Saturday, April 17, 2010

My messy craft rooom

I thought I would show you were I make my creations. It's a mess right now, but working on things, so no reason to clean it up. I have been collecting cubes for over 10 years now and have amassed a great many, so when my craft room is enlarged, everything will have a place. I bead, make cards, do some altering, sew, decoupage, well you name it and I might create it. I have never knitted or quilted, but would love to learn, but I'll wait until I am old to do that-lol. Clicking on the picture will let you see the mess I have right now. Ignore the light dangling---my dad made a 3 way switch and Al doesn't know how to connect the wiring for the fan. I have a switch in my bedroom to turn the light on, in the craft room and on the other side because where the closet it, there was once a porch for emergency exit. I still need to paint the door, but right now helping my siblings is the last thing on my mind. Playing and making things for friends is far more comforting that that. Also it gave me a chance to finish projects that I started before 2000 when I got sick. I am able to do a little each day, so hoping to finish before I move back to Crowley. They are trying to get the money to buy me out and that would be great even though I feel at home here and it's so peaceful. Hope you all have a great weekend. We finally got a real Spring season this year. 80s during the day and high 50s at night. Perfect weather for moi.
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Connie said...

Nope, not even NEAR how mine is looking right now, sweets!

Mary said...

Hello Pat, I like your craft room, it is so organized and you do have some pink:) I am starting to get a little done. Still babysitting on Wed.and Thurs. But in the Fall,I told Amy I was going to take some time for myself. My knees, back and hip hurt most days. So try to sort at least a few things each day. Getting a little rain today to wash away the Pollen...Love and Hugs, Mary :)

Michelle | Label Printing said...

If that is messy then mine would be a landfill by now. It's a good thing my mom can't stand it and cleans it every now and again. I think she has given up on me actually cleaning it. Ok, I'll clean it every now and again, but I don't really mind.

IsabellasCloset said...

Pat, You think that's a messy craft room? I don't think so... come vist mine I'll show you a VERY messy room LOL.
What a great room!
Have a creative day ~Mary~ :-}

The Urban Chic said...

Thanks everyone. Now I don't feel so bad. When my bigger craft room will be finished and I move back, then I will have space for at least 3 or 4 people to visit and craft with me. Fixing to get back to the mess, because I decided to add a few more things to my giveaway, since I have so much from my moms' craft stuff. XO Pat :-)