Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Packed and leaving

As the song goes, "My bags are packed and I am ready to leave". Not sure how often I will come home. There is lots to do at dads to have the house sell and sell the things that are in it. My sil will come and help and I know I said I wouldn't let them put all this on me, I have no choice because it won't get done and we will continue to lose money on the house. There is also a little more stress here than I need for my health, so rest will be good for me. I will miss you all and I am hoping that my neighbor there will put her locked number into my laptop and be able to use mine through hers.
See you soon and I will be thinking of all of you and praying that you all stay well. Love and Hugs, Pat.

ps. Al will post if anything comes up that is important, like my health.

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SweetAnnee said...

I hope all is well. I'm missing you.
Love , Deena