Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I can finally see again

One can only imagine how good it feels when you get new eye glasses. I have been struggling to read and getting nautious when I sit down and try to read a book or look at the monitor, but now I can see clearly with the new glasses. My hair needs to be cut, so won't post a picture until that is done. I got an extra pair of prescription sunglasses because the glare of light and sun really hurts my eyes and makes me squint and we all know that makes wrinkles on the forehead. I got dark frame glasses this time and I think they look cute. Now if I could just get rid of the wrinkles. I have been using Oil of Olay regenerist and so far nothing. Do any of you use this and did it work for you?

My giveaway is on it's way to Ohio and I'm pretty sure Mary from Isabella's closet will like everything. I hope it cheers her up just a little, oh heck, I want her to cheer up a lot.

I'm working on pink things right now and some guardian angels that you hang from you mirror in your car. They are made with glass crystals and will all be clear for now until I see how good they sell. Some people want them cheap, but the things used to make them, don't come cheap, even at 50% off. The one I have is pink and it was $25, but I don't think I will be charging that much. I am hoping after adding all my cost that they won't be over $15. The wings are the costly thing and are hard to find.
I'm not at home, so no pictures to post today, but will be returning this afternoon as soon as Al returns from work, which will be about noon and I'm still in my pjs.
Well going to visit some blogs and see what my friends are up to. Have a wonderful Humpday. We had a cool front come in last night and it is a little chilly and feels really good. I hate to think about Hurricane season, because when we have a bad winter, we usually get lots of storms. So it's time to make the emergency kit and purchases food, supplies, water, and batteries. Love and Hugs, Pat

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Amy. said...

Glad you can see!!! That is always a good thing :)
Thanks for the visit at my place. The sewing machine you asked about is old and was a thrifty find.