Monday, June 14, 2010

A wonderful Day

Great news to report. The Cancer Aid bingo went well considering the small amount of people that showed up. The candy bouquet was put in the silent auction table and went for $80. I was so excited about that. It was the highest bid on any item they had. They also raised $1700 with the bingo and thanked everyone that helped out. I was not expecting that so I was glad I was in another room when they announced my name at the end. I am kind of shy and like to stay out of the limelight, but I heard it and there was only 6 people in the room with me. I donated over half of the gifts they had for the bingo, so had I not done that, they probably wouldn't have made that much and bingo would have ended at 11am instead of 2:30 pm. I did this in memory of my parents, so I was blessed to be able to do it. Charities mean a lot to me and I am always willing to donate my candy bouquets and gifts baskets for causes.

One of my brothers called last night for me to pick him up so he is now living with me and fixed the riding lawnmower and now the yard looks great. He is so thankful and happier than I have ever seen him. Seems he and my older brother couldn't get along and he was happy living with them. My younger sister is also here for a day or two to help get him settled in. I feel good having him here and maybe this will help me and my other sister become friends again. She did call last night to speak with my brother and I do pray she won't take my older brother's side because he is the one who hurt me and pushed me down.

Well I have been up since very early and I had a long day yesterday, so I am off to bed early. I hope to visit you all tomorrow when I am rested more. Love and hugs to all.

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