Monday, January 21, 2008

Missing in Action

Well, I have been really busy, but thought I would come in and say hello. I hope you are all doing fine. We are busy with my mom and dad's estate and spent a week with my sisters trying to get things in order and just throw things away that needed to be thrown. We are going to have a yard sale and it will be a great one for crafters and teachers. It will take months to get it all ready and we are pricing to sell, not to make a fortune. We still have to divide the things we are keeping and have started with Christmas and I was fortunate to get some great things. We still have about 20 rounds to go, but going to bundle some of them so it goes faster. As you know, I really only decorate the inside, except for my picture window and door, but mom has some beautiful ornaments and over 100 houses, but I told my other 3 siblings, I didn't want any of them---no space to decorate with them. Mom gave me a gingerbread house, but there aren't any that we can see.

The jewelry, dolls, and angels are going to us girls and there are lots of them.

Today is going to be a rough day. I am fixing to get dressed and pick up the death certificate of my dad, so we can finish up the insurance policies and get that out of the way. Then we can order the marble slabs and headstones, which my dad picked out before he died.

Well I won't get anything done if I play too long on the computer. Lots of Hugs, Pat


Alison Gibbs said...

Pat is such a difficult time for you but sadly it all has to be done.

ellen said...

Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment on my blog.
I am sorry to hear about your parents and know what a difficult task you have ahead. Take care, Ellen

Nettie said...

All the best to you at this very emotional time...take care.

Mary Isabella said...

You are in my prayers....Blessings

Mary Isabella said...

You are in my prayers....Blessings

Amy Wagner said...

I took years to decide exactly what to do with all my Mom's stuff. But I had the fortunate luxury of living in/inheriting her house so I HAD years to decide!!! I remember the whole death certificate ordeal stuff- what a dreadful feeling that is. My heart goes with you along with thoughts of strength for you to get through all this.
Thanks for your nice comments left at my blog!!

Anna T said...

Pat bless you sweetheart.I know this has to be a really hard time for you.

The Urban Chic said...

Thanks everyone for your comforting wishes. Things have only gotten worse with one of our siblings, but that's a negative story and I want to focus on the positive right now. Hugs, Pat

Julie said...

It is an exhausting task to do what you are doing. I have been there. Just take it one step at a time my friend. hugs!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

I am so sorry for your difficult time. You sound as if you are handling this with wondnerful grace. My sincere thoughts are with you and your family.