Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday morning bad weather

I thought I would post another item that is going in my blog shop. Not sure how old this apron is but for lover's of red and apron collecters, this will be a good buy for $6.00 with free shipping.

This explosion box is part of my giveaway and I did make one mistake so I hope it's okay. Won't tell you what you will find inside but hoping you like it. This is a scrapbook in a box and I have made several of them, but from all the moving, I have lost my instructions and measurements, so I winged it. I tend toward perfectionism, but I am not perfect and it is handmade. Lots of surprises in store with this giveaway and Best of Luck to the 8 people who have graciously joined. But I must be honest and say that I feel inferior right now because I thought more people would join. I will be doing one more giveaway and it will be a pink delight. So stay tuned this summer. Hugs and Love,Pat  :(

ps, the weather here is stay indoors weather, but we were lucky that the worst part with the tornadoes moved north of us. They said it should be over by noon. All those affected by the storms, you are in my prayers, because Texas got a lot of tornadoes.


Connie said...

Aaaaah, honey, don't feel inferior; you're great. Just some people haven't found out your "greatness" yet. Happy pink aaturday, chickee.

Nettie said...

The apron is adorable...your crafting items are certainly shouldn't feel inferior for any reason