It will be great having him help me this year. I told him I couldn't decorate like I used to, but he said since I love gingerbread's so much, to go ahead and fill the kitchen (in Crowley) so that's where I will spend my Christmas this year. It's too painful for Donnie to be here in the country.

I do hope everyone enjoyed all the kiddies dressed up tonight. Love and Hugs, Pat

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