Sunday, April 25, 2010

My own gift to myself

I found this adorable pin cushion at my favorite thrift store and the brooch that is on it was given to me by an elderly friend from bingo. She said I was always giving and doing things for people and she knew how much I liked bling so she gave me her Great Aunt's brooch that she never wears. I felt bad because her daughter was sitting with her and she had not asked her if she wanted it, so I did, but she said no and to keep it because her mom is very grateful for sending her a get well care while she was sick in the hospital. I cried and I will cherish it forever. The little shoe is so cute and I fell in Love (like) with it. If I could find some forms I could easily make them with all the ribbon roses and beautiful materials I have. I think I will try it with regular shoes and see how they turn out.

. Got orders for cnady bouquets for Mother's Day, so some extra bucks will be nice. Hugs to all of you.

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