Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Haunting

Well just thought I would bring out some Halloween and Fall decorations. My mom made this first one in a clay saucer and I have added a few things over the years. The witch I made from heads my mom gave me--around 30 and I'm glad I kept one for me. I was just doing plain wooden crafts years ago, but I always had good sales and repeat customers. The Mummy with lights are one I kept---made too many to remember but not one was alike. They were my favorites to make. The scarecrow girl is another piece my mom made in one of her classes in Branson. She and dad won best decorated RV one year, so mom really liked Halloween and we haven't even touched some of the fall and Halloween things at their house. The little black arrangement on my faux fireplace was a wreath that I spray painted with heat resistant paint---that was before black wreaths and garland were available. My favorite little teaset is the monster ball with all the ghoulist friends sitting around the table. I do enjoy Halloween and wish I had more storage space. My holiday closet used to be my craft shop, so it holds all the seasons, but over half is for Christmas and that doesn't count the many boxes of Hallmark ornaments. I hope you enjoy my "cutsie" decorations. Love and hugs, Pat

Al painted this pumpkin pot for me and if I ever have the time and get the pictures out, you can see all the things he has painted over the years. One year we had to actually rent a U-Haul because we had so much made and we did super great at that craft show, even with the rental cost for 3 days.


The Urban Chic said...

Oh my, now I can how much my porch needs a new coat of paint. Well at least I can see it on here, but my eyes are so bad, I didn't notice outside. Bad girl!

the author said...

How spooky and spectacular! Love that big ol' spiderweb!

Knitty said...

Great stuff! How nice to have so many things that your mom made.

Amy said...

Looks super fun!! I love the spider web and the tea set!
When can you come decorate at my house?????

The Urban Chic said...

Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments. Amy, if gas weren't so high, I would gladly come help. Mom has many boxes of fall and Halloween things that we are going to share. I have to say this, mom was a very talented person---she has done it all. I even have an oil painting she gave me and even though it doesn't go with my "garage sale" decor, I have it up and cherish it. We all have one. Will post it later. Love and Hugs, Pat

Diane Mars said...

What a wonderful grouping of Halloween Goodies, what fun! I have just broght out a few at this time but you have inspired me!
Hugs, Diane