Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Keeping busy

As you all know, I am trying to get all my old things repainted before I move back to Crowley????????, so as soon as this house is sold or they buy me out, I will have everything done except to repaint my kitchen in white. I am going pink with accessories and I know that will be difficult to find. I found an old stove that I want, so I am starting to save money to get it, in case Al needs the stove we have when he moves out of the house. He has agreed to move out and rent a small apt.or house, so I can feel safe around my neighbors.
This old pie cabinet, he made over 18 years ago, but look at it now below. I like the way it looks much better now.

The white gives it a brand new look, even with new hinges and knobs. I wanted glass but they were too expensive and I am working on a small budget. They say repainting kitchens and new doors can be very expensive, so I am going to paint them and see how it looks. I will paint the wainscoating, then try to find some wallpaper that will have a little pink in it.

Spring has finally arrived and I want to dig up this yellow rambling rose, after all, they allowed my brother to dig up a kunquat tree and many peach trees. I have a 7 sisters rosebush that was given to me already and a few other little bulbs.

These are 3 azaleas that I had in Metairie in 1984 that I didn't like when we bought our house (double). My mom wanted them, so we took our car and pulled them out with a chain connected to the car and as you can see they have survived.
This bridal bush was one of the first things planted when they built the house in 1949, but has been chopped up so much that I think it stunted  its growth. Maybe a little fertilizer will help it out.

One of favorites is this Japenese Magnolia, but they do make a mess after blooming. Lots of other things have died from the many freezes we had this winter. We only had enough old blankets to take care of all the citrus trees in the back and since they bear fruit, I would prefer to save food than blooming plants.
The rest of my day will be spent finishing my giveaway so I can try and post it this week.
I also have some more painting to do, but that will wait.I can multi task, but I want to put all my creativity to work on the canvas.
I won't know the results from my mammogram or MRI until later in the week. The lady,Sonia, tried to be gentle but I told her to squeeze those babies to make sure if any cells were there. She let me look and explained all the spots that did show up and most of them are hormonal cysts. I carreid my MRI images with me as per doctors orders and Al will go bring them to him today. My vertebrae in my neck don't look so good and you can see the difference in the ones that have cushion and the ones that don't, but I don't know if there was a change or not. So please continue to pray until I receive great news.
Have a Beautiful Spring day. Love and Hugs, Pat


Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Prayers always for good health. you are just a dynamo when it comes to redoing your furniture. I'm inspired and am planning to paint some of my brown furniture I have in my shop.

The Urban Chic said...

Thanks Ele, I love taking old things and repainting them. It's time consuming if done right, but the end results are worth it. I am also working on lamp parts and renewing them with a little pink paint. I found some old milk glass lamps and took them apart and painted the old rusted parts pink and they look great. Now to rewire for safety. I love seeing your beautiful things also. Hugs, Pat

Lori said...

Hi pat
Thanks for visiting! My actual giveaway begins on Sunday, so please visit then!! Love the cabinet in white! Lori

Denise said...

Standing with you in faith my friend.. Summer time takes my time from the blog but please know you are on my mind.. Your painting projects are beautiful and that yellow rose is out of this world.. I am doing all yellow and purple in the front of my house...... it will take some time but one of these days it will be beautiful!