Monday, August 11, 2008

August Birthday giveaway

I re sized the Birthday Giveaway Tag if you want to spread the word. From now until Friday, I will add more items with each poster. While the "cake" won't fit everything in it, there will be little packages to unwrap as you celebrate my 59Th Birthday on August 23rd. This is my gift for the inspiration I have gotten from regular posters and want you to have a gift from me. More hints each day. A little Christmas! Drawing will be done Friday at 12:pm CT so that it can be mailed on Saturday. If you are the winner, I am asking only one favor and I know it will be hard not to be tempted, but PLEASE don't open until the 23rd. I love all of you and even those who don't visit are welcome to join in, so that maybe we can become friends. I am not wealthy except in spirit and love, but I have always enjoyed giving---my husband can tell you that. Also please post on the previous post and tell me if you are from overseas as yours will be different, but still great. Love and Hugs, Pat


Amy said...

Happy birthday to you Pat!! My Nicholas shares your birth day on the 23rd.

Counting Your Blessings said...

Happy birthday! I turned 39 last Friday so we share a birthday month. Hope your day will be lovely. Blessings... Polly

Joyce said...

Happy Birthday.....well mine was last month....and my entire month was crazy busy. I think I need a new birthday. HA! But without adding the years.
How about we start going "backwards" at some point?
Talk to you soon....