Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I am overflowing with Energy and Joy

Today I woke up with so much energy and joy, but sadness as well. The girl I am helping is named Francine and there is a strong possibility that she will lose her baby because of the stress from Hurricane Ike. She told me that she usually doesn't share with people she hasn't met or know, but she said that something about me when we met and how sincere she felt I was. For me that is the greates joy to have when someone sees your light shining. Even my sister is donating a new outfit for her from her boutique. Please say some prayers for her and her family. I know there are many that have been affected and if you find one in your area, do what little you can, even if it's a smile to brighten their day.

If you have time, please go by Deena's blog CanIbeprettyinpink, she needs our prayers as they found more tumors and will have to undergo radiation. She has been through so much with her breast cancer, only for this to happen. I have never read a bad post at her blog---she has a spirit to lift up everyone who knows her. I know she makes me forget about the often pain in my spine, so go and give her your love and support. Thanks.

Now for all that energy I have--cleaning out closets, putting up a pretty valance in my craft room, organizing my bathroom and just being so happy. I think I got spring and fall confused this year or it's that ever present anticipation of Christmas getting close enought to decorate. I can't do it the same this year, but will try something totally different and see how that goes. Going to pull out my Halloween stuff this weekend and just decorate my faux fireplace, which actually does have a heater. I may have to start packing things earlier this year to decorate for Christmas, but not sure where I will put the boxes---might have to pull the trees out to make room in my holiday closet.

Well going to check out some blogs and catch up on things. I hope everyone has a wonderful week. Love and Hugs, Pat

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Mary said...

Hello Pat, I love walnut or pecan brownies:) I will be Praying for the lady, that she does not loose her baby. I need some of your energy...