Thursday, April 29, 2010

A little bit of bling and some good bargains

Not feeling chipper today so thought I would post some pictures of my costume jewelry that I have collected and a huge box was given to me from an elderly lady because I gave her a small breakfast table and 2 chairs to go with it. She is a bingo buddy and we all call her Maw and she is a very funny lady, not to mention sweet. Some are very old and lots of rhinestone jewelry, so before I break anything apart, my daughter is going to go through them. If there is anything that is worth selling, she will let me know and I will put it in my blog store. I am going to start working on that, but I want a few more things to list and have weighed before I post anything. I wanted to call it Treasured Heirlooms because I got a rubber stamp with that and my name on it, but there is a blog already with that name, so if anyone wants to give me a good name, I will make them something or send them something to alter. I thought of Patty's Pretties, but not sure about that. So Help!

The little guardian angel for your car mirror is what I am working on, plus some more journals and squash books. They are made from crystals, but not Swarokswi, but still costly, so these will have to sell for $18.00 in order to make a small profit. They will all be clear until I can afford to buy different colors, such as birthstones.

The black spider is one that a friend from Australia sent me and it's called a grandmother spider and these will be brooches.
The rosary and pin above is what I discovered in a bag filled with broken jewelry and it was all in pieces, so I cleaned it up and fixed it. It's really very pretty in person and is old because some of the links are very thin and the cross is sterling silver, but the back is pitted with tarnish that won't come off. It may go into my store---haven't decided yet.

Below is one of the best bargains I have found at Goodwill. The Opium Parfum was still in the box with the price tag of $85. I used to use this when I worked at the post office and could afford it, but I was so lucky that day to walk in and got if for $3.99. I feel sweet smelling again-lol. I use Avon Amirge(sic) because I can afford it when it's on sale 2 for the price of 1.

I have been having side affects from one of my meds and last night I nearly scratched my self silly. They said it causes flushing and tingling, but this was downright burning and stabbing with needles. My entire body turns as red as above and it feels like someone set me on fire. But the doctor said these are harmless side affects and that I should continue to take it.. This is the 4Th time it does this, unless it's doing it in my sleep and it doesn't wake me up like last week. I've also been a little down because 2 of my meds have cost me $65 each and we don't know why, because CVS is Caremark and the most it should have cost was $35 each, so now I will mail order it again, because I can't afford the $35, much less $65. Luckily Al paid for it for me, but I will have to pay him a little at a time until it's paid off.
I hope you enjoyed seeing my funky jewelry and some bling. I am going back to work and visit tonight when things aren't so slow. Have a great day---we are preparing for some really bad weather with the possibility of tornadoes tonight and tomorrow, so being alone doesn't help, but I have a safe place to go in the house---Just in Case. Love and Hugs, Pat


Michelle | Color Printing Wholesale said...

Wow, those are a lot of jewelries/ trinkets! I don't have that much even if I collect them every now and again. That's quite a nice set.

The Urban Chic said...

Michelle, thanks for stopping by. I do love bling and I should have taken closeups of the really bling and old stuff, but I am not up to par these days. They know me at Goodwill and there are times when I am a little too late, but there is always another day to find treasures that I can use. I have gotten lots of spacers beads from some of the bracelets and that helps a great deal,especially when the bracelets only cost$.59 each. I have found bracelets and necklaces with cat eye beads and trying to get enough of the same colors to make some pocket rosaries with just one decade on them. Great to carry in your car. Hugs, Pat

Denise said...

Have you named your blog shop yet... What about Thrifty Vintage..I thought about using that once upon a time and decided to not do that...... but I thought it was a cute name....... Anyway, it came to mind when I read this post..... Let me know when you are up and running........


IsabellasCloset said...

Pat, WOW...What a lovely jewlery collection and such a beautiful rosary!
Hope you have a delightful week end ~Mary~

The Urban Chic said...

Denise that is something for me to think about. I like the sound. Pat's Thrifty Vintage. I will keep that on the list and decide sometime soon. Thanks for the lovely yet unassuming name. Hugs, Pat
ps.will visit you soon.