Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My aunt

Well my aunt is now buried and the funeral was so beautiful and they buried her in a site called the circle of trees. So as a gardener and lover of plants and trees it is a beautiful circle of trees and she is in the middle of alll of  them. It was a sad day and we all gathered at her house to remember all the great times we had with her. She always smiled every day and never let stress get to her. Even when she gardened she had her face done up and she had her little yorkie with her at alll times. She was a wonderful aunt and we visited her many,many times. I will miss seeing her smile and she was always a gracious hostess when we visited. Thank you all for the prayers. Here daughter Sandra will be the one who misses her most, because at 4pm every day, they had coffee together and just talked about their day.Sandra is with the Sheriff's office and many of her workers were there and they made a line for the coffin to pass through. Her 3 children will miss her very much as they were a close knit family and she had many grandchildren and a few great grandchildren.
I know she is walking on golden  paths with many flowers to tend to and she is now with her other sisters and brother and my dad. Her journey has just begun and I know it will be a wonderful new journey for her. Love and hugs, Pat

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