Saturday, June 26, 2010

How I met my husband

To say that we have had sprinkles is an understatement. We have been having rain every day and I am totally sick of it. I like the rain when there is no lightening and thundering and now we have to worry about the tropics with our shores so full of oil and ick. Please pray for all on the Gulf Coast as the oil has reached many beaches and it's ugly and dangerous. Thousands have lost their lively hood and some have had to leave their homes because of the BP spill. If that storm developes it could make things worse.

To Stephanie at Angelic Accents, I have the little flower girl, but her basket is missing and the tag is gone, but her little white dress is in perfect condition. If I come across another one, I will send it also. I don't think my granddaughter has one, other wise, she would be sweet enough to give it to you. I have some more boxes to go through as I am in Crowley at my spouse's house for the day and I still can't find my wedding picture.
Al and I met at a bowling alley, introduced to me by my sister who already knew him and we were joking about going to another ball game.(I was visiting her after having my baby girl) He said "Well I will take you to the movies" and I said okay, thinking it was just a joke, but lo and behold, he was there at 5 minutes to 7 to pick me up and I was still not dressed. So my sister told him to make himself at home while I dressed with her help. From that moment on, it was love at first sight and we have been together for 39 years. I had 2 children, which I have told already, before I met him and this sweet man adopted my 3 month old and 2 year old and he has been a wonderful dad to them. He didn't want me to have any more children after I told him I nearly died having my daughter, but after 3 years of marriage, I convinced him to at least try and we did, with many problems have a son together. He is actually closer to the other 2, but loves them all the same. So that is how I met my husband and things have been wonderful until all the stress from the 14 surgeries I had to have and now we are facing 3 more this year. He has stayed at the hospital all through the surgeries and should get Husband of the Year award for being so sweet, but he was a Marine and does have a slight temper and with my disease, if I don't answer right away, he gets frustrated with me, so that is why I chose to move away for a while to see if he could change. It won't happen with me, because of the bipolar and I can't help it when I daze into outer space-lol and don't hear him when he talks sometimes.
Well I am going to dig some more and hopefully find my "love child" wedding pictures. Have a great weekend everyone. Prayers for all who are ill and the homeless---they break my heart. Pat


Connie said...

When you marry a Marine you get a real MAN, sugar! I guarantee that...

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Pat, love the story of how you two met. I didn't realize the history involved or that he had adopted your children also. Sounds like there is much goodness there, never forget that.

Big Hugs,
Angelic Accents