Saturday, June 12, 2010

Happy Pink Saturday to all who belong

I know I don't belong to Beverly's Pink Saturday, but would love to join.. These are repeats of pink things that I like. The first being the Pink Candy cake for Breast Cancer along with the pink cancer gloves for gardening.

This is a little pink outfit I bought just in case my daughter has or adopts a baby girl. Also a beautiful pink knitted blanket that you can barely see.

This is a pierced card I am working on that will have beads and stitching where all the little holes are. You can click on it to enlarge it for a better view.
This is a basket I found with pink tulle lining and some of the old corsages that I collect. The red one is the last one my mother wore to one of my nieces weddings, so I am keeping it.
Today I will be baking cakes. I have one pink strawberry done already and now I am fixing to work on the huge Cupcake cake for tomorrow. I have 2 other sheet cakes to make and then I will be done for tomorrow. Seems one of the items I donated has disappeared. Now who would "borrow" something that is donated for a charity is beyond my comprehension, so the ladies want me to look over the tables in the morning and see if anything else is missing. Last year someone "borrowed" an LSU shirt I bought and donated for the auction table. It really hurt me last year, but this year, I will let God take care of my pain. They know who they are and they have to live with themselves. Well no better time than now while it's still a little cool to heat up the oven and finish baking cakes. Have a great weekend and I will let you all know how things went tomorow. Pray that they do good this year, because the donations started pouring in and the ladies auxillary room is filled with raffle items. Love and hugs, Pat

Please keep the people in Caddo Gap in your prayers. 16 people have died from the flash floods that happened while every one was sleeping, so there was no time to escape the 8ft an hour rush of water. A lot of people are unaccounted for, so they have no idea how many people are missing. May God save the rest of them.

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