Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Boxing up more

Yesterday was spent boxing up more Christmas decorations and we should be finished by this weekend. Al had to watch LSU play, so I watched a little tv then went to sleep. I will be keeping my resolutions by getting rid of lots of things that I have no need for anymore. My children still want some of the Christmas decorations, so those will be put aside for them. I have old crafts that I did when I did craft shows and it's all going away. Whatever I can sell will be sold, clothes going to Goodwill, some things I am giving to friends, and the rest that isn't any good will be trashed. My storage room is built and only the siding remains and shingles which will be worked on this weekend.

AL and I will be moving back in together, so I have a lot of things at my parents' home that I need to go through. We should be back together by March. I need a bedroom, so the storage room will take care of my craft cubes and storage things, then I can move back into the bedroom, but it will be painted first. Pink was my first choice, but after seeing a clean white slate on one of the blogs I visit, I may have changed my mind and only use pink as an accent color. One never knows if they might change their mind later with all the new beautiful colors out there. Pink is my favorite and since I have already collected lots of pretty things,I'll stick with pink for a while. Mind you this will only be a guest room. Our bedroom is done in dark colors which I also love and it's a dark rusty color bedset that I have and a reprodution bedroom suite.

I hope everyone can keep their resolutions this year, even if they are simple things. My year started out good when my daughter phoned me to let me know she has changed all the locks on her house and David has yet to contact her, so that is good news. I am a mother and if you are anything like me, mothers still worry about their children's well being even after they have flown from the nest.
Again wishing you all the best for the New Year. Does any one know why last year went by so fast???????Love and hugs, Pat


Heidi said...

Hi Pat!
Sounds like you are very busy! Lots going on! Bless you as you reunite with your hubs....God will honor that in your life.

Thanks for visiting my blog today!
Hugs, Heidi

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Last year zipped by because we were all so b-u-s-y!! I don't envy you having to do so much packing, but I'm so glad you and AL will be back together!

Angelic Accents