Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kaden is home

We have had some wonderful Blessings for Carol as of late and this tile was given to us by a sweet friend. There are 4 boxes, so plenty to do her complete bathroom and into the hall.
Well Kaden is home and he is so adorable. Carol's internet is off right now, so I am posting pictures of him taken right before he came home.

Well hair has finally gotten to the length needed for Locks of Love. I am too "lazy" to color my hair, so this is my natural color for a hummm 50+!

I want to take a better picture of the one that is one the wall. I bought his many years ago from an artist, but it's just a print and not an original. He is so talented and this picture moves me when I see it, which is every time I enter my bedroom.
I have been busy sorting things out, but I get very tired easily, so it's very slow.
I moved back into my parents house for a little while---no real major problems, but lots of stress. I will stay until the house is sold, but will be letting people come to view it and sell things that are there. I am here today to get a few things that I need to work on while I am there.
So if you don't see me here too often, I am fine, there is just no internet service in the country.
I hope that you are all fine. I do miss coming here, but with things being neglected, I have to push myself to get them done. I need to craft again, because that was my outlet for my depression, besides God.
Well I am going to visit a few blogs, then back to some work.


FourSistersInACottage said...

WOW WEE PAT!!!! I had no idea your hair was sooooo long!!! I love it and I am so proud of you giving it to locks of love.
My Alli girl did that a few years back before I got cancer and I thought it was awesome!!!
Love you bunches, Stay Positive and Strong!!!
Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters)

Connie said...

Amy's right, stay positive, chick! It gets me through a lot. I understand depression, honey, truly I do. Let me know how you are doing.....REGULARLY!! DO you hear me - REGULARLY!!

Nettie said...

Sending you only positive vibes from "down under"
Enjoy your crafting it really is a wonderfully theraputic thing to do.
Take care
Love Nettie

Knitty said...

Best wishes Pat.

Joyce said...

Hey Pat,
I got your message.
I hope all is well.....WOW I didn't know your hair was that long either. When are you cutting it? My little cousin in Missouri is doing the same thing.
It's awesome.
Well hang in there....I hope you get rested up and loose some of that stresssssss soon!
Be blessed,

The Urban Chic said...

Thanks everyone for your well wishes. I do need the rest and in the country it is so peaceful and quiet. See ya'll soon. Love, hugs, and prayers, Pat