Sunday, May 29, 2011

Prayers Needed

Sorry I have been away, but things are complicated right now. I lost a friend through selfishness and I don't think I want that drama in my life anymore.

My doctor is detoxing me right now so I need prayers right now. I have been going through withdrawals and nothing but nausea, the shakes, and headaches, not to mention I have to endur the pain for 7 days until this is over. Then he will put me back on them again. My body got used to them, so he said I was addicted to them and needed to stay off for a week. I also have to have an MRI on my left shoulder. I fell like a fool and did something to it and he doesn't want to treat it until he knows what it is, so that will be done on Tuesday.

I talked to my former bil today and we had a nice chat. I miss him and he has said he is going to come and visit me and Al. He's like a brother and is the sweetest, kindest, and selfless person you would ever want to know. There has to be another woman out there for him, but he has yet to find one. I think he is stilll in love with my sister.

Well I wish you all a safe and wonderful Memorial Day. I think Al might bar-b-cue some steaks, even though I don't eat beef, so I might get him to get me some pork to eat instead. Still love you all and miss you.


Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Dear Pat, I'm so sorry for your health problems. I know it must be hard to come off a medicine that your body has become used to. I'll say special prayers for you and hope the week will fly by for you and that you will soon be pain-free.

Big TX Hugs and Prayers,
Angelic Accents

The Urban Chic said...

Stephanie, it has been hard but I am doing fine, only 3 more days to go and I will have it beat. The pain is unbearable, but this is the only way to make the meds work again and I may have to go through this once a year, since surgery is not an option right now. Thanks for your concern, and prayers. Love and hugs, Pat

FourSistersInACottage said...

Just stopping by to say Hi!!!! Sorry to hear you aren't doing well and detox from prescription drugs sucks!!!!
Love ya, Amy

Denise said...

Hello girl........ Sorry to hear that you are not doing well, but hope by now you are better.. I have not been blogging for a while but have decided to get back and reconnect with my friends... I think FB is so shallow and not like sharing on Blogger...... sooooooo just wanted to stop by and say hello and pray that by now you are much better than when you wrote this post....