Sunday, September 21, 2008

My new ribbon holder

I have finally gotten back into the swing of things and this is my new ribbon rack that Al made for me. It will hold most of my ribbon and now he is making another one for all my spools of beads that need a deeper unit to hold them. I am hoping they are the same size as my Christmas ribbons as I have been collecting ribbon every year after clearance or 50% to go with my ribbons I have already. That way in case they get old or dirty, I can change them out. I saw a smaller version of this on e-bay, but I wanted mine to cover the inside of the door. It will free up drawers to put my lace in, unless I can think of a good way to display it without it getting soiled. I am making a little straight panel to hang in front of the ribbon when not in use. I can roll it up and when finished, drop it down. He also put some long shelves over my windows to put things that I like and things that aren't used on a daily basis, but you can't see that yet, as I am looking for valances for under them. Hope you like my new organizer. Love and Hugs, Pat


Knitty said...

What a great idea! Handy and it looks so nice too. You and Al are a good pair.

Nettie said... THAT will surely hold a lot of ribbon. Al has done a fantastic job with the ribbon holder.

The Urban Chic said...

Thanks Knit and Nettie, I do have to brag a little---he is always there to make things for me. He should have finished college because I have no doubts that he would have been a great designer. I kept the drawing he did of how I wanted my back garden to look. Love Ya both, Pat

Joyce said...

WOW that Al is something else.....I like the ribbon holder ideal. Very nice and I really like how you all painted it white and finished it off nicely.
Good JOB!!!
Is this your little crafting room?
See ya,

Mary said...

Hello Pat, Wow, What a nice job Al did on your ribbon holder. That is what Brandy needs:) You are getting so organized! Hope you have dried out some and getting your fence fixed. The 100 people from Beaumont have gone home today. Not sure what they are going to find, I feel so sorry for them. God Bless you for standing up for the pregnant lady. I would have been crying too. Take care. Hugs Mary:)

IsabellaCloset said...

Pat, You were in my thoughts so thought I'd stop by to see how you are..
I'm so jealous of your fabulous ribbon holder.. WoW it that ever nice! Tell Al he did a really great job on it.. The holder sure will come in handy.
Hugs & love ~Mary~ :-}

Anita said...

That is a VERY cool ribbon organizer. I admire your work AND your giving spirit for helping others.

I found your blog through Deena's.


Unabashed Repetition said...

What a tremendous ribbon holder! Your husband is the best :) It's good to see you're still blogging and looks like you're doing well!

The Urban Chic said...

Thanks everyone. Now I get a deeper one for all the bead trims I have on rolls, but I just want holes this time for the dowels because it was too difficut painint in those grooves. Love and Hugs, Pat