Thursday, October 1, 2009

Trying to stay busy!

Well I have been trying to stay busy for my own sanity, but it's not working too good. My sister said some terrible things to me and even though some may be true, it was a cold hearted way of saying them. Here are a few more of my treasure finds or make overs. I do need your prayers so much right now. I will be having another epidural on Wednesday, then an angiogram on the 13Th. I am praying that they find no blockages that will require a stint put in. I hope you all enjoyed seeing my neat things as much as I do. Love and Hugs and many Blessings, Pat


Household 6 said...

Hi Pat :) Your pretties are very pretty! I really like your glass window too - did you make that?
Take care!

The Urban Chic said...

Actually you can purchase the pieces at Joann Fabrics. I do have 4 bottles of lead and paint colors, but I didn't have that pattern, so it was easier with my shaky hands and I can see one of them is off, so I just need to lift it and place it correct. Love your new blog. Your photoshop pics are super. Love and hugs, Pat

Household 6 said...

Oh, I haven't tried the glass leading, but it sure looks interesting!

Nettie said...

Your treasure finds & makeovers all look terrific.
I will keep you in my thoughts & prayers that all your medical problems get resolved without too many issues.

Alison Gibbs said...

What wonderful treaures you have found.
Good luck with your medical treatments

Mary said...

Hello Pat, What pretty things,love the pink dress and painted shelf.
Lot of work in the sweet lamp shade. Praying for your test to be good.