Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wish I could visit blogs today

Hi everyone. I came back and yesterday, spent 3 hours with Donald and he is very weak. He can no longer get out of the bed and his kidneys are starting to shut down. They are giving him liquid morphine every 4 hours to keep him pain free as it's very painful for him to breathe. He knows I was there and he kept asking for things that his male buddy didn't know what to do. I think I would have been a great nurse. One of the nurses asked us not to give him anymore liquids for a while because he was building up fluid, but yet they are not doing anything to get the fluid out. My friend is dying and I will give him a swallow of diet coke or water if he asks for it as he did yesterday. I am fixing to go back again and I don't know how I will get there this week. It really hurts not having a car.

I am doing okay and trying to avoid crowds right now because of the swine flu. My immune system could not take it. I hope people avoid visiting Mexico for a while because students from NYC that visited there, came down with the flu and they are waiting to see if it is the same strain.

Please keep my bil Martin in your prayers also. His tests came back and it showed cancer cells in his colon, so they are going to Miami for surgery. His brother has a doctor friend in Georgia and he referred him to a renowned colon cancer specialist, but my bil says he doesn't have cancer. Great outlook, so that may help with his healing. Brenda is scared, I can tell by her voice and that worries me.

I found an antique dressing table for $3.99 at Goodwill but it needs some work, so I am bringing it to my dads house to have something to work on when free time is available. We have a possible buyer for the house and it will be painful to let the house go. Luckily I know the girl's mother, so I may be able to go and visit sometimes. We took one last visit to Bryan's dads house and we both were sad. The house is so empty but you can feel the memories and hear them echo in your heart.

Well time for me to get dressed and visit Donald before heading back to the country, which I might add is very peaceful and flowers are blooming every where, birds are singing and the hummers are back, so will be bringing a feeder for them. To all of you that I usually visit regularly, I miss you and miss seeing what you are doing, but I think of you daily and you are all in my prayers. Love and hugs, Pat


Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Dear Pat, I'm so sorry for the pain & anguish you are suffering. I'm glad you have gotten to spend some precious time with your dear friend. Take care & rest when you can.

Hugs & Prayers,
Angelic Accents

The Urban Chic said...

Steph, thanks so much for visiting. He is being very hateful right now, but we know it's the morphine doing it. I'm at my spouse's house right now, but will be going to visit my friend before heading back to my now home---peace and quiet. Love and Hugs, Pat

carole said...

Hi Pat:
Long time no hear. You certainly are having trials and tribulations!!!
I am just now trying to play catch up on blogging. I will take the time to read some of your older posts so I can see what is going on in your life. When you have time come by and sy hi as I am having a Give Away.
Prayers for you

Joyce said...

Hey Pat,
Did you think I fell off the planet? Well I sort of have. Life is SO BUSSSY right now I can hardly keep up...let alone read any blogs. But I took a moment to do so tonight and yours was one of the three that I went to.
I had to see how you were doing and do have it going on.
Too much in fact huh??
Well.....try to just hang in there and do the BEST you can with what you've been dealt. Life is so fragile isn't it?
Let me know where your at and how that's going.
I will try to write you one day personally.....I'm just overwhelmed with graduation and other things right now but I haven't forgotten you.
I am thinking of you.....
Be blessed,