Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Busy, busy, week

As you can see, I had a busy week, but it was fun and I am getting my creative juices going again. One more bouquet and I will be doing some card making while Al works on the addition.

I hope you all had a very Happy Valentines Day. It will take me forever to eat the chocolates, but Al is helping as much as he can.

I have been really busy and it feels so good to be able to do things I enjoy doing again. I had 2 orders for candy bouquets. The large belated one, I sell for $35 and the small mug ones I sell for $15. I think in the last 6 years, I probably made over 200 bouquets. We mailed off my son's 40 sucks bouquet and I wrapped and packed it good so it should make it to New York on Friday or Saturday. My baby, as I call him will be 40--where has the time gone. I forgot to enclose his tonka truck that he had when he was just 2 years old, but he is coming in April, so he can take a few things back with him.

I made enough on the sales so I got me some more Spellbinder embossing and cutting dies, so now I am eager to get started using them, but I still have one more baby bouquet to make for this Saturday.

It is still chilly here in the South and we are expected to have temps in the mid 30s and a little rain, so it will feel colder, but at least I will get to wear the beautiful jacket Brenda gave me. Will take a picture of that later. She has some beautiful things in her shop and I will post the link to her web site when I do the picture. I wish I would have thought of taking pictures last weekend when we went, but guess I had a "brain fart"!

Brenda will be having a new granddaughter on Friday and not sure how to spell the baby's first name, but it is Kiley Grace. This will make her 14Th grandchild, but my daughter Chris and David are talking baby talk, so I am praying that she will give me another baby to hold. If and when they do have a child, I will be going for at least a month to help her out and be there for the birth.

Well I am going back to work on the baby bouquet and get the gift ready for Saturday. I hope you all are having a beautiful day today. Love and hugs, Pat

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