Friday, February 20, 2009

My latest candy bouquet

Does anyone know how to stop a crazy lady who doesn't know how to slow down? I am back to my old self and I just don't know when to stop and rest, so today I got my socks knocked off and ended up in bed---all day---with a throbbing headache from the ringing in my ears. The meds the doctor gave me isn't softening the was fast enough for me. Someone said to try olive oil, but sad to say, we don't cook with it.

We were going to spend Sunday and Monday removing plants and vines and transplanting them else where, but with the rain and possible frost---that's out of the question.

Tomorrow is my friend's daughter's baby shower and I finished the candy bouquet that will be used for a centerpiece, so I am going early to help out. It turned out pretty in my opinion and wish that I could get back to selling them again, but with the economy such as it is, no one wants to pay the price. I won't tell you what I would sell this one for, so I am asking that you guess or give me your opinion. I know what I have charged in the past, but with chocolate prices and everything else going up, I have to charge more. Although you can't see what's in it, there are 6 regular Hershey bars, 6 regular Kitkats, 8 snack size kitkats, 12 minature Hershey bars and 2 dozen kiss roses. Making the wrappers and kisses are the hardest part of the project, and I do have to stop every now and then to rest my fingers.

I have a friend who is like me and always looking for great thrift finds and yesterday I found a pale green juicer. He picked it up out of my basket and thanked me for finding it for him and in a joking manner I told him, you better put that back, but guess what, I ended up letting him have it. It was $.49 and although only worth about $10, I knew he wanted it really bad. He is going to bring me some of the little custard dark green cups from oatmeal in the 50s, so I guess it's a fair trade.

Well I have gifts to wrap, take a shower, and then try and rest for tomorrow. I hope everyone is busy right now and I am hoping to put together a giveaway because I am getting close to my 400Th post. Will let you all know something soon. Have a great weekend. Love and Hugs, Pat


Carol said...

Oh Pat~
That is so awesome!!! You are the bested and I so adore you!!!

The Urban Chic said...

Thanks Carol, see you tomorrow. Love and hugs, Pat

Joyce said...

That is a very cute little centerpiece.....multi purpose too because you can EAT it. HA!
That was nice of you to relinquish the green juicer to that man....remember "what goes around comes around" so you will reap a nice reward!!!
PLEASE do try not to over do it. I have to pace myself as well....or end up hurting or in bed or SICK.
I have to make a 7 hour trip on Monday to Texas to tour a college campus and enroll my daughter for the Fall and I am worried about doing all that driving and touring and all we have to do on Tuesday and THEN driving back 7 hours. I am afraid that will wear me out so bad I might not be able to drive home. HA!
Oh well IF that is the case.....I will just stop in Alex or somewhere and check into a hotel and we will rest.
I wish my husband were coming but he isn't able to come with us this go around. Blah.
Hang in there Pat.
Be blessed, Joyce

Nettie said...

The baby candy bouquet is wonderful. Such a lot of work has gone into making it. I don't know what your "candy" prices are compared to the prices of chocolates of a similiar variety here in Oz but I would think nothing less then $40 would be the asking price.

Like Joyce said, don't overdo things...pacing yourself is a good thing to remember.

Take care
Love Nettie

DebraK from ~the Bunnies Bungalow~ said...

What a great idea and a nice gift. Who can resist candy!
Take care, DebraK

SweetAnnee said...

Please Please Please your self.but have FUN

love ya Deena

The Urban Chic said...

Thanks all of you for your wonderful comments. I did over do as usual, but now I am off to read and rest, but tomorrow I will visit blogland. Love and Hugs to all of you. Pat