Monday, April 26, 2010

Cute little box of goodies

While going through some boxes I found this little box of goodies that were packed away. Some may be used in a later giveaway, but I know lots of people use these to make wonderful little altered shadow boxes. It is so much fun when you find things like this, but so many people around here,throw these away when having a garage sale, because they think it's trash. So now I will ask when I go to sales.

I am working on a few painted items that still need to be finished and one of them is a 3 part picture screen, but I am painting it white and putting little hooks to hang special ornaments at Christmas time or Easter. I also have one more stool to finish painting pink, but leaving the legs natural oak color, because everyone puts their feet on them anyway. I have a few shadow boxes to finish, but then going to work on the pink giveaway that I want to have this summer.

In other news, I have to vent about something that I have been depressed about. I emailed my sister a letter of apology, even though she is the one who hit me, but felt like maybe I pushed her. The only thing I got from her was "Do you not understand when I say don't contact me", yet she sent me an email asking me to get our neighbor to call her about renting the house. Is this hypocritical or am I being parnoid? It is very hard for me to just give up on our relationship because at one time, it was good. She called me a Drama Queen. Drama Queens like to have everyone around them bide their every need. When I was in the hospital, I wanted to be left alone---I didn't care to have visitors and finally asked my doctor to put a note on the door about no extra visitors unless I requested them to come in. It made some people mad but when I am sick, I want to be alone without pitty and would prefer people stay home and pray for my recovery. Now does this sound like a Drama Queen. I am a follower and tried being a leader one time at my job and I just couldn't do it. I don't have it in me to tell people what to do.
 I am no drama queen, drama has no place in my life. I am one who doesn't wait until the last minute to do things, especially things like planning a party, then running around like a hen with it's head cut off. I do work better under stress, my X bil told me he noticed that many times. I miss him and even though we try to stay in touch, he lives too far for me to visit him. We love him a whole lot more than my sister's present husband (she married him twice).
I got my injections last night so today is what we call my lazy day. My doctor doesn't want me doing anything that involves muscle pain, so tonight I am going to sit in the bed and do some beading on cards. I need some cards ready for occasions and my daughter wants cards for her shop. She is sold out after I sent her 187 cards. This time she wants some with clothes on them, like dresses, purses, and shoes, so Al bought me the Cricut cartridge with lots of dresses and ladies on them, not to mention all the accessories. I order from Oh My Crafts and she always has a 20% coupon that you can use with sale items. The cartridge was on sale for $30 something so it was a bargain and it's a new one. They run $69 at Micheals and you can't use a coupon to buy them. The one with vintage kitchen ware came in and I can't wait to make some cards and altered things with it---it went to Crowley, so I have to wait. My new glasses are ready, but Al's aren't so going to wait until his are ready to save gas.
Well going do a little bit of painting then relax with beading tonight. Hope all who are ill, get well soon and hope you all have a great day. Love and Hugs, Pat

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