Thursday, February 12, 2009

What a Wonderful Feeling

This is my little grandnieces, Kaykay with the hugs smile and her new baby sister Sabrina on the left. Libby is the one on the right that I took care of. As you can see, the baby slept all day, so I didn't get to hold her.

The last day I posted, I totally forgot to mention that my daughter turned 38. She and her boyfriend are talking babies, but I am praying for marriage first. We talked for almost 2 hours after she returned from her wonderful weekend getaway.

Al of course turned 60 on Monday and he said he doesn't feel it in his mind, but only body. Our oldest will turn 40 on the 21st, so I am working on a surprise to mail to him. Our youngest has his head in a cloud and has yet to call his dad and wish him greetings.

We had a wonderful time at my nephews this past weekend, but sad to say it ended on a sour note. I wanted to have my picture taken holding Sabrina, the newest baby of my nephew and his girlfriend yelled that there was no way, and she was not going to wake the baby up because she finally got her to sleep. That baby slept all day, while mom got drunk. It hurt, but I told her that was fine and walked to the car leaving everyone behind. I'm glad I did because there were quite a few who had something to say to her and I didn't want to hear it. This young girl needs prayers and that's all I have for her now. I am the only one who didn't judge her and she treated me like c&^%! I don't understand what possesses people to be so cruel and loud so that others hear it.

Today, I am feeling so good, I could go out and re-landscape my yard---NOT! I have been working in my craft room and doing little things until Al gets home and does the heavy work for me. I hate being dependant---it's not my nature, but it's something I had to accept to avoid making things worse.

My sister gave me a beautiful coat for Christmas and I am hoping I get to wear it at least one time before spring gets here. Her new shop is so nice and if any of you are ever in Gramercy, stop by and tell her Pat sent you. She now has a wedding and ball gown section. She got the building for a really great price and bought the doctor's office connected to the store, so her hubby now has his trucking firm there. She is thinking about running for Mayor and I am hoping that she gets it, because she is really good at running things and changing the bad to good. We are now waiting for the next baby to be born on the 20Th, another girl, so that makes Brenda have 14 grandchildren, to my 2 and I didn't get to hold the last one. Oh well, my heart will heal.

Well good news is that Al will be starting my huge closet this weekend, if it doesn't rain. Part of it will be used as a sitting area for reading and beading cards. I am in search of a nice comfortable chair that I can either recover or get a slipcover for it.

Time to go back to work. I hope everyone has a great weekend. Prayers for all who are sick or fighting cancer. Love and Hugs, Pat


Amy said...

What a sweet picture of the kids. You were right to walk away from that situation.
Have fun in your craft room then come to mine to clean!!

The Urban Chic said...

Thanks Amy. There is more to the story, but I don't want to hurt this girl by posting it for all to read. I wish I could come and organize everyone's craft room. I even thought of doing it as a little job, but with my back, it would take me forever. Luv Ya, Pat